Why we should, er, recycle words – not create new ones…

As we have more than 170,000 words in common usage in the English language, it seems wasteful and unkind to the planet to create new words when we have so many we can recycle.

recycling words on HTWB

Rinse, repeat, recycle. Who’s a pretty boy then?

Our thanks to good friend and colleague John Dale for pointing this out to us here on HTWB and sharing a selection to get us started. I have added a few of my own recyclable words, too… Sz.

Artery, n. The study of paintings

Bacteria, n. The back door of a cafeteria. [Continue reading]

Wedding season special: how to make a great speech

We’re coming up to the busiest and most romantic time of the year here in the northern hemisphere … the wedding season. If you will be giving a speech at a wedding this year you’ll find this handy guide very helpful … 12 articles packed with tips and inspiration for you. And in addition to the traditional speech-making roles we have some ideas for other family members and friends who want to get up and “say a few words.” Enjoy!

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Giving a speech at a wedding this year? Here is some handy help for everyone…

Help with your wedding speech – whoever you are

[Continue reading]

Your chance to write a horror story and get it published

HTWB corona horror

Have you got a gruesome short horror story waiting, unpublished, in a drawer? Even the idea for a truly skin-crawling story, but no incentive to write it up yet? Here's your chance to get that story published and your name out there as a horror … [Continue reading]

Grammar is groovy. Haven’t you heard?

HTWB grammar groovy

Want to improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax while groovin' around your office or living room? Here's how - and I dare you not to start bopping in your seat while you learn these basic writing rules... Many thanks to my good … [Continue reading]

Writing what Easter is all about, 2017…

HTWB Easter 2017

Some "alternative facts" - actually they're not alternative at all - about what Easter has become today. Written, of course, in the very rude style of "Mischieverse: rude humour that sort-of rhymes" by yours truly, to be published in September 2017. … [Continue reading]

Cat-chup on your feline humor…

HTWB cats Ralph

Whether you love cats or hate them, they are an endless source of entertainment and the butt of many jokes. And thankfully, they've got a way of always having the last laugh on us...as I'm sure nearly every cat owner in the world already … [Continue reading]