Does it hurt that much to write Thank You – and mean it?

thank you,thanking,business,writing,bloggingIs saying a personal “thank you” to followers, commenters, likers, etc. on social media a good thing, or a bit of a pain the in backside? Does a personal message, written personally (as opposed to an automated one) tell people that you and your business are still small enough – or savvy enough – to care, truly, about the individual? [Continue reading]

Are blogs and social media business posts having a reshuffle?

business blogs,social media,blog posts,Google,LinkedIn,Facebook,Google PlusInteresting things are happening in the blogosphere as more and more conversations about all kinds of business stuff increasingly take place in  the SocMed and less in the blogs.

Alarming? Worrying? Read on … [Continue reading]

Capers in the court room

HTWB courtroom

Most court cases are either boring or gory, but according to these urban legends they can be funny in places, too. Enjoy! ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? WITNESS: He said, 'Where am I, Cathy?' ATTORNEY: … [Continue reading]

How to catch a keyword for your business blog posts

HTWB keywords-fishing

Everywhere you look in internet marketing circles there is advice on everything to do with keywords, apart from one rather basic thing: how to decide on what keywords to start working with. Why is it that so few experts can give you a simple answer … [Continue reading]

How to write wedding vows

HTWB wedding vows 1

Writing your own wedding vows is becoming more and more important now that increasing number of both gay and straight couples are choosing the less traditional approaches to both religious and civil marriages.  I was delighted to discover recently … [Continue reading]

Brand blunders we have known (and still do)


Across the industrialized markets, millions are wasted every year on business / marketing brand communication that doesn’t work because the basic message and the thinking behind it is wrong. This is a drum I have been banging for the last 20 years … [Continue reading]