How a life coach builds trust by writing

How writing helps this life coach establish trust with his target audience. There is a lesson for most of us to learn here, so please welcome Johnny Limpus, UK-based life coach who describes himself as “the life coach for people who don’t like life coaches.” Read on and find out why, and how he overcomes that barrier to secure loyal and fulfilled clients…

HTWB life coach writes to gain trust

The way forward for a life coach: write, don’t just talk?

How to create more trust (and clients) through writing

I think that trust is a funny thing in business. When you have it, you can move very quickly, and when you don’t, you can get stuck. [Continue reading]

Why a roaring open fire is not always delightful…

As we say goodbye to chilly winter in the northern hemisphere, here’s a reminder of one of winter’s pleasures (unless you’re the one who has to clean it up) … in verse, from my forthcoming rude tome, Mischieverse. (NB: language has been tidied for a family audience…)

humorous poem about open fires

Want a fire? OK, right… Stack it up and light it then, next day YOU clean up the sh*te.


Oh, I love an open fire
Such a welcome sight to see [Continue reading]

Quick proofreading tips to slash those typos

HTWB proofreading 2017

Although I and various other professional writers and editors have written about proofreading here on HTWB in the past, unfortunately it's a problem that just won't go away. Here, then, is a swift recap on some of the useful tips we know that … [Continue reading]

Do these common grammar mistakes still catch you with your pants down?

HTWB grammar Mar 17

It's amazing to think that it's 6 years since I wrote this eBook and despite the fact that only a few thousand of you (well, quite a few thousand) have bought a copy, many of my lovely readers are still getting sh*t like this soooo wrong. Common … [Continue reading]

Have you ever swallowed more than a pill from a blister pack?

HTWB blister pack

Trust me, that's not as ridiculous as it sounds. And to warn you of its dangers, here is another excerpt from Mischieverse, my upcoming volume of somewhat rude poetry... BLISTER PACKS Blister packs, heady whacks Why are these so fiddly? Break … [Continue reading]

St Patrick’s Day: celebrate great Irish writers with HTWB…

HTWB shamrock 1

In honour of St Patrick's Day, here are some of my favourite quotes by wonderful Irish poets and other writers ... enjoy! George Bernard Shaw *Youth is wasted on the young. *You use a glass mirror to see your face: you use works of art to see your … [Continue reading]