Why writing a list can kill stress and keep you sane

Writing lists can help you manage not only your workload, but also yourself and your sanity. No-one is suggesting that you become an obsessive-compulsive freak and list down everything you need to do from writing a business plan to visiting the bathroom.

Why writing a list can kill stress and keep you sane

Keep the purpose of writing a list in perspective.

Like anything else, writing a list that’s actually going to be useful for you requires a heavy drizzling of common sense as well as content. Here are some ideas on how to make it work well for you. [Continue reading]

How to write a flyer-leaflet that doesn’t go straight to the garbage

Smack! … goes your mailbox and your dog runs, barking delightedly, to the front door hoping to tear apart and kill all that paper prey from the pizza parlours, replacement window vendors and make-your-lawn-greener merchants.

How to write a flyer-leaflet that doesn't go straight to the garbage

Is this how your business flyer or leaflet will end up?

Face it: that’s the fate of many a flyer (as they’re called in the UK) or leaflet as they’re known elsewhere. OK, maybe some others are given out at exhibitions and other business events. But where do those end up unless they capture your attention?

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Help from your new Content Strategist: what I’ve been doing for 10 years…

HTWB cartoon

The term "Content Strategist" sounds awfully pompous if you live in modest-speaking Milton Keynes, England. But having been doing this job for the last 10 years working with SMEs and Micro Businesses (helping them determine what and how to … [Continue reading]

31 comments you do not want written on your performance review

HTWB performance reviews

The dreaded performance review is one of the many horrors of being an employee and one of the reasons to work for yourself, although if you're employed you don't usually lie awake at night wondering how to pay the rent next week. These are supposed … [Continue reading]

How to use makeup to look your best on camera

HTWB Gail Spooner

Saying your words to a video camera can be a bit nerve-wracking, which is why here on HTWB we've looked at a number of tips on how to perform, what to wear, etc. Now, we're very lucky to welcome some advice from top international makeup artist and … [Continue reading]

How to write a powerful bio about yourself: 10 Top Tips

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Although writing about yourself for business, voluntary work, sports or leisure information, etc. has many common denominators, writing short bios (1-2 paragraph biographies) is a bit of a special art. Usually you have very few words to play … [Continue reading]