What to write when you want to complain – 10 Quick Tips

About a year ago I wrote an article on how to write an apology that not only appeases the wrath of the wronged customer, but also offers compensatory action that will turn him or her from a snarling Godzilla into a loyal and trusting customer long term.

What to write when you want to complain - 10 Quick TipsIn many ways, the same approach that’s recommended for writing an effective apology – assertiveness and sticking to the facts – is what many people find to be the most effective way to make a complaint, much as you may want to deep-fry their eyeballs.

Here are 10 tips you may well find helpful the next time a supplier lets your business down, a product is broken when you take it out of the box, or a snotty staffer treats you like you just crawled out of a drain. [Continue reading]

Writing properly for business: why does it matter? Really?

Lots of experts tell you that it’s important to write properly for business. I am no exception.

Writing properly for business: why does it matter? Really?

It’s not just about pleasing the Grammar Fascists … writing properly for business wins you more credibility

In fact I am often accused of being a Grammar Fascist (Grammar Nazis have fallen foul of the Political Correctness Police, by the way) because I maintain that basic goofs in English are a no-no if you want to be taken seriously in business.

It’s not just for the obvious reasons why writing properly for business matters.

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On US Memorial Day…

HTWB Memorial Day

Thinking of our US readers today at your time of remembrance, and sharing your desire for worldwide peace. May we writers contribute towards that as much as we can. … [Continue reading]

20 jokes that will try your intelligence – or your patience!

HTWB intelligence

Writing clever jokes is a wonderful skill and whoever wrote these had not only a sense of humor, but also a brain. Many thanks to my old friend and colleague Roger Frosh who shared these with me recently. Enjoy. (Or considering this for … [Continue reading]

How to use humor successfully in your writing – 10 Quick Tips

HTWB laughter 2015

Humor (or humour, if you use British English!) in your writing is an incredibly valuable tool for business communications, blogging, and a lot of other business content creation. At the same time, though, it's incredibly difficult to get humor … [Continue reading]

What to write when features are objectives

HTWB winning

Especially in business messages aimed at employees and/or suppliers, there aren’t any features at all to help persuade them to buy into your objectives – at least nothing as easy to identify as an “AL-alloy metal frame with HK-147 PVC compound, … [Continue reading]