Cat-chup on your feline humor…

HTWB cats Ralph

Whether you love cats or hate them, they are an endless source of entertainment and the butt of many jokes. And thankfully, they've got a way of always having the last laugh on I'm sure nearly every cat owner in the world already … [Continue reading]

Spam, assignment writing services and other crap: trying or trivial?

HTWB spam Apr-17

Do you ever get spammed by covert assignment writing services and other shady outfits writing to you about what they can do that your customers will love, and you know perfectly well they haven't even grasped what your business is all … [Continue reading]

Business cards: 8 ways to make sure yours gets ignored – update

HTWB business card

The fashions in business card text and design don't change as often as they do for clothing, thank Heavens - can you imagine creatively ripped or floral patterned cards with words like "please engage with us at..." or "reach out to us … [Continue reading]

Writing about horses: a poem for car and truck-lorry drivers

HTWB Horses on road

On the increasingly rare occasions when you see horses being ridden on out the road, please bear in mind that they were out on those roads long before cars and even before the ever-popular and self-righteous bicycle. (Well, some self-righteous … [Continue reading]

Good testimonials: how to make them write themselves

HTWB testimonials Apr-17

Back in 2011 when this article first was published, testimonials were still relatively simple to do - perhaps because most business audiences were not as cynical as they are today, so believed what was written in them unconditionally. Sadly though … [Continue reading]

10 top tips to make blog comments that increase your own traffic

HTWB blog Apr-17

When this post was originally published in 2011, we didn't have quite so much trouble in those days with "internet trolls" - unlike today, when it seems one relatively innocent comment on a blog or social media post can trigger hundreds of comments … [Continue reading]