15 ways to get you writing brilliant business blog posts

small_2493066577Here’s a handy list of all 15 articles in the “What Can You Blog About” series here on HTWB. (Please let me know if there are any further topic areas you’d like to see included here, and we’ll include them!)

Each one contains loads of ideas and examples to fire up your blogging mojo and get you writing business blog posts your customers will love.

Just click on the headings to go to each one in full.

The news

Local, national, international media
Specialized/trade media
Monitor the Web
Google Alerts

Case histories

Demonstrate a learning point
Good stories
Allows customers to share their journeys and advice
Useful endorsement for you
Use topical angle where possible
The value of good quotes

Children and families

Business connected with children and families
Business not directly connected with children and families
But all these topics are covered in magazines
Making your take on the posts unique


Not for every type of business
Needs research
Relating to present day

Readers’ emergencies

Demonstrates your expertise
Big-time emergencies
Smaller emergencies
Advice they can use

How to write brilliant business blogs by Suzan St Maur

If you need some more help, you’ll find this book of mine useful – just click on the cover image above for more info. Print and Kindle.

Tips, checklists and countdowns

Tips – adjust number to overall words count
Checklists – action points not necessarily in order
Countdowns – points in chronological order
Way to repurpose earlier content

How other countries do it

Depends on your business
Equivalents in developed countries
Equivalents in developing countries
Use Google

The future for your readers

Speculating is enjoyable
Research realistically
Make predictions
Use common sense

Threats your readers face

Warn –don’t scare
Dangers of inferior products/services
Show how you help
Don’t knock competitors unfairly


Humor is popular
Tailor humor carefully to audience
How to find jokes
How to customize jokes
Using Google

Jargon busting

Nearly all businesses have some jargon
How to describe jargon
What jargon to describe
Get customers involved


Products and services
Always appreciated
Make sure it’s relevant
Always write in readers’ own “language”


People like to be interviewed
Not the same as case histories
Keep content relevant to readers
How to get a good interview

Health and safety

Relevant only for some businesses
Health and safety for business
Health and safety for families
General health and safety

Seasonal topics

Obvious seasonal topics
More subtle uses for the seasons
Major events
Regional events
Local events
How to customize your posts to seasons/events

Bookmark this page and keep it handy for the next time you’re looking for some inspiration for a great business blog post.


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  1. Brilliant list of ideas. I know writing business blog content and thinking about what to write can be difficult, especially for new bloggers, but this list really helps to get the creative juices running.

  2. Thank you for sharing this comprehensive list of ideas for blog posts, which will help me add a different dimension to my blogging. I especially like the ones concerning “threats your readers face” and “jargon busting” I have saved your post on my notebook at Evernote for future reference. Thank you!

  3. Hi Suzan,

    Thanks for writing this up. Great resource indeed. For me, case studies and images always make the cut. Readers nowadays are skimmers. Having more images will attract them to stay longer on the site 🙂

    • Hi Reginald – great to hear from you, all the way from Malaysia! I quite like case studies too as long as they quickly share the overall benefits to people reading them and are not just routinely factual accounts. Images are important too, and if you have a look through the articles on here you’ll see that I use them a lot. If you know how to search you can find some excellent material within the CC category. What sources of images do you use?

  4. Excellent list of ideas. I always find a creative ideas and information for write a blog, now your post has become one of my favorite list for ideal writing. And sure i bookmark it now…Thanks

  5. This is great. Do you mind if I share this on my site? I will write up a quick post and then link back to this page. There is a lot of good stuff here, and I like how you expand on it.




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