The dirty truth about, er, garbage (in verse)

Think you know what happens to garbage (rubbish) in our so-called civilised countries? Do we really know the truth? And should we write some poetry about it? (Here’s mine…)

HTWB garbage poem 2017

Does it really get recycled all in one hit? Or are we being fed some more utter bull sh*t?


Political correctness now spreads right into the rubbish
(Or garbage if you live towards the west of the Atlantic)
So much as we continue to throw out the normal bullsh*t
We’re leaned upon to file our crap in detail that’s just frantic. [Continue reading]

Why you must, er, syllablervize your writing

Surely you’re up to speed on the current need to add syllables to words in your writing wherever you possibly can? Like, “conversate” – previously “converse“?

New long words on How To Write Better

Little Red Equi-apparel Hood took off her vestimentations and got into bed. (NB: this is a kids’ story, not porn.)

Or numerous others? If you don’t you are just toooo last year. But let’s be hardliners here and take a sharp look at this phenomenon.

New words in writing are great, if we need them. But do we?

Of course there is that scientific term, “ideation” previously “brainstorming” or even “head banging” or worse still “brain farting” which as all of us Grammar Police know is about generating ideas without their being aimed at, er, much. Oh, sorry: it should be “the process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic, with no attempt to judge or evaluate them.[Continue reading]

Advertising vs info on social media – the trolls rage on

HTWB troll

If you have a local business group on one of the main social media platforms, you know you're going to get people advertising their businesses no matter how you try to stop them. It doesn't matter how explicit you are in your "rules" section; … [Continue reading]

Why yummy makes me want to vommy

HTWB tongue 2

Are there any words that you absolutely hate the sound of, for no proper reason? Here's one of mine from #Mischieverse ... enjoy. YUMMY There is a word that makes me cringe And feel I want to vommy I know I really shouldn’t whinge But that d … [Continue reading]

How to write meeting minutes people want to read

HTWB meetings

Talking of written clarity ... when was the last time you received some business or social meeting minutes and actually found them easy to read? What's the problem with meeting minutes as they are today? … [Continue reading]

Essential, er, grammar rules

These grammar “rules” have been around on the internet for a while now and I don’t think anyone knows who thought them up originally. However if it was you, please let me know and I’ll give you an appropriate credit! In the meantime, enjoy and shar … [Continue reading]