Another bumper edition of Daily Fail boo-boos

HTWB racehorse

Who needs a joke book when you can read the UK's Daily Fail and laugh at their hilarious mistakes?¬†Here is the latest crop. Watch you don't spit your coffee out while reading the following... At Victoria, trains were also heavily affected and a … [Continue reading]

Write about solutions, not problems. People don’t buy problems.

HTWB problem

Your readers' problems are very important, of course. But writing about those at any length isn't going to endear you to them. They know they have problems. Yes, part of your remit when you're writing marketing material is to understand those … [Continue reading]

How to write a bloody awful blog post – update

How to write a bloody awful blog post

It's more than four years since this tongue-in-cheek article about business blogging appeared and looking at it again, I find it utterly terrifying. Why?¬†Because so little has changed. So little has improved. Day after day businesses are still … [Continue reading]

How not to, er, write about faults on a commercial jetliner…

HTWB fly united

If you're a little twitchy about flying United at the moment, take a look at this humorous list of maintenance complaints submitted by pilots (P) and solutions suggested by maintenance technicians (T) purportedly recorded by employees of an airline … [Continue reading]

How to write good business blogs: Suze tells all on video

HTWB video Apr-17

To make a change from a text-based blog post, here is yours truly in a video conversation with ace UK Vlogger Steven Healey a while back. In the program we discuss many aspects of blogging for business ... some of which we have written about … [Continue reading]

Copywriting: how to write a powerful USP that attracts customers and prospects


Especially - but not only - if you run an SME business, do you know how to express your "USP?" (Unique Selling Proposition/Point?) And do you know why your USP is so important to support your brand? Recently this topic came up at a very lively … [Continue reading]