How long is your language?

How long is your language? Help for translations on HowToWriteBetter.netIf you ever have to write website or other text in English that is to be translated into other languages – then either fitted into a text grid, or if it’s a video narration, recorded to picture, you’ll know just what a terrible nightmare it can be. [Continue reading]

How quotes can make your written content crisper

Using direct quotes from relevant people can help boost the credibility factor of your articles and blog posts. But they are easy to get wrong. Here’s how to avoid that…

How quotes can make your written content crisper

Do you know how to use quotes that will enhance your blog posts and other content?

Proof-reading my son’s coursework for his Masters degree in marketing management recently, I suddenly had a thought about the principle of referencing in academic writing and how it can apply – in a far less turgid degree – to blogging and other content. [Continue reading]

What you’ve always wanted to know about blogging and never dared ask…

HTWB Turkey vulture

Have you noticed the hordes of "gurus" swirling on the internet trying to persuade you (or in one or two cases, bully, patronize and embarrass you) into believing that blogging is an atom-splitting science? Then, they circle you like turkey vultures, … [Continue reading]

Writing about woman in mid-life – funny, but…

HTWB hairy legs

Thanks to the unknown author of this chilling list of harsh realities that women experience when we hit mid-life… Mid-life is when the growth of hair on our legs slows down. This gives us plenty of time to care for our newly acquired … [Continue reading]

A gourmet writer’s guide to business networking, part 3

HTWB rubber chicken

By now you've probably seen the two earlier articles in this series about my gastronomic experiences at business breakfasts and buffets. This week I get my teeth into (geddit?) the sit-down lunches and dinners many of us have to endure...bon appétit. … [Continue reading]

How to write your personal Christmas newsletter

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Many people choose the Holiday Season to write a newsletter to enclose with their Christmas cards, or send via email, to all their far flung friends and relatives all over the world so as to keep them up to date with what has been going on in their … [Continue reading]