Writing about horses special: the pick of HTWB

Do you love horses and horse riding? So do I … or at least I did before health problems made it nearly impossible for me to ride any more. Never mind.

As you can imagine I’ve experienced some amazing stories over my decades of horse riding: here is my pick of them…

Horses on How To Write Better

Me on Irish Draught mare “Willow” and son Tom on Welshie Section A “Taffy” just back from a hack in our English winter

In these articles I’ve shared some of the funniest and loveliest moments of my horse riding days

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10 links to help you write throat-grabbing headlines

Do you ever wonder how to write a really catchy headline for a blog post, article, social media post or as an email subject line?

10 links to help you write good headlines

“…how to ensure you pick the right words to trigger the right emotions…”

Here is the HTWB pick of articles and tutorials on the interwebby right now that will give you all the help you need to write headlines that work wonders for you and your business. [Continue reading]

Melania Trump’s speech: why plagiarism is always damaging

HTWB Donald & Melania

Did Melania Trump's recent speech plagiarise an earlier speech by Michelle Obama? Was it accidental? Was it deliberate? Does anyone remember what else she said? Does it matter? What should we take note of on how to write our own speeches, from … [Continue reading]

28 er, inspiring thoughts on getting older…

HTWB ageing

Much as it pains us wrong-side-of-50 whippersnappers, we soon will be looking down the barrel of old age. Here, at least, are some thoughts that if nothing else will help us a keep a sense of humor about it. With thanks to my good friend (and … [Continue reading]

Wedding speeches: help! The dog ate my notes and the wedding is today…

LaWoof crop June-13

If your dog or someone else's devours your wedding speech notes, what the hell do you do at the last minute? Panicking won't help, but this article will. Read on, and relax. You may laugh, but dogs do eat notes: I have four furbabies who … [Continue reading]

PART 8 – 20 media business terms for non-native English speakers


Hello! Here is Part Eight of this series and this time we look at business terms in English used in the media like television, theatre, radio, music and more. These are not technical terms but are words and phrases widely used by the public, as well … [Continue reading]