Colleagues driving you insane? New book of rude poems may help

New book of funny poems available from Amazon

Colleagues driving you insane? Here's poetry to cure the pain... … [Continue reading]

Help me celebrate today … Mischieverse is out. Hurray!

Launch of new book of funny poems by Suzan St Maur

No sh*t - it's here to stay... Mischieverse is out today! … [Continue reading]

Fed up with dear Trumpy’s spin? New book of hilarious adult poetry out tomorrow!

Mischieverse is published tomorrow

Fed up with dear Trumpy's spin? Try poetry to make you grin … [Continue reading]

Life and stuff a pile of fuckle? New book of hilarious rude poetry out Monday!

New book of hilarious poems, "Mischieverse," by Suzan St Maur

Life and stuff a pile of fuckle? Try poetry to make you chuckle … [Continue reading]

Stand by for some good laughs … MISCHIEVERSE is out Monday!

Mischieverse chapter illustration

You've never seen words like this from me before ... but you'll love them, as long as you have a naughty sense of humor. Welcome to Mischieverse! My first ever collection of funny poems goes live Monday, September 18th - on all ┬áthe … [Continue reading]

How To Write Better: thank you, 2 million page viewers in the last 4 years!

2 millions page views for HTWB

More than 2 million page views in 4 years! Nothing could have made me happier than being greeted on my return from Canada (Sept 10th, 2017) to find that our humble How To Write Better (the REAL one) has exceeded the 2 million page view mark since … [Continue reading]