How to write multiple choice exam questions: secret tips from an expert

Have you ever wondered who writes those pesky exam questions set to trip you up? And HOW they go about doing it? I asked multiple choice exam question expert Michael Lindsey to let us into some of his secrets…pay attention now: you may be asked questions later…here’s Michael.

Writing exam questions: it’s a question of getting it right

How to write multiple choice exam questions: secret tips from an expert

Over the years the humble multiple choice exam question has come in for a bit of criticism.

“And what do you do for a living?”

This is the sort of question people ask at social occasions. A perfectly legitimate ice breaker, but one that kind of fills me with dread. [Continue reading]

Why “conversate” makes me expectorate…

You gorgeous Americans delight in creating new words in the English language and much as I love most, the verb “conversate” is not one of them. So strongly does this word make me want to spit (or to be pretentious, “expectorate”) that I have written a short poem about it… Enjoy.

Why "conversate" makes me expectorate...

Why converse, when conversate says just the same, but longer?

Altogether, now: time to spew…

Let’s conversate

Conversation is an art
That brainy people follow
But brainy types need far more hypes [Continue reading]

How to write formally without sending readers to sleep


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A poem for the hostess with the most-ess … who’s feeling atrocious


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Children’s books? Sooo hard to get a publisher. But wait – there’s hope


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