Would you refer this nincompoop to your business contacts?

Would you refer this nincompoop to your business contacts?With our #Referability Boot Camp coming up in a short time, this very timely video and article by video producer Neil Ben and sales speaker / trainer Leigh Ashton respectively, highlight some of the key points that you need to remember if you’re introducing yourself in 60 seconds at a business event.

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Jokes for your summer holiday / vacation – when you need a sense of humor

With many of us in the northern hemisphere about to go on holiday / vacation, it can be time when a sense of humor truly is called for. Here are some short anecdotes to cheer you up in readiness…

Desert island

A man decided to fulfil his ambition and take a long, solitary sailing holiday. He bought a superb forty-foot yacht and proceeded to have the time of his life. Until the boat sank. Luckily, he found himself swept up on the shore of an island. However there were no other people, no supplies, nothing at all except bananas and coconuts.

summer holiday jokes on How To Write Better

Jokes for your summer vacation – when you need a sense of humor

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Happy Fourth of July!

BOTB America 2

A very happy Independence Day to all our US readers Wishing you a great celebration weekend. … [Continue reading]

Business writing: home truths well worth remembering

HTWB home truths

Writing for business, and especially writing for marketing and promotional purposes, is something most of us dread. Yet you just can’t deny the fact that the right words can be very powerful tools in a variety of business activities – from creating … [Continue reading]

Writing about my home on Canada Day

Canadian flag

Before we go any further, greetings to all you Canadians far and wide on this, our national day. (And no jokes...) … [Continue reading]

The writing on the wall: Mediocrity is the New Black…

HTWB mediocrity

OK, let's get the objections out of the way here and now. I'm a professional writer and the wrong side of 50. But are those the only reasons why I get so irritated by sloppy, fault-ridden business writing that not only is cosmetically bad, but … [Continue reading]