Things to do on holiday / vacation (including laughter…)

Holidays are when we often do things we wouldn’t do during the rest of the year. Although these activities are usually a lot of fun, sometimes they don’t quite work out as planned…enjoy these funny jokes!

Things to do on holiday / vacation (including laughter)

An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.


Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. After a good meal cooked over the campfire and a bottle of wine to wash it down, they settled for the night and went to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes woke up and nudged his companion. “Watson, look up and tell me what you can see.” [Continue reading]

Introducing your Canadian correspondent…

…i.e. ME! Today (July 30th) I disappear into the clouds for a few hours whilst making my way home to Ontario. But if you thought I would shut up and leave you in peace until early September when I return to the UK, uh, uh. Wrong.Introducing your Canadian correspondent...

Armed with my trusty laptop I will be keeping in touch with everyone and everything, and although I’m supposed to be relaxing and unwinding and all that stuff, you know what I’m like … I’ll be back in here posting and (I hope) sharing useful information about writing as I find it in North America. [Continue reading]

Poetry in (pro)motion – Business Speak immortalised in verse

IMG_6823 (00000002)

Here in leafy Milton Keynes, England, we not only have our own Poet Laureate, but also another hugely popular performance poet by the name of Steve Crawford. Steve makes my idea of multi-tasking look like a quiet nap in the sunshine... To quote … [Continue reading]

Travellers’ tips for visiting Australia …

HTWB kangaroo 2

More funny jokes for travellers ... this time some tips if you're visiting sunny (but possibly chilly this time of year) Australia. Translations in italics and links to full explanations. G'day and enjoy, cobber. 1.The shorter the nickname, the … [Continue reading]

18 business writing tipoffs to keep tucked under your hat

HTWB hats

Here are some business writing tipoffs developed on the basis of professional business writers' skill and experience. Keep them tucked under your hat ready to use the next time you need to write for your business or other organization... … [Continue reading]

Last chance to squeeze into the Referability Boot Camp in Milton Keynes tomorrow

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It's now or never. Today is your last chance to put on your reinforced thinking gear and sign up for our #Referability Boot Camp in Milton Keynes, England, tomorrow morning - July 23rd 2015. LATEST: It was great! We had an excellent, if rather … [Continue reading]