Why you should think twice about eating junk food…

A little poem I just cooked up to make you think carefully before ever eating junk food again. Warning: strong language in places.


Why you should think twice about eating junk food...Here is the latest in fancy fast food
A menu designed to inspire
Us all who would dine if we could find the time
But can only eat food on the flier. [Read more…]

How to be SMUG: a lesson in verse

As some of you know I love writing rude poems and here is one I penned while being a SMUG old cow in Canada recently…

How to be SMUG: a lesson in verseHow to be SMUG

Putting on weight?
Pants getting tighter?
The waist getting far too snug?
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Funny Poems on How To Write Better – Orange Shoes

Orange Shoes

HTWB brogues

This awful orange locomotion…

Such nice young men who seem to choose
Alluring jackets, suits and trews
But feet just shod in shocking shoes
Bright orange brogues, no matter whose.

In this good year, twenty sixteen
It’s hard to know why they’re so keen
To shock the eyes of all who’ve seen
Bright orange brogues, so painfully clean.

Suited now in browns or blues
With shirts and ties a Lord would choose
Matched with belts (and a few tattoos)
They mess it all up with those orange shoes.

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How to write poetically about the UK’s EU referendum

Here in the UK everyone is dying to (aren’t we?) go and vote, and decide whether the Brits stay in the European Union or leave it … so here is a simple ditty I have written for you and our lovely observers from around the world, in preparation for the monumental UK event called The Referendum.

How to write poetically about the UK's EU referendum

Just to ensure everyone with even a vague knowledge of English language culture can follow on, this oeuvre should be sung to the tune of popular children’s nursery song, Old Macdonald Had A Farm. These new words, however, are not suitable for the young or faint-hearted. [Read more…]

Does the word ICONIC make you tick – or sick?

If you agree with me that the word “iconic” has become a weensy bit hackneyed, join me in this poetic celebration…and Happy May Day Public Holiday tomorrow, if you celebrate that!

How to write better rude poetry, iconic

Forget your brain, just say the inane – and you’re sure to become iconic.


So many things in today’s world
Plain average, not bionic
Just get your face in a public place
And you’re instantly iconic.

If you puke and pee very publicly
And deliver that as a comic [Read more…]

Poets Corner: swearing in the 21st century

HTWB swear jarMuch as we focus hard on business writing here on HTWB I am encouraging us all to think poetically, partly of course because currently I am writing a book of incredibly disgusting verse.

This is to amuse us all over the winter Holidays and other occasions when conventional prudery tends to take a back seat.

But actually my poems aren’t that filthy. Honest. And here’s an example to set us in a good mood for the weekend… [Read more…]