ALS ice bucket challenge hit by irresponsible, ignorant writing

ALS ice bucket challenge hit by irresponsible, ignorant writing

Irresponsible bloggers pour cold water on a fantastic fundraising project

“ICE BUCKET FRAUD: ALS FOUNDATION ADMITS THAT 73% OF DONATIONS ARE NOT USED FOR ALS RESEARCH” screams the headline of this poorly researched, poorly written article on US website Political Ears. [Continue reading]

How to speak Euro-English

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Manneken Piss is a small statue in the Euro center of Brussels, Belgium. I’m not sure I want to share his chocolate doppelgängers. How about you?

This Euro-speak story has been around for a while, but strangely doesn’t go away … so maybe we should prepare ourselves for it becoming a reality one day? *cringes*

With many thanks for bringing this to my attention to Howard Winn, in my Facebook group The Joke Street Journal. (Dooo join us on there if you enjoy some laughs…) [Continue reading]

Why we all must LOVE our owned content

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There has been a lot of talk recently about moves on the part of the SocMed to get people blogging for business more directly on their platforms, rather than on (or in addition to) their "owned content" - i.e. own blogs and websites, etc. For … [Continue reading]

Great Business Writing 2014: 10 updated Golden Rules

HTWB golden rules 2014

A few years ago I shared my view on the 10 golden rules of great business writing at the time. Here is a prĂ©cis of what the original 10 golden rules amounted to then... ...and, how I feel about those golden rules now. Please share your views on … [Continue reading]

Who’s in Toronto next month?

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Typical, isn't it? You pick a date to go off on a working vacation and within minutes, every one of your clients has an urgent job that can't possibly wait until you get back. … [Continue reading]

Oh, joy – it’s the August Bank Holiday

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Mention the August Bank Holiday to most people in Britain and you'll see very little other that eyes rolling up to the heavens and a smile that's about as genuine as Katie Price's boobs... … [Continue reading]