How to make a great groom’s wedding speech

In some ways the groom has the easiest wedding speech of all – even easier than the father-of-the-bride speaker – despite the fact that he may have not slept for three nights beforehand worrying about it.

How to make a great groom's wedding speech

What about the main reason why you’re here?

Traditionally his role is to thank the father of the bride (or whoever has given this particular speech) for his kind words and to thank everyone responsible for organizing – and where appropriate, paying for – this amazing wedding.

He also thanks the other guests for turning up and for their generous gifts.

(No jokes about 18 toasters here; it could cause hurt feelings.)

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How to give a great wedding speech – 10 Quick Tips

If you read my recent article on how to deliver a great speech, you’ll know that it was the first in a series warming us up for the upcoming wedding season. Later on I’ll be going into each of the main traditional speeches, but for now, here are some general tips specific to wedding speeches, to get you in the mood.

How to give a great wedding speech - 10 Quick Tips1. The hardest part of giving a wedding speech is the anticipation of it.
As long as you have mapped out in your mind what you want to say, and if necessary have a crib sheet or some cue cards to refer to, once you get started the jitters disappear. Some people say that it’s good to get slightly nervous before you start giving your wedding speech because the rise in your adrenaline levels puts you in peak form to perform. [Read more…]