How the SO WHAT? test transforms your elevator pitch

Letter from Canada

For some time now I have been preaching the benefits of my SO WHAT? test which, in its nose-thumbing rudeness, has helped me and many others to really raise the game of our promotional writing.How the SO WHAT? test transforms your elevator pitch

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Business writing stories from the coalface…women’s conferences

Business writing stories from the coalface...women's conferencesNot that many years ago I used to augment my writing with work as a conference (convention) producer. This was usually by default when I had already written the scripts but the actual producer failed to show up due to food poisoning / recreational drug use / a better offer, etc. [Continue reading]

Writing website copy for the right place in the buying cycle

HTWB best price

Much as you have to admire the sheer good sense of the evergreen rules of advertising copywriting, we need to ask ourselves if contemporary website copy (as opposed to content, which is different again) should be a little more discriminatory when we … [Continue reading]

Flying funnies 2 – jokes for the airborne traveller

HTWB airplane 2

The second in a series of three selections of air travel jokes to add to our summer funny jokes collection ... whether you're a frequent or occasional flyer, you'll find some good laughs to enjoy here. Gotchya This is the purportedly true story … [Continue reading]

Here, Canada – let me write you a sandwich

HTWB sandwich

Letter from Canada August 21st If you live in the UK, or have visited there recently and lodged with us proles in the suburbs and villages, you'll know how fond we all are of pre-packed sandwiches. So why do I have to search high and low for one in … [Continue reading]

Help! What writing styles should I use on different social media platforms? Part 2


Last week, Amanda from Birmingham wrote in the following question: "I want to be sure I get my writing style right for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and so-on. I run a small arts and crafts business from home and … [Continue reading]