What to write to negative commenters on social media

There’s a huge difference between the p*ss-spitting, troll-driven comments that proliferate like horse flies when you dare to express an opinion on social media that offends poor little snowflakes who are passionate about something or other … and someone disagreeing – seriously and respectfully – with a point you have made.

Disagreement - is it good or bad?

Cordial written disagreement on a topic can start a wonderful discussion

Let’s leave the former for us to talk about another time, preferably when I have had a really bad day and need an alternative to pulling the wings off live, er, horse flies.

As for the latter, though, it’s not always bad news. [Continue reading]

Write me une lettre if you plait…

There are bilingual countries, and then there are bilingual cities, and then there is Ottawa. (Canada.)

Writing in Canadian English - or Frech

Writing, reading and speaking in Ottawa, Canada is a muddle of French and English. Bonne luck…

Even though it’s situated in Ontario, just (a predominantly English-speaking province but with Québec just across the river), being the federal capital and therefore holier than thou, everything in Ottawa happens in both English and French.

All the same, Ottawa is surprisingly unstuffy. [Continue reading]

What to write to spammers

The first thought to cross our minds is, DON'T! Answering a spam email or comment only tells the spammer that you are a live link and they'll pester you forever afterwards. However there are times when you should throw caution to the wind and … [Continue reading]

Why I don’t mind writing that I’m going away

How to deter burglars

If you're about to go off on a vacation/holiday, it makes a lot of sense not to say so on your social media as you don't want to announce to the burglary community that your home will be empty and undefended for two weeks. Such is the advice given … [Continue reading]

13 handy, er, household hints…

humor about household tips

We spend so much time on the higher intellectual planes of work, internet etc ... but some good old common-sense advice is still, er, invaluable for the basic things in life. Forget the digital world: take this practical household … [Continue reading]

How to write for eBooks: factual, business-like, conversational?


Have you written and published an eBook lately, or are you thinking of doing one? Here's what Anika asked me recently about how to write eBooks: "I am used to writing fundraising bids which are factual and need evidence to support the relevant … [Continue reading]