How to write emails that work – 10 Quick Tips

Here on HTWB we have looked at email a few times in the last four years, but its criteria have evolved since its early days and it makes sense to keep up with the way that has been happening.

How to write emails that work - 10 Quick TipsIf for no other reason, we need to do this because the volume of emails we write for work or even for our social and other activities has doubled or even tripled.

Consequently if we want to get results from the emails we write and send now, they have to be even more targeted and focused than they were a mere couple of years ago, or they are likely to get lost in the junk file or accidentally deleted. [Continue reading]

How to make a great best man’s wedding speech

Moving on from my earlier articles on wedding speeches – a general overview, plus some tips for the father of the bride (or whoever performs this role) – let’s now take a look at some ideas and guidance for the best man’s speech.

What are the best man’s “must haves?”

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Whether, as best man, you make your speech funny or not depends on you – your personality, and your own style.

He thanks the bridegroom for his speech and – on behalf of the bridal attendants – for his toast. He talks about the groom, and his relationship with him. He then reads out any telemessages and cards that have accumulated, and ends by proposing a toast to the bride and groom.

The following is how your best man’s speech can work out – and it would also make a sensible running order for you to use. [Continue reading]

How To Write Better wins Highly Commended in UK Blog Awards 2015

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How To Write Better has won a Highly Commended award in the individual section of the PR, Media, Marketing and Comms section in this prestigious UK Blog Awards 2015. I really can't thank you all enough for voting for the site late last year - it … [Continue reading]

How to tell funny jokes in a speech – tutorial

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In honor of this year's wedding season I have been sharing some ideas for wedding speeches here on HTWB, and part of many wedding speeches - especially that of the best man - depends on the use of funny jokes and general humor. But humor isn't … [Continue reading]

Funny jokes from the Washington Post – again

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If the emails going around on the internet are anything to go by, the Washington Post publishes nothing but funny witticisms over and over again, BUT with new ones being added into the mixture every so often. Here is the most recent version … [Continue reading]

How do I become a better writer? 10 Quick Tips

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This is a question I have been seeing repeatedly on Quora over the last year or so and as far as I can figure out there have been nearly 3,000 responses. So I thought ... rather than let my answer get lost over there on Quora ... that I would … [Continue reading]