Tutorial: nonfiction book publishing 2014 – the skinny


What has changed in nonfiction book publishing since this article was published early in 2013?

Here we take a look at what, if any, changes there have been in the last 18 months since I published an article called “Book publishing in 2013: easy, worthless, or worth it?” This originated from a my response to a question on LinkedIn about the state of book publishing at the time, and my own predictions for the future. Let’s now see what has changed and if any of my predictions have come true… [Continue reading]

Cat-chup on your feline humor…

cats,pussycats,feline,cat,humor,funny jokesWhether you love cats or hate them, they are an endless source of entertainment and the butt of many jokes.

And thankfully, they’ve got a way of always having the last laugh on us…as I’m sure nearly every cat owner in the world already knows! [Continue reading]

Grammar is groovy. Haven’t you heard?

HTWB grammar groovy

Want to improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax while groovin' around your office or living room? Here's how - and I dare you not to start bopping in your seat while you learn these basic writing rules... Many thanks to my good … [Continue reading]

How to write brilliant business blogs: all the help you’ll ever need

blogging for business,blog posts,what to write

The no-bullsh*t guide to writing blogs that boost your brand, business and customer loyalty Fed up with the gurus and so-called experts telling you how to set up your blog without sharing any really useful ideas on what to write about? This is the … [Continue reading]

Tutorial: repurposing content…waste not, want not

repurpose,content,repurposing,repurposed,blogging,email marketing,comments,social media

Despite Google’s rightful insistence on “fresh, original content,” it’s a shame in some ways not to make the most economical use of your content over more than one medium. Repurposing content solves this problem. With the value of “owned content” … [Continue reading]

Baby boo-boos … these will make you laugh

HTWB hedgehog babies

Giving birth to a baby usually isn't funny at all ... whether from thinking about it in general terms beforehand, through the pregnancy, through the birth and, well, all the way up to the time they go to college. Oh, no wait - up until the time when … [Continue reading]