Ode to the sh… birds

You can’t help admiring wild birds no matter how much they drive you crazy. Here are some humorous thoughts about the little feathered friends who cheer us up every day, even though the calling cards they leave behind can dissolve wooden fences, car paint and probably solid granite as well…

funny poem about garden birds on HTWB

What to do, oh birdie lovers? Tell my cats to kill them now?


How I love the birds who go sh…
On my windshield and what’s more
All over my back yard – and yet it
Matters not. I love them all.

Those feathery little b*stards who do
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Business emails 101 – or SOS?

Grabbing email readers’ attention via email – even when you’re not selling anything – gets harder and harder as every year goes by, as you know. Here are some ideas to convert from what may be your concerns as SOSs, into 101s.

business emails on HTWB

Don’t forget that not all email clients show your email in monochrome.

Below are some tips on how to get that attention you need now in the present climate of 2017, without lifting readers out of their very short, sharp comfort zones … then making your points effectively … so you have the best possible chance of getting the reaction you want/need.

Business emails #1: one point at a time

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Valentines Day love from the Grammar Police

HTWB heart

You can't say we don't celebrate romance here on #HTWB ... even the Grammar Police have, er, something to say about Valentine's Day. If you want an alternative to the schmaltzy goo that permeates February 14th, you're in the right place. … [Continue reading]

Why FRESH is such a lovely word…

HTWB peppers

Do you have a favourite word? One that sounds as good as it means? Here's one you might like to ponder - in verse, of course...on #HTWB FRESH Isn’t “fresh” a lovely word? Invigorates your faith in life Spices up those sounds unheard Chases ou … [Continue reading]

Grammar goofs: classic syntax attacks by the UK Daily Fail

HTWB Kenny

A quick glance at the UK's Daily Fail - especially on weekends when they leave the cleaners to write the stories - shows you just how ridiculous you look when you get the noun-verb relationships and other syntax wrong. Do you ever do this? Of … [Continue reading]

How to find the writing help you need on #HTWB

Hexastix Pencil Superglue Pointless Writing Office

With more than 1,200 articles and tutorials on writing here on #HTWB, you may start finding a bit tricky to find what you need. So FYI, here is a breakdown of the most popular categories and specifically how they can help you with your … [Continue reading]