How to write in Canadian English…

If you want to annoy a Canadian, try telling them that you picked up on their American accent. That always does the trick to me even though my accent is tempered with a good few decades of British influence.

Writing in Canadian English

Writing Canadian English is not as simple as chopping it between US and UK English half-and-half…

But it’s not just the accent that’s different. (Tip: listen for the “ou” diphthong in a word like “house” … if it sounds like ha-owse  it’s American, but if it sounds like hoose  it’s Canadian. Plus, Canadians don’t whine/drone anything like as much as some Yanks do.)

Believe it or not, written Canadian English has a personality of its own

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Why you shouldn’t beabore anymore…

A humorous look (in verse) at the habit of combining words, to make new longer words … enjoy.

Humorous poem about words

Some say it’s all ’cause of those naughty Yankees, who tend to make English all screwed up and w*nkee


Don’t you just love today’s fashion for
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A trip down Darwin Awards Memory Lane…

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