14 intriguing new brands to be created by corporate mergers

HTWB law firmsThe following new brands are, er, under consideration due to possible mergers of the following corporations. Needless to say there is no chance of the new brand names being in any way misleading…(original “brand marketing consultants” unknown…)

(NB: if you want to read some slightly less hilarious advice about how to write better brand names, have a look at this.)

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how to start a blog business, you will need the professional help of a hosting website for the blog posts. Since the majority of these hosting sites offer the same services, you should seek out the one that responds in a fast way. A lot of bloggers started their blogs by having it hosted by share hosting sites that will be good for a start. Since you are are still at the starting stage of you blog post, it is recommended since it will save you on cost. Eventually you are going to have to consider a solo hosting site as soon as you start getting heavy traffic.

It is definitely a good thing to have an eye candy design to your blogs. One can never under estimate the power of good aesthetics. It is actually one of the reasons why people stay, read on and come back to certain web sites. A professional website designer needs to be able to assist you to build your site to your liking.

20 Common Business Terms Explained for Non-Native English Speakers, part 1

English is hard enough if it’s not your first language … and its business jargon is even harder. In this series we look at some of the most commonly used terms and what they really mean … in plain English.


Want to write better for business in English? Here’s how

Analytics: a relatively new word for statistics. Usually refers to the statistics you get from systems that measure things like your website traffic, sales, clicks, etc [Continue reading]

How to write poetically about the UK’s EU referendum

HTWB Old Macdonald

Here in the UK everyone is dying to (aren't we?) go and vote, and decide whether the Brits stay in the European Union or leave it ... so here is a simple ditty I have written for you and our lovely observers from around the world, in preparation for … [Continue reading]

How to write better thanks to GSPS


A new form of satellite navigation system? No - a new formula to use to help you write better for your work, leisure or creative writing, as I originally mentioned in this article. It's simple, and it works because it's simple. Here's how to use … [Continue reading]

How to write I Love You, er, in 9 or so languages

HTWB I Love You

If you are American or love someone of that nationality, you'll find these writing tips incredibly helpful, although of course people of many other nationalities might find them, er, interesting as well. No, no - don't thank me. It's all part … [Continue reading]

What to write when someone has lost their job

HTWB job loss

Your best friend, a lovely neighbour or a member of your family has just been fired or made redundant. It's no secret, so you want to show them you care. You won't find any greeting cards in the local card shop saying "bad luck on getting sacked" or … [Continue reading]