EEEzy-FEEEzy does it for business jargon starting with E and F

business jargon and its origins explained

Does your company's canteen serve food that's "finger lickin' good," or does it taste "fishy" and so doesn't "fit the bill?" Enjoy these English business and general jargon terms - and their often surprising origins... English Business Jargon … [Continue reading]

How to write for thought leaders’ egos

Writing for thought leaders on HTWB

Have you noticed how some "important" thought leader types get haughtily miffed if someone suggests they need an editor or ghostwriter to help them get blog posts or articles right? These days, it's not just professional writers who are (or … [Continue reading]

21 hilariously written business names …

Funny business names in Milton Keynes

There's nothing more attractive than a local business with a sense of humour ... and here are 21 of the funniest names in the UK as shared by my good friend and colleague John Dale, who apart from inspiring business people with his work and his … [Continue reading]

It’s D-Day for business jargon … some D-terms explained

Business jargon starting with D - explained on HTWB

Would you find any "dead wood" at work - and could you remove it with a "double edged sword?" And do you know why we use those terms today? Check out these Deees of business jargon! Damp squib: (sometimes said as damp squid, but as squid are … [Continue reading]

If you MUST write advertorial, at least do it well. Here’s how…

Advertorial: how to make it work

When you see a piece of advertorial in a newspaper or magazine, do you immediately retch and think, "BORING!!!?" I do. Why? In my school and college vacations I would work in the editorial office of my Dad's newspaper here in the UK. And the truly … [Continue reading]

23 weird questions that make you want to bang your head

23 weird questions to entertain you

Sometimes the quirks of human nature are enough to make you want to scream. My thanks to the crew over in The Joke Street Journal, my Facebook funnies group, for sharing these questions ... I thought you here on HTWB would find them head-bangingly … [Continue reading]