10 quick tips for talks and speeches: how to time yours perfectly

If you do any kind of public speaking – whether an elevator speech at a business meeting, a speech at a wedding, a presentation to colleagues, or anything else – keeping your content to a set time is usually very important.

10 quick tips for talks and speeches: how to time yours perfectly

As you grow more confident, you’ll find you depend less and less on your script, so work with highlighting key points to remind you – then ad lib the rest

And there’s nothing more embarrassing than being “buzzed” because you’re running over your time slot … being frantically waved at by an event organiser who is desperate to keep the meeting on schedule when you seem to be talking on blithely … or watching a social audience get twitchy, desperate to move on to the bar or to the toilets, or both.

1. No worries: timing your talk or speech is simple

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How to get powerful off-camera interviews for your online video

There is lots of information here on HTWB about how to get good interviews for testimonials and other specific sales activities, whether on video, audio or in print. However using an interview approach for any type of documentary or business video is a very useful and credible way to tell a story – whether sales orientated or not.

How to get powerful interviews for your online video

What you need is a simple way of interviewing people that is comfortable for you (as the amateur interviewer) and them (as the twitchy interviewee.)

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Why writing a list can kill stress and keep you sane

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How to write a flyer-leaflet that doesn’t go straight to the garbage

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