Great Business Writing 2014: 10 updated Golden Rules

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Er, good call…

A few years ago I shared my view on the 10 golden rules of great business writing at the time.

Here is a précis of what the original 10 golden rules amounted to then…

…and, how I feel about those golden rules now. Please share your views on these in the comments below! [Continue reading]

Who’s in Toronto next month?

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The purple pimple on the left is the magnificent Rogers Center. The hypodermic syringe is the CN Tower … and yes, we HAVE heard all the jokes about it being the largest free-standing erection in North America.

Typical, isn’t it? You pick a date to go off on a working vacation and within minutes, every one of your clients has an urgent job that can’t possibly wait until you get back. [Continue reading]

Oh, joy – it’s the August Bank Holiday

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Mention the August Bank Holiday to most people in Britain and you'll see very little other that eyes rolling up to the heavens and a smile that's about as genuine as Katie Price's boobs... … [Continue reading]

Coffee shop business culture: why it wee-wees all over walking meetings

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Being a lazy old goat, I am pleased to update you on that terrifying trend of last year whereby business meetings increasingly were being held on the trot - or at least, at a steady, healthy walking pace. Outdoors. Yikes! Earnest executives were … [Continue reading]

Why I love being a business writer

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On LinkedIn recently, my good friend Mark Orr posed some interesting questions about business generally. One that struck me the most was this: ...if you were going to promote yourself as successful what would that success look like to you and how … [Continue reading]

Writing about yourself is tough. Here’s how to do it.

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We're all the same. Even pro writers like me can write perfectly for clients, but when it comes to writing about me? I shrivel. I bet you shrivel too. So here are some tips that might help make the process a lot easier for you. … [Continue reading]