Network marketers, IFAs etc – yes, you CAN blog if you want to

blogging for IFAs and franchise owners on How to Write Better

If you are a network marketer, franchise owner, IFA or other profession working with a brand that controls your marketing communications, you may be under the impression that you can't use independent blogging as a means to promote yourself to … [Continue reading]

A naughty poem about the POTUS and the FLOTUS

funny poem about the POTUS

Enjoy some somewhat naughty verse based on observations of the USA's Don and Mel on their recent worldwide travels ... EDIT SUNDAY JUNE 4th: As someone who lives within a short drive of the London (England) Bridge terrorist bombing atrocity last … [Continue reading]

Due to make a wedding speech soon? Don’t get caught with your pants down

wedding speeches reminder on HTWB

Are you due to make a speech at a wedding soon? You may not have noticed, but the wedding season in the northern hemisphere is taking off big-time. The wedding where you're speaking may be just around the corner... So: have you thought about … [Continue reading]

Local advertisers: some new words to make your ads work MUCH better

words and phrases that work well in local advertising HTWB

In this article in the series for local advertisers, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. In other words here are suggestions for more powerful alternatives to the words and phrases which sadly have become clichĂ©s - and therefore have lost their … [Continue reading]

A Memorial Day everywhere this year

Memorial Day 2017 on HTWB

Monday May 29th, 2017 is a day of remembrance this year that has even more consequence and pathos than normal. Not only is this Memorial Day in the USA but also people in Europe and especially in England will be remembering the tragic loss of … [Continue reading]

Local advertisers: words and phrases that make customers groan

HTWB cliche

In this look at local advertising we're going to focus on the next favourite words used by well-meaning but non-savvy advertisers ... next, that is, after the famous first prize winner, WE (as in we-wee). This follows on from the last article which … [Continue reading]