Why not Why Not? DIY marketing comms quick tip…

In DIY – usually local – advertising you often see a line that says, “Why not check us out / come to see us / try our product or service /” etc.

Back in the dark ages (well, in the late 20th century advertising days) we copywriting students were told never to use a line like that.

Why it's not right to ask "why not."

Why asking customers “why not” can turn them against what you’re offering

Why? Mainly because it’s too easy for a reader (or video viewer) to think and come back with something like “Because I don’t bloody-well feel like it, that’s why.”

Don’t present readers with a challenge in your writing

People today have become a lot more savvy about the ins and outs of advertising bullsh*t.

They no longer feel intimidated or even affected by advertising or promotion that they feel talks down to them.

Why not check us out?

“I may just have better things to do with my time, *sshole.”

Remember, as a potential customer, all I’m interested in is “what’s in it for me.”

Why not check you out? Because you haven’t yet established “what’s in it for me.”

And once I get there to your website or even to your bricks-and-mortar premises, I want to see and feel some strong evidence to show me why I’ve come to the right place.

Stop suggesting what I should do, and instead give me some good, solid reasons why I should check you and your business out.

Then I might look around and take you more seriously.

What SHOULD you be writing in your DIY marketing comms?

Basically, it’s all about recognising the fact that readers of your words / potential customers / existing customers / etc. really don’t care about what YOU think they should do.

What will work for them is information that inspires and attracts them without your trying to lead them by the nose using phrases like “why not try… etc.”

You also may need to think about offering an incentive to readers, so they have an even more valid reason to check you out further.

So instead of saying “Why not check out blah-blah-blah,” how about more positive approaches?**

For example … 

Click here to see how we’ve got a great customer choice for you

Around this coming weekend? Drop by to see us! You’ll be very welcome and will love our…

Try our (whatever) and find out just why so many other local customers (whatever!)

Click through to our website for some really helpful answers to many of your questions about … (whatever)

This weekend we’re offering XXXX … don’t miss your chance to find out more about …. (whatever)

…and so-on.

Bottom line in marketing writing … from a pre-internet era, but it’s still valid…

…never write anything that suggests to readers (like “Why not … etc.”) that you’re either..

a) Trying to direct them before they know/trust/respect you

b) Hinting that they don’t know their own minds enough to figure “where next” in their business quest

Instead, use a more respectful approach like I’ve suggested above**

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