Horrible Homophones – the hole storey

Knot two no you’re homophones, as guest contributor Sondra Smith from Virginia, USA, points out, is a recipe for writing disaster as she acknowledged with my recent series on spelling goofs caused by these evil beasts. But given Sondra’s delightful sense of humor, homophones are not quite the villains they may seem. Please welcome her to HTWB along with her incredible collection of homophones.

Horrible Homophones - the hole storeyAll of us know what a challenge it is to write the correct homophones (same sounding words). Many of us have misused them time and time again before knowing about the “other” homophones.  In the business world, it is extremely important to use the correct homophone when writing. [Continue reading]

Called out for ranting on Forbes about Corporate-Speak…

When I got an email from Forbes saying I had been called out I thought I might have won a free seat at a webinar or perhaps a nice eBook. But it was a comment of mine that I had made on a wonderful article called  Why Is Business Writing So Awful? that rang their chimes. As you can imagine seeing that headline made my teeth start to grind and I went into full rant mode.

Got called out for ranting on Forbes about Corporate-Speak...

Thankfully, getting called out on Forbes doesn’t mean you have failed at hedge funds or baseball…

[Continue reading]

A tragic tale of an old-fashioned male – Jim’s story

HTWB golfer Jim

Although feminism and equal rights are now playing a more significant part in our society, there still remain the odd few old-fashioned males who believe that a woman's place is in the home and her role is to look after him. In this sad tale, … [Continue reading]

How to pace your business writing – 10 Quick Tips

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We writers love to shoot the breeze about how to pace online business writing, but the key point to remember is to make text as easy and pleasant as possible to read. Sentences need to vary in length, paragraphs need to be short, and there are … [Continue reading]

How to deliver a great speech

HTWB speech making Feb-15

With the wedding and other celebration seasons coming up – as well as kick-off season for many businesses whose financial year starts soon - it’s time to polish up our techniques ready to get up and deliver a great speech, whatever the occasion. Here … [Continue reading]

1,000 articles on How To Write Better – time to celebrate!

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Just over four years ago someone said "Suzan St Maur, you're good at writing. I'll help you set up a blog about it because you're someone who can show thousands of people how to write better." With that to spur me on, I decided to create a writing … [Continue reading]