New marketer business blogs to success with

Business blog,business blogs,posts,articles,business writing,writing tipsIf you’re a business blog writer like me, it’s really gratifying to know how your hard-earned expertise has helped someone else get started successfully, isn’t it?

Here’s a very short case history of a talented young guy – Rizvan Ullah – [Continue reading]

What are you doing to celebrate Spring?


Whatever your faith, share this celebration of the
northern hemisphere’s Springtime festivals

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Utterly ridiculous Easter jokes revisited

HTWB rabbit

If you think the jokes you get in Christmas crackers are terrible, you ain't seen nothing yet. Most of these are so awful that's what makes them funny. I shared some of these a couple of years ago here on HTWB but thought you'd like to groan at them … [Continue reading]

How not to be rude on Twitter – quickie post

HTWB rude in writing

A quickie post on online manners ... how well do you look after your new followers, retweeters and favoriters on Twitter? Do they just receive a banged-out autoresponse that fools no-one in its insincerity? Or do they get the feeling that maybe … [Continue reading]

Does it hurt that much to write Thank You – and mean it?

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Is saying a personal “thank you” to followers, commenters, likers, etc. on social media a good thing, or a bit of a pain the in backside? Does a personal message, written personally (as opposed to an automated one) tell people that you and your … [Continue reading]

Are blogs and social media business posts having a reshuffle?

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Interesting things are happening in the blogosphere as more and more conversations about all kinds of business stuff increasingly take place in  the SocMed and less in the blogs. Alarming? Worrying? Read on ... … [Continue reading]