Why not Why Not? DIY marketing comms quick tip…

Why it's not right to ask "why not."

In DIY - usually local - advertising you often see a line that says, "Why not check us out / come to see us / try our product or service /" etc. Back in the dark ages (well, in the late 20th century advertising days) we copywriting students were … [Continue reading]

Cowboy jokes to laugh ya clean outta town…

Funny jokes about cowboys

Most cowboy jokes are either very rude or not funny, but I've gathered together a few that make me laugh without making me blush much. Some are from one of my titles, "The Country-Lover's Joke Book." Hi-ho, Silver, and enjoy - ya … [Continue reading]

The difference between writing and wording: a guide for stupid penny-pinchers

Why cheap creative marketing resources are a piss-poor investment

Now that it's so easy to do your own marketing online, the value of soft-skills professionals has come into question. Welcome to the Idiot's Guide to p*ss-poor approaches as in the following... Who needs to pay professional videographers, for … [Continue reading]

Writing about yourself: how not to fall into the I-ME trap

Is it you and I or you and me?

One of the most common among classic writing (and speaking) grammar goofs is the I or ME dilemma, when I-ME does something with someone else. Without resorting to formal grammar jargon, here is a simplified but very easy to grasp illustration … [Continue reading]

Everything tourists want to, er, know about Australia

Funny misconceptions about Australia

Judging by these questions, you'd think Australia is on another planet. Some hilarious questions and answers ... original author unknown. With thanks to Malc Harding on my Facebook page, The Joke Street Journal, for bringing these to my … [Continue reading]

Editing your written work: how not to miss mistakes

How to edit your text properly

Today please welcome guest author Lucy Benton - originally from Illinois, USA and now resident of Sydney, Australia. Lucy is a writing and editing expert who also runs a superb blog, ProWritingPartner, which I thoroughly recommend as a goldmine of … [Continue reading]