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Although there are nearly 250 articles and tutorials about business blogging here on HTWB, we thought you’d like a reminder of the 10 posts readers find the most helpful of all…10 most helpful business blog posts on How To Write BetterBlogging for business goes in and out of fashion today, particularly as new platforms, apps and other means of communicating proliferate on the internet, diverting our attention away from the humble blog post.

But not for long. It’s interesting how, despite the periodic flutter away from it, blogging for business continues to provide us with a solid, reliable means of communicating with our readers and customers.

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Meanwhile, read on! Why? Most of all, it’s because no matter how attractive you may find all the various social media, they all contain vulnerability from your point of view. In other words, you don’t own the “real estate.”

You DO own your website and your blog. And that’s why your blogging matters so much.

The top 10 blogging-for-business posts here on How To Write Better

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1.How to write the bullsh*t out of your business blog posts

No, not the nicest terminology but you know how it is here … we’re pretty outspoken.

In this article we look at some of the pitfalls people experience when blogging for business and how to avoid them by writing in straight, uncomplicated terms.

And, your information has to be based either on your own expert knowledge, or that of others – by making sure everything is fact-checked your blog posts will always triumph over the hot air blasted by many people across many online platforms.

2.Evergreen business blog topics: why you never should get bored with them

When exploring the business internet you’ll often see articles and other mentions of “evergreen content.”

Essentially all this means is content, a.k.a. articles/videos/infographics etc. which don’t date. Or at least, don’t date as much as posts and comments about the latest wheeze that renders its predecessor redundant .

Evergreen content on your website and/or blog is valuable, but don’t let it just sit there.

Revisit it whenever you can and make sure it’s up to date, even if only in terms of prices, updates, add-ons, etc.

Google loves updates, so we’re told, so don’t be shy.

3.How to write better blogs for the realities of today

More about how not to be intimidated by the influx of super-bloggers and their opinions, no matter how crudely expressed.

On the other hand this article does encourage readers to write as well as they can, using our utterly confusing and bamboozling English to its best advantage.

Why? Not to please our probably long retired or dead English teachers, but purely because we need to make sure our business blogging is clearly understood … not only by fellow English speakers, but – with luck – non-native English speakers as well.

4.Blog posts: how long should they be? No sh*t?

Sorry for the rudity, but there has been soooo much controversy about the optimum length for business blog posts over the last few years that it has all become something of a joke.

Depending on whose articles / blog posts you read, and who you trust, you can be forgiven for thinking that anything from 300 to 2,000 words is about right for your blog posts.

Well, I tend to trust the internet gurus who say, “OK, yes Google might prefer long-form articles but at the end of the day you are writing for you customers, clients and other readers – not robots.”

Do what you feel is right for your readers.

This article explores the theories in more detail.

5. Anyone for business blogging? New balls, please

This article looks at the see-saw effect of “should we blog” or “should we blog at length” or “should we blog at all.”

It shares opinions (as quotes) from some of the wisest folks in business blogging today.

It also offers you a down-to-earth choice of what may not be the gospel according to Google, but will be the right thing for your business or other activity.

And, it talks some sense about what types of content are right for you.

6.Here’s some help to plan your blog posts for 2016

OK, as I write this we are halfway through the year, but this article covers 12 months’ activities that apply to every year.

It shares the key events that occur in any of our 12 months.

Many business bloggers find it useful to tie their posts into current affairs.

So these events are useful to keep handy.

Types if business most likely to benefit from this article are those in retail, gifts, seasonally related businesses, food and beverages, other B2C businesses.

7. Why Facebook blogging works for small business – equestrian training

We blogging “gurus” nearly always preach that you should publish your blogs on your own “real estate” (i.e. your own website or blog) first before sharing them on the platforms that don’t belond to you, for the simple reason that you have no control over whether those blogs are / remain published.

However, it has to be said that local businesses, in particular, can benefit from sharing blog posts, images, videos etc. directly to platforms like Facebook and gain a good following that way.

This article is a case study of one local business that has used Facebook very effectively to achieve useful traffic, clicks and conversions.

8. Why your next star blogger currently could be cleaning toilets

This article is addressed more to the slightly larger organisation where you may have a choice of who should blog, who shouldn’t, and why.

It’s all about who has the real feel of your business’s ethos and meaning, rather than who happens to have a snappy, glib way of writing.

It also addresses some companies’ ways of trying to economise on blog writing talent when the alternative of outsourcing to a professional external writer might be more cost-effective in the long run.

Someone like me, of course… 😉

9. What you’ve always wanted to know about blogging and never dared ask…

One of my own favourite articles which shares the knickers-off truth about blogging for business and the real abilities you need to achieve a good result.

I’m sure the blogging gurus, especially of North America, may feel I have over-simplified the whole process.

But because I believe simple is powerful, I rest my case.

Bonus? The way I look at blogging for business as expressed in this article, it can even be fun. Imagine that!

10. Business blog posts: 6 more ways to make sure they kick ass

Another of many articles here on HTWB that share tips on how to blog in ways that outshine blogs from your competitors and quite a few others.

Although the headline promises 6 more ways, in fact you get 12 … double your money!

This article covers a lot more that pure blogging, too. Here we look at curation

This is an incredibly valuable tool in your blogging armoury. And that’s just for starters.

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