A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 1

A gourmet's guide to business networking, part 1

Typical English breakfast: OK there is black pudding. But do you Yanks really want us to eat Grits?

If you go to live business networking events (yes, yes, as opposed to dead ones) do you ever notice the quality of the food? Do you regard it as purely a means of refueling your brain, as in “food for thought,” or does its quality affect how ebullient you feel in the lively discussions that abound? [Continue reading]

Which sex is the better writer?

HTWB KnowHowThis should get us all going! With thanks to Grammarly for providing us with these intriguing notions…and donating $50 to say thank you, to to the literacy charity ProLiteracy.org.

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Researching on Google: just ask the damned question

HTWB Google classic

Recently my son, who is a post grad (MA) marketing management student at a UK university, asked me to help him find a customer profile on Google for a particular British food company about which his course was developing a business simulation … [Continue reading]

21 one liners I wish I had written…

HTWB Russian doll

Some superb one liners: who writes these? I wish I were clever enough. In the meantime, enjoy... 1. I hate Russian dolls; they're so full of themselves. 2. I asked my North Korean friend how it was there, he said he couldn't complain. 3. … [Continue reading]

How what you write can hurt more than pain

HTWB pain

Have you ever found that someone you trusted and valued was just, in the end, using you? Have you ever felt that you have been taken for a very bumpy ride purely because you were useful to the ride-initiators at the time? … [Continue reading]

Ottawa shootings: a few words that express disgust

CAN 09 O Pbuilding

Today's appalling shootings in Canada's capital, Ottawa, have churned my heart up, not least because my beloved cousin Alyson works for the government and as I write this, is still in her building on lockdown. I have been in touch with her and she … [Continue reading]