Does the word ICONIC make you tick – or sick?

If you agree with me that the word “iconic” has become a weensy bit hackneyed, join me in this poetic celebration…and Happy May Day Public Holiday tomorrow, if you celebrate that!

How to write better rude poetry, iconic

Forget your brain, just say the inane – and you’re sure to become iconic.


So many things in today’s world
Plain average, not bionic
Just get your face in a public place
And you’re instantly iconic.

If you puke and pee very publicly
And deliver that as a comic [Continue reading]

Grownup business video: what really works, and what doesn’t

Over the last few weeks and months here on HTWB we have shared a number of articles and tutorials on how to make the best of video for business and other organisations (or business documentary video) as it exists today, both technically and practically. (NB I do not include video advertising commercials here – different ballgame.)

How to write video that works properly

Sorry if I’m brutal, but with my history of writing and making business videos, you might my find my views interesting…

Having been a corporate video producer, writer and director for more years than I care to admit to, I have watched the way business documentary video has evolved with a great deal of interest.

The good news is that it has become affordable to thousands of businesses and other organisations who couldn’t have dreamt of using it 20 years ago when its production cost many times what it does now. [Continue reading]

Non-binary pronouns: whatever happened to ONE?

HTWB non-binary

People who accuse us English language writers of being Grammar Nazis will be intrigued to note that our beloved language is being challenged heavily right now by a very modern, pressing and important concern that may mean shaking up its whole … [Continue reading]

How to write in-vision video scripts that work for you personally

HTWB TV newsreader

It's so easy these days, isn't it? Fire up the laptop, pull up some words from a Word document on the screen, and off you go speaking to your camera and broadcasting to the world via Blab, Facebook Live, or any of the other choices we have at the … [Continue reading]

The perfect anger management course, if you’re brave enough

HTWB angry elephant

One of the funniest people I know, Mitch S., shared this anger management story some years ago and even today it makes me long to try it out. How about you? Read on... When you’re having a really bad day, it’s probably better to take it out on … [Continue reading]

The real meanings of current Euro-speak


Earlier this week the BBC published a list of terminology currently being bandied around by everyone rushing to shove their opinions on Britain's membership of the European Union down people's throats in time for the vote on June 23rd. I … [Continue reading]