Get ready for the wedding speech season…

It won’t be long now until the first rash of spring weddings springs itself upon us. If you are any one of the following, there’s plenty of help here on HTWB to make sure your speech is just what you want to make your day even more special.

Get ready for the wedding speech season...

Do you have a wedding coming up this year? Will you be making a speech? Here’s some help to get that organised now, so you don’t need to worry about it nearer the time…

Here on HTWB you’ll find help to put your speech together if you’re…

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10 quick tips for talks and speeches: how to time yours perfectly

If you do any kind of public speaking – whether an elevator speech at a business meeting, a speech at a wedding, a presentation to colleagues, or anything else – keeping your content to a set time is usually very important.

10 quick tips for talks and speeches: how to time yours perfectly

As you grow more confident, you’ll find you depend less and less on your script, so work with highlighting key points to remind you – then ad lib the rest

And there’s nothing more embarrassing than being “buzzed” because you’re running over your time slot … being frantically waved at by an event organiser who is desperate to keep the meeting on schedule when you seem to be talking on blithely … or watching a social audience get twitchy, desperate to move on to the bar or to the toilets, or both.

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1. No worries: timing your talk or speech is simple

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50 very quick tips: how to write and make powerful podcasts

Although we’ve already looked at some tips on writing for spoken speech in articles like this here on HTWB, since those were written circumstances have changed and so, too, have the goal posts where both writing and production are concerned.

50 very quick tips: how to write and make powerful podcasts

Powerful podcast how-to: a step-by-step guide from the twinkle in your eye to the finished product, by Suzan St Maur on

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How to make good business videos without going to Hollywood

Further to my two earlier articles about the need for a script when you make even the simplest of business videos and how to write and use that script, let’s now take a look at how to inspire a bit of audience-pleasing imagination into your 2 minute website intro or your business’s YouTube channel.

HTWB Hollywood

A good business video doesn’t have to cost much to film and edit, as long as you make the most of the medium. It won’t be a Hollywood production, but it will show customers and prospects what your business can do for them.

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DIY video-ers: why proper video scripts save time and money – and don’t bite

Further to my article a while back in which I promised to show you how to write a video script, here we are and here it is in the form of a short(ish) tutorial. If you haven’t seen one of these animals before panic not: they are very friendly and never have been known to bite anyone…

DIY video-ers - why proper video scripts save time and money, and don't bite

And it’s intensely helpful. Why? Because the script allows you to plan out your video – even if it’s only 3 minutes long – so when you come to shoot and edit it everything falls into place and you get a far better result than you would by randomly shooting this and that and hoping you can pull it all together in the edit. [Read more…]

What words to choose when you’re on live video

What words to choose when you're on live video

Watch out, you’re on live video…

These days we see video – a lot of it of terrible quality, but never mind – almost everywhere.

No sooner does someone get up to speak at a meeting than someone else exposes their sweaty armpits as they raise a smartphone up and film the person … [Read more…]