A glass of wine, and why not?

HTWB wine 1

Does a glass of wine at the end of a hard day's work help you relax and unravel? Here on #HTWB is a tribute in verse to our liquid friend to whom we should be, er, grapeful... WINE Nothing like a glass of wine After work, you’re home and d … [Continue reading]

NOW will you listen to why good spelling matters?

HTWB spelling goofs 3

If you still think good spelling doesn't really matter in these informal online days, just take a look at this catalogue of stupid goofs. But don't laugh. Why? Because most of these images shared on social media serve only to remind us why if we … [Continue reading]

Why the dear old business blog’s still alive – and kicking butt

HTWB biz blogs 2017

Have you ever wondered why the humble business blog is still the powerful marketing communication tool it was years ago? Although we've seen dozens of digital entities rise up and faceplant months (or even weeks - remember "Blab?") later, why is … [Continue reading]

Alternative facts: it’s official. Bullsh*t is beautiful.

HTWB bullshit

Now that we're free to say we're sharing "alternative facts" when we bullsh*t, doesn't that just open up a fantastic new range of possibilities for us all? Here are some ideas to get you started, but please share your own alternative facts in the … [Continue reading]

Cheap, drive-thru video: what little monsters we’ve unleashed!

HTWB video Jan 17 (500x325)

Being a veteran of the very late 20th century when companies paid an average of £30K / USD $37.5K for a basic "corporate video" and in return received a top-class, professional production, I can't help but be gob-smacked by the way businesses are … [Continue reading]

Need some help with your creative writing? Grab these tools now

HTWB books Jan 17

Writing creative material that's good enough to grab publishers by the short hairs is always big challenge. Here, guest contributor Gloria Kopp shares her top tips on the tools she finds invaluable for getting manuscripts ready to, er, grab … [Continue reading]