More top misspelled English words

HTWB spelling 2Some time ago I shared an A-to-Z list of commonly misspelled English words. Here are some more … and I even managed to find some more starting with the awkward letters, especially X.

How many might you get wrong? [Continue reading]

Book review: Mixed Emotions – an Oxfordshire Affair

Book review: Mixed Emotions - an Oxfordshire AffairNovel writing experts often say your protagonist in a story should be a likeable character. However most of the way through this entertaining book I wanted to grab the beguiling young Susie Rowlands right out from the page and slap her for being such a spoilt, featherbrained little bitch.

She is the classic Trust Fund babe who messes up in almost everything she does, but because she is pretty, appealing and knows how to flutter her eyelashes, gets away with quite a lot … until she pushes her indulgent parents one step too far. Then she gets the lessons she needs to learn, none of which she bargained for. [Continue reading]

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HTWB book reviews

Trending now! ....screamed PeoplePerHour recently ... offering, we assume, any upcoming author the chance to have a reasonably positive (would you pay even £10 for a blasting?) review that will be placed on some useful sites including, we hope, … [Continue reading]

Jokes from the countryside, part 1

HTWB donkey cart

If you love the countryside, this short series of jokes will give you some smiles for the day... Bale out Needless to say, one of the most successful inventors of all time was the man who invented the baling machine. He made a bundle. … [Continue reading]

In or near Toronto and need some bizblog ideas? Last chance to get on this great workshop

HTWB business blogging

What To Write For Your Business Blog WORKSHOP with Suzan St Maur Tuition with Suzan St Maur from Interactive Workshop Toronto, Ontario September 18th, 2014 Kindly convened by Trudy van Buskirk of … [Continue reading]

See you in Toronto!

Air Canada

Today I will be spending 7 hours 40 minutes or so in an Air Canada Boeing en route to Toronto from London Heathrow. But stay tuned, because I've lined up a few goodies for you in the meantime, and I'll be looking in from time to time, too. Play … [Continue reading]