Get your business jargon and slang down to a TTTTTT…

One in a series of articles on business jargon and slang

You may know what most of these terms mean, but their origins are often very surprising. Here is the penultimate in this series, all starting with the popular letter "T..." Take pot luck: (or take potluck) is usually thought to be related to … [Continue reading]

How to write a copywriting brief that gets you the results you need

How to brief a copywriter

There are two kinds of copywriters out there. One type will interview you and get you really thinking about your product or service offering, your target customers, and what they really want as opposed to what you think they should buy from … [Continue reading]

And it’s more written fun and games from the UK’s Daily Whoopsie…

Funny grammar mistakes in newspaper content

Yet more verbatim written quotes and captions from the UK's much-loved Daily Fail ... throwing grammar, syntax, spelling, geography and even sanity to the wind as usual. Despite being owned by billionaire Viscount Rothermere it seems they still can't … [Continue reading]

Does your writing get invaded by the CAPITALIZERS?

Why capital letters should not be over used

Do You Capitalise Every Word In Your Titles And Headlines? Or do you Capitalise Only the Nouns and big Words in Titles and Headlines? Or do you, perhaps, capitalise Common Nouns as well as Proper Nouns? OR DO YOU WRITE LONG PASSAGES ALL … [Continue reading]

How to make a small fortune out of horses…

Funny stoires and jokes about ponies and horses

...start with a large fortune...! If you or someone you know loves - or possibly hates - horses, here are some excerpts from an evergreen little book I wrote, The Horse Lover's Joke Book and its younger sibling, The Pony Lover's Joke Book. Some are … [Continue reading]

Now for some SSSSSuccesses in English business jargon and slang…

English business jargon and slang, letter S

If you spill the beans, you'd better shake a leg and sink or swim if you don't want to go stir crazy ... more fascinating origins of business and other jargon and slang in the crazy language called "English..." Screwed, screwed up: often used … [Continue reading]