A tribute to the neighbour from hell – in verse…

Rumour has it that big blue van ... Once, shall we say, met with big misfortunes ...

There's one in every village, small town or neighbourhood, isn't there. The one who insists on flaunting their rights no matter how much it makes life hell for everyone around them. Here's a poetic tribute to the syndrome's prize example in my … [Continue reading]

Business jargon bits – do you know what these “A” words mean?

Business jargon on HTWB

Ever wonder why we talk about "a month of Sundays?" Or "at the drop of a hat?" Here's a selection of English jargon beginning with "A" that you'll often see in business writing or hear in meetings, talks and presentations. Let's start at the … [Continue reading]

Hope you’re having a happy day, USA

Poem about Independence ~Day 2017

A short poem to commemorate Independence Day in the USA, in this, probably the most tumultuous year the US has experienced in political terms, for some time. Happy Day, USA July the fourth comes once a year You celebrate your freedom won Your … [Continue reading]

Why you need to think first and write later – especially for business

Think before you write, especially for business

"If you don't know what you think, you can't write it down," said my longtime colleague and book co-author John Butman some years ago. Yet how many of us take on a business writing exercise - email, blog post, even web page - without thoroughly … [Continue reading]

Canada Day 2017: why I’m a bad Canadian, in (funny) verse

Canadian flag

A very happy Canada Day to all of you who would appreciate it! Here is my confession to being a lousy Canadian ... well most of the time, anyway... (But have a great day anyway, eh?) BAD CANADIAN I’m a Canuck born and bred From Kingston in O … [Continue reading]

How not to spam bloggers, by I. M. A. Spammerdick

how not to spam a blogger

If you have a blog, or a website with a blog, you may well get approached by kind souls offering to do anything from enhancing your content to transforming your life if only you include their totally unsuitable material within your blog … [Continue reading]