1,000 articles on How To Write Better – time to celebrate!

Just over four years ago someone said “Suzan St Maur, you’re good at writing. I’ll help you set up a blog about it because you’re someone who can show thousands of people how to write better.”

HTWB 1000 articlesWith that to spur me on, I decided to create a writing resource for anyone who either wants to write for fun, has to write for business, or needs to write to get their messages over more effectively. And now?

Four years later we’re celebrating more than 1,000 articles, nearly 2 million page views (more, if you believe some of the stats) and some very kind commendations from loyal visitors.

How To Write Better is going strong

Today we’re celebrating the publication of more than 1,000 articles here on HTWB, most of which I have written, but with quite a few written by my wonderful guest columnists and contributors.

As a “niche” site, we’re not doing badly. We’re a PR3 in that rank, and we feature in Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop.com site as one of their top 300 social media sites worldwide.

We have also been shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards 2015.

More to the point, though, is that we’re getting 1,000 – 1,500 page views per day which for a little niche site  on how to write better, ain’t bad. I look though my stats and even now am fascinated to see where the visitors come from – must be a good proportion of our 190-odd countries. There are some countries I haven’t even heard of.

Now, thanks to these fab columnists

First of all let’s thank the columnists who have shared their incredible wisdom and insight…

Lynn Tulip for her excellent 20-part series, The Write Way to Get a Job – really popular with job seekers of all ages, based on Lynn’s successful book, Get That Job

Lucy McCarraher for How to Write Fiction Without the Fuss – brilliant 26-part series for up and coming novelists, which now has been turned into a top-selling book

Jackson Rawlings for his series on How to Write for Training, and also his valuable and often hilarious 20-part series on how university students should prepare for academic life and writing…

And the other amazing contributors

We’re incredibly lucky to have contributions from English language writers all over the world including the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

We also have contributions on how to write better from writers in both western and eastern Europe, and from the Indian subcontinent.

I hope I have covered everyone who has contributed so far but if your name accidentally has been left out, please let us know.

In alphabetical order…

Aaron Hopkins, Alana Munro, Alexandria Ingham, Bob Bly, Caroline McCormack, Carolyn Wolfe, Cendrine Marrouat, Charlotte Marrion, Claire Annals, Colin Ollson, Dan Smith, Darren Porter, David Hon, Emilia Sukhova

Hiten Vyas, Jade Mitchell, James Altucher, James Coakes, Jane Hatton, Jeremy Dent, John Butman, John Guinn, Jon McCulloch, Lilach Bullock, Lorenzo Matibag, Mandy Laughtland

Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Nadine Amore, Nick Ingram, Pam Mannell, Rhiannon Daniel, Sam Worthington, Sandra Miller, Simon Ellinas, Simon Raybould, Sondra Smith, Steph Barber, Taylor Lavati, Val Rainey

Thank you all for helping to create this little site of which I am so proud.

Where next for How To Write Better?

People often ask me, “how on earth do you find enough to write about to post four times a week?”

And I always answer, “there is always something new to write about words, speech and language.” And there is. Speech and writing evolve at the same speed as society does, and that’s pretty fast.

If there is anything you would like to read more about how to write better – whatever the genre or topic – just drop me a note in the comments.

Above all, many thanks to our loyal readers for trusting us to support your writing!