Why you shouldn’t beabore anymore…

A humorous look (in verse) at the habit of combining words, to make new longer words … enjoy.

Humorous poem about words

Some say it’s all ’cause of those naughty Yankees, who tend to make English all screwed up and w*nkee


Don’t you just love today’s fashion for
Car-crashing words up like “anymore” [Read more…]

MISCHIEVERSE now available to pre-order…am so excited!

My first ever collection of poetry has arrived on Amazon, due for publication September 18th, but you can pre-order your copy or copies NOW!

And surprise, surprise (you know what I’m like) … it’s potty-mouthed, entertaining and very funny. Here’s what some of the pre-reviewers said…

Rude, irreverent and downright filthy … like Johnny Rotten meets Pam Ayres. –Julia Lewis, actor, Their Finest, Supergirl, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

This wonderful book gave me many laugh-out-loud moments. So many observations that resonated the absurdities of modern life. It’s great to pick up and open a page when the world seems chaotic, and puts a smile on the face immediately. Brilliantly written! –Jane Hatton, founder and CEO, Evenbreak

Snarky, quirky, downright rude, Suze skewers pop culture: its language, fashion, politics, entertainment. Not even family and cherished holidays escape her cutting wit. Through it all, she manages to make us laugh at ourselves and the silliness of contemporary life. –Barbara Grengs, author of the Toby Martin series of children’s mystery novels and Delicate Dames (forthcoming)

An amusing sideways look and anything and everything … the perfect gift –A E Rawson, author of best-selling crime novel, A Savage Art

Mischieverse is Suzan St Maur's first book of naughty, humorous poetry ... coming soon from Corona Books UK.

New book to be published September 18th 2017 … just in time for Holiday gifts!

Some excerpts to give you a flavour…

It’s the perfect gift for your friends and family who like a naughty laugh. Pre-order your copies of Mischieverse now … and tick off some of your Holiday shopping nice and early! Just click here…
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— [Read more…]

A tribute to the neighbour from hell – in verse…

There’s one in every village, small town or neighbourhood, isn’t there. The one who insists on flaunting their rights no matter how much it makes life hell for everyone around them.

Rumour has it that big blue van ... Once, shall we say, met with big misfortunes ...

Rumour has it that big blue van … Once, shall we say, met with big misfortunes …

Here’s a poetic tribute to the syndrome’s prize example in my village. May their private parts be infested by the fleas of a thousand camels, to utterly misquote what I gather is an old Arabic saying. [Read more…]

Hope you’re having a happy day, USA

A short poem to commemorate Independence Day in the USA, in this, probably the most tumultuous year the US has experienced in political terms, for some time.

Poem about Independence ~Day 2017

Thank you, USA, our friend … Please guard your freedom preciously

Happy Day, USA

July the fourth comes once a year
You celebrate your freedom won
Your rise to power with no fear
Your mightiness to kingdom come.

A nation in its greatness now
The power there, to rule the world [Read more…]

Canada Day 2017: why I’m a bad Canadian, in (funny) verse

A very happy Canada Day to all of you who would appreciate it! Here is my confession to being a lousy Canadian … well most of the time, anyway…

Canadian flag(But have a great day anyway, eh?)


I’m a Canuck born and bred
From Kingston in Ontario
Torn from there by parents, led
to England’s supposed glorio.

Yes, the lure of fish and chips
Has made me think I’m British
(But since then the best fish nips
I’ve eaten were Quebecish!**) [Read more…]

Do you talk about “robust?” Maybe you should think again…

Given the sadness in our current climate of tragedies in the UK, here is a small, innocent and slightly rude bitch about something to give us all a much-needed smile…enjoy.

Funny poem about the word "robust"

Now this gallant term is used … For business plans we’re told to trust … And other crap that’s not confused … But merely solid and robust.


Such a “now” word ‘seventeen
Write about this much I must
Gritty word that vents our spleen
Come on, let’s all be robust. [Read more…]