Domestic Goddess or Real Woman?

At this time of the year with the Holidays upon us we ladies often are expected to read all the latest cooking and other domestic hints with rapture, as we plan our festive feasts and immerse ourselves in cosy culinary bliss for several weeks until well into January.

HTWB BeyonceAlternatively, many of us poor cows have to work right up until the last minute and have neither the time nor the inclination to slave over anything other than a cool gin-and-tonic at the end of a long day while clicking up the online grocers on our tablets. Here, then, are some alternative choices for us depending on which type we are: [Continue reading]

Happy Thanksgiving, USA!

Here’s wishing you folks a wonderful Thanksgiving. (And don’t spend too much on Black Friday … remember there are more Holidays coming up!)

Happy Thanksgiving, USA!

“Thanksgiving sucks,” says turkey

Now, here is a poem for you to remind you why turkeys aren’t as fond of Thanksgiving as you are… (original author unknown)…

Why November sucks

by the turkey that got away (for a while)

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What to write for your Facebook Ads to make them work well

HTWB Facebook ads

Have you noticed how many business people are now gravitating more towards Facebook than ever before? In many instances SME people who have been using LinkedIn for some time are getting fed up with their sometimes bizarre upgrades ... many of which … [Continue reading]

Content writing: the best of the curated crop for November 2015

HTWB CW News logo

Once again here are some really useful articles on content writing from around the internet. Enjoy... The 10-Minute, 10-Step Solution For The Best Blog Outline By one of my favorite content writing commentators,┬áJulie Neidlinger - on … [Continue reading]

Jokes in writing pot pourri 1

HTWB toy helicopter

Given the sadness and tension we're living with in the northern hemisphere right now, here are a few funny jokes in writing ... to cheer us up. Sneaky The boss of a big company who needed to call one of his employees about an urgent┬áproblem … [Continue reading]

Book publishing – scams are alive and well and living in the USA, part 2

HTWB books 2015 - 4

By James A Rose In last's week's article, James Rose, from Tennessee-based, shared his view of traditional publishers and literary agents in the USA - both the good and the bad. As I mentioned last week, it's no surprise that … [Continue reading]