Why academic writing is soooo boring – but needn’t be

HTWB Jessica Freeman

Please welcome freelance content writer Jessica Freeman from Sydney, Australia, who shares her thoughts on why academic writing has become so boring to read ... plus some ways in which to make it more reader-friendly. Over to Jessica... Academic … [Continue reading]

Are man buns hair, or tumors rare?

HTWB man buns

As man buns are so fashionable right now, I have written a Mischieverse poem about them. My own cynical little brain can't help but wonder whether they are actual fashion statements, or perhaps malignant growths of evil trifids spurting forth … [Continue reading]

How to write for talking opportunities that get you business

HTWB public speaking 2017

These days the era of speech making on a grand scale has somewhat lost its b*lls, if you see what I mean. (Unless you're Donald Trump in which case it didn't have any, er, well, let's not go there.) Of course there are many professional speakers … [Continue reading]

What to write to someone who comes out as LGBTQ


Much as LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) people are now widely established in their rightful place in many of our communities, when someone close to you "comes out" it can still be an uncomfortable journey for them and their … [Continue reading]

How a big bully cat got what he deserved – from a bird


The true story of a cat who thought he ruled the world ... until a blackbird with a temper tantrum taught him otherwise. The latest excerpt from my forthcoming book, Mischieverse...and please share your own cats-for-world-domination stories with us … [Continue reading]

National Grammar Day – celebrate with goofs from the UK Daily Fail

HTWB Grammar Mar-16

In honour of (USA) National Grammar Day tomorrow (March 4th, 2017) let's celebrate with the pick of my entire collection of hilariously wrong quotes from that newspaper we all love to hate. (Who said the Grammar Police don't have a sense of … [Continue reading]