Wanna dance the punctuation boogie?

In honour of National Punctuation Day (yes, really) yesterday, September 24th, 2016, here is my favourite tribute to punctuation and its stablemates…

Wanna dance the punctuation boogie?

Happy National Punctuation Day, USA

With grovelling thanks to the wonderful “Weird Al” Yankovic who is the only person ever to make me laugh, dance and rant about poor GSPS (Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Syntax) all at the same time.

Let’s dance…

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How to write a sweet restaurant review – sugar & spice, Part 7

And now we get to the dessert course in this lovely book by the late Sam Worthington, “How To Be A Savvy Restaurant Reviewer.

How to write a sweet restaurant review - sugar & spice, Part 7

Some places take their desserts very seriously…

Whether you have a sweet tooth, are a cheese lover or just fancy a glass of excellent port, this chapter of Sam’s will have you drooling…

How to write expressively about a meal’s grand finale…

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14 good ideas for great business blog posts


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How to write a yummy restaurant review: food – the main event? Part 6

HTWB gourmet

In this article excerpted from the late Sam Worthington's book, "How To Be A Savvy Restaurant Reviewer," Sam announces the arrival of the food. But is this really the be-all and end-all of dining out? Is it all about eating - or experiencing? … [Continue reading]

Swearing: XXXX it, I’ve cleaned up my XXXXing language

HTWB Shitterton

OK, not everyone swears. But if you do let rip with the occasional 4-letter word, have you ever tried stopping yourself to use a "proper" word instead? As I write this I am in Canada and have been staying with my wonderful aunt who never … [Continue reading]

How to write a sexy restaurant review: foreplay, part 5

HTWB resto order

This chapter, "foreplay," is one of the funniest in the late Sam Worthington's short book, "How To Be A Savvy Restaurant Reviewer." And just as is the case with the, er, other kind of sex, it has a lot to do with relationships, ambience and … [Continue reading]