Have you got a book out on Kindle? Here’s a fab new toy-toy…

If you’re with CreateSpace / Kindle Direct Publishing and have a book to promote, you can now go with one click from its image or wherever it is on your site/blog/etc., straight to a preview of the first chapter or two.

Of course you may have already heard about this! But if you haven’t, read on – it’s great.

blogging for business,blog posts,what to writeDespite being a complete technodork I manage to install it here on HTWB. So trust me, if I can do it anyone can, as my dear WordPress guru Babs Saul would confirm. [Read more…]

How to get your nonfiction book published – choices

If you want to choose a publishing route to take your book to market, this interview I did recently with Bookemon.com sums up my views pretty thoroughly.

Suzan St Maur on Bookemon.comHaving had 31 nonfiction books published so far – 20 of which were published traditionally with some subsequent ones self-published as eBooks, and the last one self-published in print and Kindle – I’ve learned quite a bit about contemporary publishing generally and was grateful to Bookemon for appreciating that.

Unlike so many non-traditional publishing businesses, Bookemon emerges as a trustworthy resource and although I have yet to produce a book with them, I believe that they do offer a credible and fair service.

Here’s how the interview went: you’ll find it helpful… [Read more…]

Writers and readers: please help end the US book embargo against Cuba

Please read this email sent to me by Mark Coker from Smashwords, and help end this sad embargo that prevents Cubans from benefiting from something we all take for granted: publishing, and reading books from the USA. If you are willing to help, please sign the petition ASAP as the US Government is due to announce modifications to its embargoes against Cuba, and we’re hoping this will be one of them. Now, over to Mark:

I’m writing to ask for your help.

Writers and readers: please help end the US book embargo against Cuba

As a basic human right, readers everywhere deserve greater access to books and literature.

Please go to https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/end-book-embargo-against-cuba and consider signing my petition to end the US book embargo against Cuba. [Read more…]

6 women writers on favourite women writers: celebrating International Women’s Day

Even the most misogynistic male these days has to admit our world is constantly being enriched by the writings of hugely talented women, and has been for several hundred years now. So here’s to International Women’s Day, and our contribution to it.

6 women writers on favourite women writers: celebrating International Women's Day

“…what books are supposed to do: totally transport you into another world, another life, another brain and heart. “

I reckoned that the most interesting way to celebrate here with you, is for some of our  favourite women writers to write about their  favourite women writers … which is exactly what we’ve done. And here they are… [Read more…]

Book publishing – scams are alive and well and living in the USA, part 2

By James A Rose

In last’s week’s article, James Rose, from Tennessee-based InstantPublisher.com, shared his view of traditional publishers and literary agents in the USA – both the good and the bad. As I mentioned last week, it’s no surprise that – if anything – there are even more potential scams to watch out for in the USA than there are here in the UK. Anyway, this week James looks at the fast-growing and increasingly complex area of self-publishing and its derivatives…

Book publishing scams are alive and well and living in the USA

Self-publishing in the USA: a bit of a minefield, but this advice will help you avoid the scams

Self-publishing is a catch all term referring to any company that provides any type of service that might be needed by an author who wishes to self-publish. Every publishing model except traditional is a so called self-publishing company and simultaneously there is no such thing as a self-publishing company.

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Another RIP – to author, bon viveur and good friend Sam Worthington

Today we heard that the blogger, author and one of my oldest friends Sam Worthington (no, not the actor – the original one) sadly passed away on November 11th in Angeles City, Philippines.

Another RIP - to author, bon viveur and good friend Sam WorthingtonHis article, “How To Write A Restaurant Review” published here on HTWB back in 2011 has had nearly 20,000 reads. And so it should.

Sam had been a chef and publican (manager of pubs in the UK) for many years and also made it his business to review some of the best restaurants all around not the fanciest gourmet destinations necessarily, but good, honest restaurants across western and eastern Europe, the Far East and many other destinations.

For a list of all 12 articles in this series on how to write well to people dealing with death, bereavement and other life sadness, click here. 

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