How not to write signs in English…

SIGNS steek gently

With English being the utterly lunatic language it is, it's not surprising that our non-native speaking friends in other countries find it hard to get signs right for their English speaking tourists. Here are 44 of the most intriguing … [Continue reading]

How good, correct writing can get you a better job

HTWB job search

Are you looking for a new job? And has anyone told you that good, grammatically correct writing doesn't matter for a job "like this?" Well, they're wrong. Here's why, and here's how to get yourself ahead of the posse in the increasingly competitive … [Continue reading]

Ode to the sh… birds

HTWB Shite bird

You can't help admiring wild birds no matter how much they drive you crazy. Here are some humorous thoughts about the little feathered friends who cheer us up every day, even though the calling cards they leave behind can dissolve wooden fences, car … [Continue reading]

Business emails 101 – or SOS?

HTWB email Feb-17

Grabbing email readers' attention via email - even when you're not selling anything - gets harder and harder as every year goes by, as you know. Here are some ideas to convert from what may be your concerns as SOSs, into 101s. Below are some … [Continue reading]

Valentines Day love from the Grammar Police

HTWB heart

You can't say we don't celebrate romance here on #HTWB ... even the Grammar Police have, er, something to say about Valentine's Day. If you want an alternative to the schmaltzy goo that permeates February 14th, you're in the right place. … [Continue reading]

Why FRESH is such a lovely word…

HTWB peppers

Do you have a favourite word? One that sounds as good as it means? Here's one you might like to ponder - in verse, of course...on #HTWB FRESH Isn’t “fresh” a lovely word? Invigorates your faith in life Spices up those sounds unheard Chases ou … [Continue reading]