Stand by for some good laughs … MISCHIEVERSE is out Monday!

Mischieverse chapter illustration

You've never seen words like this from me before ... but you'll love them, as long as you have a naughty sense of humor. Welcome to Mischieverse! My first ever collection of funny poems goes live Monday, September 18th - on all ┬áthe … [Continue reading]

How To Write Better: thank you, 2 million page viewers in the last 4 years!

2 millions page views for HTWB

More than 2 million page views in 4 years! Nothing could have made me happier than being greeted on my return from Canada (Sept 10th, 2017) to find that our humble How To Write Better (the REAL one) has exceeded the 2 million page view mark since … [Continue reading]

More lessons in how to write nonsense, by the UK Daily Fail

Funny caption about Donald Trump

Anther cracking selection of syntax and other grammatical howlers from the UK's favorite Malaprop Daily ... Why it's essential to proofread even when you're in a hurry to publish... Playful: The Eastenders star was seen to playfully cock her … [Continue reading]

“How can I become an author?” How we can help…

Agony Columns on How To Write Better

This question is a lot harder to answer than it is to ask! However here is what I wrote in response to Amelia, who posted on the HTWB Facebook page asking "how can I become an author?" What additional advice on becoming an author can we give … [Continue reading]

What it’s REALLY like to be a child

How to tell if you're getting old

In honour of "back to school" time in many countries this week... Many thanks to the original author of this piece that shares what it was like to be a child back in the dark ages of pre-WWW...of course we're all too young to remember those days, … [Continue reading]

N O – or rather, yes! English business jargon starting with N and O

More English business jargon demystified on HTWB - this time from N to O

Are you the sort of person who would take a "no brainer" "on a go forward basis?" Or would you "nuke" the idea and say "not on my watch?" More business and general English jargon, this time from N to O. English business jargon starting with N to … [Continue reading]