Bid writing – not as scary as you think

One of these days you may be asked to write a bid, whether you work in the commercial world, the public sector or even the third sector. Here we welcome bid writing expert Nicola Gordon-Thaxter CP APMP of NGT Associates Ltd, who shares her top tips with us now… 

Bid writing tutorial

Message from the President of the United States, to the two houses of Congress at the commencement of the first session of the Thirtieth Congress, December 7, 1847…

**Are you a small business owner who has to bid for new or existing contracts?
**Do you find it daunting, time consuming, perhaps a little bit scary?
**Bidding can be all of these things at times but you still have to win new work, right?

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Why English is a lunatic language – listen, learn and laugh

Have you ever tried to explain to a non-native English speaker how pronunciations in English are, er, a little difficult to understand?

English language humour

I’m just going to stop here and let you laugh as hard as I did when I first listened to this…

Here follows the most delightful and funny exposé of English language lunacy that I’ve heard in a long time.

English language lunacy only needs a short introduction

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Remembrance Day 2018

November 11th 2018

Remembering my grandfather, Major Crawford Mack Hercus, who served with the Canadian Forces in northern Europe in World War One Remembering my father, Captain Crawford MacGregor Hercus, who served with the Canadian Forces in northern Europe in World … [Continue reading]

Sue Bentley on writing fiction books: a famous author’s views

Writing books isn't easy by a famous author

Thinking of writing a fiction book? Here are some cold, hard yet still heart-warming facts about a successful writer's journey, by millions-selling children's author Sue Bentley whom I met at a recent book fair, and who kindly has shared her … [Continue reading]

How to write in body language

Writing in body language

Have you ever expressed regret about written communications because they don't allow you to "read" - and use - body language? I have, and many others appear to have done so as well. One of the most obvious places where the lack of body … [Continue reading]

So you want to write a book – listen and learn

vanity publishing versus professional self publishing

Have people told you that you should write a book? Do you feel you would like to write a book, but don't know how to go about it? Have you explored the idea of writing a book but been scared off by publishing scammers? The "So You Want To … [Continue reading]