Business writing stories from the coalface … getting naked on the WWW

I grew up in the two-dimensional communication era when we advertising copywriters would more or less size up our key consumers and then write to them … without their having any form of answering back other than perhaps writing letters to the newspaper in which an ad appeared, or to a broadcast station which would have transmitted a commercial.

Business writing stories from the coalface ... getting naked on the WWW

The way we communicate now initially made some of us feel like we were writing in our birthday suits …

The bad old days

Those days were such fun. Oh, don’t get me wrong; our work wasn’t just thrown out there ad nauseam. No, it was subject to intense marketing surveys and studies, most of which were useless.

Often our work, prior to its publication, was trialled in “Focus Groups” which were hugely popular in the 1970s/1980s and were peopled by “typical consumers” dragged in off the street. [Continue reading]

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, UK

Letter from Canada

A quick note to wish all our UK readers a happy August Bank Holiday … I am in Ontario where the weather is nice and warm and dry, and I hope it is back in the UK too.Happy bank holiday monday uk

This is the last fling in the UK before everyone goes back to school and work for another year.

Over here in North America, next weekend is the last fling.

That’s Labor Day weekend – very late this year, with the “bank holiday” falling on September 7th. I’ve no doubt that most school children won’t be complaining about going back on September 8th…

What other countries have a fling to see out the end of summer?

Please share!

And anyway here’s to another year of great writing, blogging and business.

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Business writing stories from the coalface…women’s conferences

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