Think you need a marketing expert? Think again.

It might interest you to know the following points, neither of which are very flattering to our current masses of “marketing gurus…”

The difference between marketing and marketing communications

One: they may believe what they do is marketing, but there’s a good chance it’s marketing communications, which is only part of the story.
Two: if they know that what they do is marketing communications but they tell people they do marketing, they’re telling a porkie**.

But in fairness, it’s not that simple.

What does “marketing” really mean?

So that you don’t have to take it from measly old moi, here are some very respectable definitions: [Read more…]

Storytelling in business: why it can be dangerous

Did you realise that business storytelling can be dangerous for innocent customers? UK based business coach Phil Morton shares some very useful tips on how to avoid being taken in by business stories which, despite being popular sledge hammers in the inbound marketing toolbox, can turn out to be fairy tales…

Business storytelling - why it can be dangerous

“Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.”

Most of us will know from our childhood what is coming next. We are about to be told a story, we are about to be entertained, for a period of time. The story may even hold some moral teaching, or life lesson to take away.

As adults we sometimes choose to spend money at the cinema or theatre to have a story played out before us, but even if we don’t, we are surrounded by stories. [Read more…]

Small business: how to write better training for your staff

Running or working in a small business and want to know how to make your words work better for you? Here’s a brand new series just for you.

This time we’re looking at how to write training that works better…

How to write better training for your staff

You may only have a few employees, but keeping them well trained is a key investment in the success of your business. And as many experts suggest, training your people is not an invitation for them to move on to better things.

On the contrary: there is an old joke which may be amusing, but holds true … [Read more…]

Business writing reality check: it’s all about words. And a sparrow.

A sparrow joined us for our women’s business networking lunch yesterday in grizzly, drizzly south central England. Poor little guy was perched high up on the picture rail of our meeting room, watching us talk and eat our lunch.

Business writing reality check: it’s all about words. And a sparrow.

Go, little sparrow. We love you, your simplicity and what it can teach us about getting stuff right first time.

At one o’clock I thought, he’ll spring out and yell “Cuckoo!” But instead he took off along the lunch table (fortunately without dropping a bomb load) and landed on the floor near a doorway, just as one (fortunately) bird-loving guest was half-way through her 60-second elevator pitch. [Read more…]

Going to college/uni soon? Here’s how to survive it

Whether you’re a new university student or an old-timer, this series of articles by recent graduate and hugely talented young writer Jackson Rawlings will have you laughing all the way through … and yet learning the best ways to cope with university life, study, write essays, assignments and sheer survival. Enjoy.

Going to college/uni soon? Here's how to survive it

Some great advice if you’re off to college/uni soon … from a guy who just graduated a while ago.

Here’s a checklist of all the brilliant articles Jackson wrote for HTWB about how to survive college (USA) or uni (UK) and emerge with the best possible outcomes. Just click on the green titles to go to the articles you want to read. [Read more…]

Can our businesses still benefit from blogging in 2017?

I want to show you just how important blogging can be even to – especially to – small businesses like ours. And I’d also like to update you on the role blogging plays for SMEs today.

Can our businesses still benefit from blogging in 2016?

Can our businesses still benefit from blogging in 2016?

There have been lulls in its popularity, and also there have been reversions to it after brief incursions elsewhere. More of that below.

As you know there has been a huge shift in emphasis of selling and business promotion in the last 10 years or so. And as somebody the other day said… [Read more…]