What not to write as a mashup hashtag or URL

What not to write as a mashup hashtag or URL

Unexpected rude and highly embarrassing words can jump out of perfectly innocent URLs and hashtags

WARNING: not really “safe for work.” Much as we love to telescope real words to create hashtags and URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), sometimes the way they end up looking can lead to some embarrassing misinterpretations. I’m sure psychologists could tell us how the eye-to-brain link-up plays mischievous games here, but whatever the reason some undesirable new words (or near new words) can jump straight out at readers from your innocent verbal mashup… [Continue reading]

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

Happy Thanksgiving, CanadaA very happy Thanksgiving (October 12th) to all my Canadian friends and family.

Yes, unlike our neighbours to the south we do not celebrate Thanksgiving ten minutes before Christmas.

That’s mainly because we can’t be bothered to cook two elaborate turkey dinners so close together that the dishes are hardly dry from the first before we start serving the next one. [Continue reading]

Grammar quiz again – fun with this ridiculous language, answers

HTWB Grammar quiz

And welcome back to our Grammar Quiz ... following on from our earlier quiz this year with the questions here and the answers here. As I said last week, this one is slightly different in format and is based on an exercise we do in one of my … [Continue reading]

Do you know the latest news in content writing?

HTWB grammar nazi

Once a month HTWB picks out the best/most useful articles on content writing and allied topics, from around the web. Here's the choice for October 2015: Where next with live video Educating readers Future of digital marketing Email: yet … [Continue reading]

Spam, spam, thank you ma’am

HTWB spam

Is it just me, or is it somewhat hypocritical for people to display their contact information openly online and then throw their handbags on the floor when someone 'spams' them? … [Continue reading]

English language cringe makers: you need a sense of humor when you speak it

HTWB signs 07

As we all know, English is one of the most ridiculous languages in its inconsistencies and is an endless source of funny jokes as a result. Here are some to give you a smile for today ... and tomorrow. Read on for a groan, grump, giggle or all three. … [Continue reading]