Local advertisers: words and phrases that make customers groan

HTWB cliche

In this look at local advertising we're going to focus on the next favourite words used by well-meaning but non-savvy advertisers ... next, that is, after the famous first prize winner, WE (as in we-wee). This follows on from the last article which … [Continue reading]

Local advertisers: key ways to p*ss off potential customers


What with we-weeing and more we-weeing being discussed at some length across the social media lately, with most comments and observations being positive and curative (!!) several readers have asked me to go into a bit more detail on the cringe making … [Continue reading]

Does your modern car bore you to tears?

HTWB racing Porsche

If you love cars - the older, grittier muscle cars and sleek creatures like single seaters and drag racers - you'll appreciate my sentiments in this rather rude look at most road cars we drive today. Enjoy, vroom, vroom. CAR BORES Why can’t a c … [Continue reading]

Content writing: curated articles that aren’t vanilla sh*t

HTWB serious

If you like to learn about creating better content BUT are fed up with the droves of boring, "vanilla," repetitive, useless articles that fill up the internet, stick with me. Here are a few that I think are excellent: I've learned from them, and so … [Continue reading]

How to optimize your blog’s images in 3 easy steps (and why you should)

HTWB optimization

Blog writers, in particular, often forget to optimize the images we use to illustrate our words - so losing some potentially valuable SEO traction. Yet with just a few simple key strokes you can benefit from greater Google visibility. To show us how, … [Continue reading]

An election song to sing to doorstep canvassers…

HTWB vote muppet

If you're in the UK you could be forgiven for saying you're sick to death of local elections, general elections, referendums, etc. etc. So here is a little ditty you can recite or sing to the next group of canvassers to land on your doorstep, … [Continue reading]