Why network marketers are gagged from writing nearly everything

Welcome network marketer Jenny Hall, who shares an honest appraisal of how network marketers should go about promoting their wares – and how they can avoid being cited as the “bad guys…” Over to Jenny…

Why network marketers are gagged from writing nearly everything

Network marketing companies have to be extra-vigilant to ensure their promotional material is ethical and honest.

The marketing message disasters we see today…

Have you ever seen anything like this online? [Read more…]

Business writing stories from the coalface … getting naked on the WWW

I grew up in the two-dimensional communication era when we advertising copywriters would more or less size up our key consumers and then write to them … without their having any form of answering back other than perhaps writing letters to the newspaper in which an ad appeared, or to a broadcast station which would have transmitted a commercial.

Business writing stories from the coalface ... getting naked on the WWW

The way we communicate now initially made some of us feel like we were writing in our birthday suits …

The bad old days

Those days were such fun. Oh, don’t get me wrong; our work wasn’t just thrown out there ad nauseam. No, it was subject to intense marketing surveys and studies, most of which were useless.

Often our work, prior to its publication, was trialled in “Focus Groups” which were hugely popular in the 1970s/1980s and were peopled by “typical consumers” dragged in off the street. [Read more…]

The comma – don’t abuse its poor powers of arrest

commas,semi-colons,colons,blogging,business writing,English,marketing,business success,writing,copywriting,articles,PR,advertising,emailsDo you abuse the poor, unsuspecting, low-powered comma in your writing? Are you using it in the hope of stopping readers to focus on your next major notion, rather than as a means of separating much less critical thoughts? [Read more…]

The A-2-Z of business blog writing: A for Advertising

HTWB advertisingMany people still think their blogs are a good place to advertise their products and services. They are wrong. Why? Because blogs are about connecting with customers and prospects on a personal basis which is linked to your business relationship – not hard sell. [Read more…]

Business writing experience: worth a bit, or pile of sh*t?

small__4612873059People snigger, with justification, when you mention “experience” – largely because experience comes in two forms: e.g. 20 years’ real  experience? Or is it really 1 year’s experience repeated 19 times?”

This applies to blogging and writing for business every bit as much as it does to any other profession. For the purposes of this article/post (Artipost? Posticle?), other professions can deal with this as they want.

But how exactly does it affect writing for business blogs and other online content? [Read more…]

Business English Quick Tips: tautology


Business English Quick Tips

If you need to write for your job or business in English, these quick tips will help you succeed.

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