Why network marketers are gagged from writing nearly everything

Welcome network marketer Jenny Hall, who shares an honest appraisal of how network marketers should go about promoting their wares – and how they can avoid being cited as the “bad guys…” Over to Jenny…

Why network marketers are gagged from writing nearly everything

Network marketing companies have to be extra-vigilant to ensure their promotional material is ethical and honest.

The marketing message disasters we see today…

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Could you endure this ultimate Survivor test?

This imaginative joker has decided that the next series of the popular Survivor TV show should be as follows. (Original author unknown.)¬†Without wishing to spoil the surprise, let’s just say that lady readers may find this a lot funnier than the gentlemen do…

Could you endure this ultimate Survivor test?

The ultimate Survivor test for men

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How to write a tasty restaurant review: introduction, Part 2


If you like eating out and want to share your experiences on Trip Advisor or elsewhere, you need to bookmark this serialisation of the late, great Sam Worthington's (restaurant critic, not actor!) book. (You can start at the beginning with Part 1 … [Continue reading]

More jolly japes from the junk folder

HTWB Spam_can

Welcome to our occasional look at the positively flatulent and laughable junk mail that we receive in our inboxes most days. Although such ordure matter gets (or should get) sent straight to the junk folder and usually does, sometimes it is so … [Continue reading]

Wedding speech season: some last minute help for your speech!

HTWB jokes 03 bride

We're right in the middle of the wedding season in the northern hemisphere and if you're like many people, even though you know you are due to make a speech you haven't got around to writing it yet! Never mind - there's plenty of help here on … [Continue reading]