My secret writing hobbies … I’ve been outed, from rude poems to horses

Rude poems from Suzan St Maur

It all started a few years ago when a friend asked me to write a poem for his father-of-the-bride speech about his son-in-law-to-be, whom he loathed. I wrote one that seemed innocent enough to those outside the inner circle, but was a slight … [Continue reading]

Sheep jokes … no, not THOSE – funny ones!

clean sheep jokes

Sheep jokes have a dubious reputation due to many people's assumptions about what lonely shepherds and farmers get up to with them, but there is hope. Here are some sheep jokes that manage to be funny without even hinting at anything too rude. … [Continue reading]

Rolling the RRRs of English business jargon and slang…

Jargon and slang used for business in English

Do you rock when you rise and shine, or does someone have to reach out and railroad you? More of our ridiculous language's jargon and slang, for business and beyond. Railroad: to force, or at least to press, a project or process through to … [Continue reading]

Essay writing services that help students cheat: would you be proud of a degree earned this way?

Cheating at college by buying written essays

These cheating essay writing services people are so, so sneaky ... I thought I could smell them when they email me offering "guest posts," but I fell for this one who did actually write more or less what I suggested he do. Three things rang an … [Continue reading]

New book of very rude poems guarantees laughs to cure most problems

New volume of funny poems out this week on Amazon

Want relief from daily stress? Try this book - it's just the best. … [Continue reading]

More writing hilarity from the spam folder … you couldn’t make it up

Funny spam comments to make us laugh

Have you ever taken a look through the spam folder on your website? OK, it's mostly writing about cheap clothes, designer knock-offs, porno sites and so-on. But if you look closely there are also some hilarious's my selection to round off … [Continue reading]