Thinking of buying a book on how to write a book?

Here’s what the beta readers said about mine…

If you’re thinking about buying a book to guide you through the journey of devising, planning, writing and publishing a nonfiction book, I would recommend my new one.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“Love the narrative style, so live and speaks to me (I’ve often chosen to not read a book for the very reason of the narrative style not suiting me)… I very quickly get the impression you can actually help me get started. And I don’t have to gloss over terminology I don’t understand, as you’re explaining it. I feel I’m being guided to write ‘like me’ not what I think others want.”
V.L., counsellor and charity managerhow to write a brilliant nonfiction book“As someone with no experience of book authorship, I couldn’t have hoped for a more informative guide to the perils and pitfalls of writing and publishing – essential reading.
If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand through the process of writing a non-fiction book from start to finish, answer all your questions, and even ask you some searching ones, then look no further than this. [Continue reading]

Happy Jewish New Year – Shanah Tovah


“Can this year just stop already?” says Ryan Prior of CNN
Jewish New Year

A chance for us all to reflect and renew

“It’s a thought ricocheting around the world as we cope with Covid-19, quarantine, wildfires and hurricanes. Now it can.”

Rosh Hashanah, which marks the Jewish New Year, begins Friday, September 18. Even if you’re not Jewish, it’s a way to immerse yourself in parts of these rituals of renewal. Maybe God knows we all need a little renewal now.”

Wishing our readers a peaceful period of renewal and reflection

Happy New Year – Shanah Tovah – from us all at HTWB


Bubbles for the weekend…

funny poem about champgane

Your weekend smile ... another delightful poem by retired GP (Family Doctor) Andrea Kingston. Enjoy! Bubbles It seems I’ve mislaid my champagne (Yes I’ve been down the garden again) The last time ‘twas seen Was a space wide and green But … [Continue reading]

Are you a graduate looking for a job? Some advice from a clued-up cohort

article about graduates finding jobs

Please welcome our new columnist Yasmin Mattocks, recently in the job market after graduating from University with an English degree. In this article she shares her experiences and advice to anyone in similar circumstances... Life after graduation: … [Continue reading]

Why you won’t need me to help you write your nonfiction book

how to write a brilliant nonfiction book

. I'd love to help you write your book but frankly, with all my experience and skills having been poured into this book, you probably won't need me! "Suzan is full of knowledge and common sense so this book is a must have from the moment you … [Continue reading]

Not sure what to write about in your nonfiction book?

what to write a book about

If you want to write a nonfiction book to help promote your business, charity or other activity, you may find that - to start with - you don't have a clear idea on what content your readers would appreciate most. In this article, adapted from my … [Continue reading]