Social media: why you should advise, not adVERTise

Have you ever been guilty of confusing social media with free advertising? This guy did…here’s what he posted in the discussion thread of a locality group on one of the very large social media platforms…

Social media: why you should ADVISE, not ADVERTISE

Tips on car maintenance, or very short case studies, work well on social media.

Hi there everybody. I just wanted to quickly advertise my business. [Read more…]

Why network marketers are gagged from writing nearly everything

Welcome network marketer Jenny Hall, who shares an honest appraisal of how network marketers should go about promoting their wares – and how they can avoid being cited as the “bad guys…” Over to Jenny…

Why network marketers are gagged from writing nearly everything

Network marketing companies have to be extra-vigilant to ensure their promotional material is ethical and honest.

The marketing message disasters we see today…

Have you ever seen anything like this online? [Read more…]

Why you should break these 6 rules in writing

***There’s plenty of information around on how to write correctly for business and social purposes. But if you follow those rules, you risk writing like a clone of everyone else. With so much of ourselves being shared in text form online, how can we get across who we really are as individuals?

Why you should break theses 6 rules in writing

It helps to learn writing rules first before you can break them effectively

The answer? Learn how to break the rules so you can express your own personality – as well as communicate your essential messages. Here are some ideas to help start you off on that journey… [Read more…]

How to write better than your spell checker

Did your spell checker make mistakes for you last week? Especially with homonyms (words that sound alike but are spelled differently)?

How to write better - spell checker

Trouble is, spell checkers don’t get homonyms. What happens is if you type in the wrong homonym, as long as it’s a real word itself, your spell checker in its profound deafness will cheerfully let it go. And if you’re in a hurry or not paying full attention, the goofs go straight out to your readers, customers and other important people.

Of course there are the other goofs you can’t even blame on your spell checker…and they are caused by, er, human error. Let’s see if we can put at least some of them right, and have a few smiles at the same time. [Read more…]

How to write the bullsh*t out of your business blog posts

Although business blog posts are entitled to be opinion pieces rather than straight, hard reportage, when it comes down to the crunch, your opinion by itself – no matter how much of an expert you are – often isn’t enough.How to write better .netAfter all, despite the informality and intimacy of the blog culture, if you want to be credible in a business context to your readers, you want to make sure that what you write isn’t hot air, yes? And unless you are a very well recognised expert in your field, this needs to be backed up – or it could be seen as bullsh*t.

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