Grammar goofs: classic syntax attacks by the UK Daily Fail

A quick glance at the UK’s Daily Fail – especially on weekends when they leave the cleaners to write the stories – shows you just how ridiculous you look when you get the noun-verb relationships and other syntax wrong.

HTWB Kenny

“The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also shared another video clip while walking with her boyfriend Tyga, 27, in the gold one-piece bathing suit.” Tyga, your choice of swimwear is beginning to worry me.

Do you ever do this? Of course not…but just in case you might miss the odd goof, the following will ensure that you never make a tw*t of yourself as these Daily Fail writers do…

The latest grammar goofs from one of the UK’s most “popular” newspapers

Bling: Kim posted this image of the £3.5m ring that was stolen on Instagram before the robbery. I thought the ring was stolen during the robbery? [Read more…]

NOW will you listen to why good spelling matters?

If you still think good spelling doesn’t really matter in these informal online days, just take a look at this catalogue of stupid goofs.

But don’t laugh. Why? Because most of these images shared on social media serve only to remind us why if we want to be taken seriously, we need to get our spelling right.

HTWB spelling mistake are dangerous

This was on social media recently. Numerous jokes were made about “brians.” The poor lady’s message was forgotten.

If spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. are wrong, people tend to focus on that

And while they’re chuckling at a mistake, what else happens? [Read more…]

How to write better thanks to GSPS

A new form of satellite navigation system? No – a new formula to use to help you write better for your work, leisure or creative writing, as I originally mentioned in this article.

HTWB GSPS 01It’s simple, and it works because it’s simple.

Here’s how to use GSPS to help you write better…

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Latest unforgivable writing mistakes on social media last week…

What’s wrong with you guys? In the last week I have been online a lot, mostly because I’m at home recovering from pneumonia and catching up with my writing after a week in the hospital.

Could you write better than this?

And what do I find in social media posts, blog posts, emails, web text, etc., written by intelligent, educated business folks but the following … and trust me, these represent the tip of the iceberg… [Read more…]

Laughing WITH – not AT – National Grammar Day, USA

Although we in the non-USA regions of the English-speaking world may be festering in our glottal-stops and other abuse of the English language, today – March 4th – is National Grammar Day in the USA. Now before English-traditionalist Brits start throwing the toys out of their prams, remember that whether Brits like it or not the Yanks have kinda commandeered English to use for themselves.

Laughing WITH - not AT - National Grammar Day, USA

And it really is time you took another look at the lunacy of the Boston Tea Party and got over it, while we Canadians sit on our snowbanks and smirk while freezing off various parts of our lower bodies…

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The writing on the wall: Mediocrity is the New Black…

OK, let’s get the objections out of the way here and now. I’m a professional writer and the wrong side of 50.

The writing on the wall: Mediocrity is the New Black...But are those the only reasons why I get so irritated by sloppy, fault-ridden business writing that not only is cosmetically bad, but also is poorly structured and heaving with inaccuracies?

A while back the PR consultant working for one of my publishers sent me what I thought was a very early draft of a press release they were going to do about my latest book. [Read more…]