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If you’re a meeting or training organiser in the southern half of England or southern Ontario, you might be interested to know that Suzan is now offering her popular workshops and speaking topics to a much wider audience … and just loves to inspire people with her skills, experience and down-to-earth humour that shares right-on useful information and expertise in an entertaining and highly effective way.

Her workshops – and even her mini-workshops which can happen in an hour or less – engage every participant and get everyone talking about the topics in the bar or café long after the formal stuff finishes. Not only do participants learn from Suzan; also, they learn from each other – by far the best possible combination to ensure they get true, lasting value from the event.

And what qualifies Suzan St Maur to lead business writing workshops?

Here’s the pompous bit, but it’s all true.

“Canadian born, UK-based Suzan St Maur is a trained journalist and copywriter and has worked across a wide spread of writing genres since the 1980s, as well as writing more than 30 published nonfiction books – two of which have been organic Amazon No.1 category best-sellers for several years. She delivers unique written content and editing for business/general nonfiction, gives workshops and talks on business writing and blogging and helps people produce more effective blogs and other content, web text and books of their own.”

For more about Suzan’s work click here, and for more about her in general, click here.

Currently offering live workshops, seminars, talks and training in England and Southern Ontario, Canada – contact Suzan on to discuss other locations

“Made me think, reflect and actually take time to think what my clients want and need, and how I could help them have a great experience using my services.”
Sarah Wilkins, Consultant Solicitor
Setfords Solicitors,

“Well organized, very considerate to participants, excellent ideas of topics for blogs and the emotional link.”
Dr. John Beaumont-Kerridge, Sub Dean International
University of Bedfordshire Business School,

How to make your personal brand more powerful

Half-day interactive workshop

In this workshop you will learn some very handy tips to take your personal brand to a new level. We cover live business networking and how to make the right impressions F2F, plus what to do and say to form good relationships that lead to new business and referrals. Beyond that we look at converting these good impressions into the written word (online and offline), and into video and audio, so providing your business with the best possible basis for success, growth and profitability.

The session includes a number of entertaining exercises along with chaired group discussions, as well as spoken theory from Suzan. Topics include:

The right way to answer the question, “what do you do?”
How to use the “so-what” test
Why stories work better than saying you’ve been “busy”
How to engage others in conversation

The 60 second elevator pitch
Making your 60 second pitch more memorable
When a series of 60 second pitches works better
Writing your 60 second pitch in the first person

Writing for your audience in their language
Converting your 60 second pitch to 3rd person for written work
Brief introduction to blogging
Posting on social media

Easy to shoot does not mean easy to make you look good
How to prepare for a video
Stories, demonstrations and cutaways (good and bad!)

For more information contact Suzan on or call +44 (0)7767 354 090.


How and what to write for your business blog

Half-day interactive workshop

How do you open up that magic, potentially profitable world of blogging? It’s not rocket science. But it does take a little bit of “thinking outside the box.” That’s why this workshop is so helpful: the way Suzan’s whole process is designed gets participants thinking correctly and strategically. This way they understand what they need to be writing about, what their customers/readers want to know about, and how to get that information over in a way that builds relationships – that lead to sales.

The session includes a number of entertaining exercises along with chaired group discussions, as well as spoken theory from Suzan. Topics include:

How to get to know your audience as well as you know yourself, so you always choose topics they’ll find interesting
View your business and topics objectively so you see them (and write about them) from the readers’ point of view

Create a business blogging strategy that keeps your objectives in focus
Move beyond the more traditional style of blog posts and open up whole new areas of interest to your readers

Brainstorming in a different way, so you “connect the dots”
Learn how to create ongoing series of blog posts
Possible conversion of series into a complete book

Worry less about how to write and focus on creating a written conversation with your readers
Tricks and tips to overcome “writer’s block”
If you can’t write, speak
Touch typing, voice recognition apps and other aids

For more information contact Suzan on or call +44 (0)7767 354 090.


Short talks, discussions and mini-workshops

Meeting content and talks

If you need someone to give a short talk after lunch or during a business meeting … set the mood for a business breakfast session … provide entertaining and useful content for a motivational conference … chair a breakout session from a larger event … contribute to training activities … or any other appropriate need … here are some short topics Suzan talks about, that you might find useful.

Originally designed by Suzan to use to perfect clients’ elevator pitches, the SO-WHAT? TEST™ can be used to test out almost any business proposition by helping participants drill their thoughts and words down to what’s really going to work well for them. Or not…

Everyone’s blogging these days, or so it seems. Yet much time and effort is wasted on blogging that’s wrong for one reason or another. As a prolific business blogger herself, Suzan shares the realities of blogging that works, as well as numerous tips and shortcuts.

Nearly all of us in business have to stand up and reveal all in 60 seconds at networking events and other business meetings, and many people find doing it about as much fun as a root canal procedure. Here Suzan shares some ideas and tips on how to make it painless.

Many people say they can’t write, but the truth is if you can talk, you can write – it’s just a case of using words in a different way. Suzan has helped dozens of clients get over their fear of the blank page or screen and shares some useful tips on how to conquer “writer’s block.”

Each social media platform has a different remit, a different audience, and a different style. Not all are right for someone’s business, but some usually are. Here Suzan discusses the different platforms and how to phrase posts and updates so they fit in, as well as stand out.

With most business people getting dozens or even hundreds of emails each working day, it’s hard to get them noticed, never mind acted on. Suzan shares some tips and advice on how to get a message noticed and read, and lead to the right next step from the recipient.

For more information contact Suzan on or call +44 (0)7767 354 090.

Showing you how to make your words work better

Suzan St Maur


About Suzan St Maur – best-selling author, author coach, book publishing and marketing consultant

Do you have a great idea for a book, but don’t know how to go about writing and producing it?
Does writing a book seem a lovely idea, but such a large project is a bit scary – especially if it’s your first one?

Get your book written and published - without the scams

That wonderful feeling when your new book is actually published and out there…me with my latest.

Do you wonder if there’s an audience for your book idea, and how to tailor it to appeal?
Have you explored the idea of using a book publishing service but been scared off by publishing scammers? (And there are many…)

The help you need to write your book and get it out there

The bad news, is that writing a book today just adds to the millions of books out there all fighting for attention on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other online outlets, plus the few large bricks-and-mortar outlets that still manage to keep their heads above water.

The good news, is that there are now several more ways to publish a book and none of them carry the old-fashioned stigma of “vanity publishing. [Read more…]

Who’s in Toronto next month?

Toronto,blogging workshops,meetings,Suzan St Maur,September

The purple pimple on the left is the magnificent Rogers Center. The hypodermic syringe is the CN Tower … and yes, we HAVE heard all the jokes about it being the largest free-standing erection in North America.

Typical, isn’t it? You pick a date to go off on a working vacation and within minutes, every one of your clients has an urgent job that can’t possibly wait until you get back. [Read more…]

Writing for business in the third-age: old? No, new.

People in the “third-age” who are running businesses are not old f*rts. In fact many of them are new entrepreneurs.

When I go home to Canada every summer I work a lot with my good friend and colleague Trudy Van Buskirk – a stalwart women-in-business coach and networker, founder of a number of online and offline business networking groups in Toronto. And just to make the challenge a bit more interesting she also a) is the wrong side of 60 and b) has disabilities.

Writing for business for third-age entrepreneurs on HTWB

Thanks to the internet it’s very easy for anyone of any age to keep bang up to date with their chosen business or industry.

What has struck me over the last few years of leading blogging and business writing workshops for Trudy and her clients are the high levels of energy, enthusiasm, business acumen, hunger for further learning and downright grit that all of these people pour into their businesses. [Read more…]

Why the dear old business blog’s still alive – and kicking butt

Have you ever wondered why the humble business blog is still the powerful marketing communication tool it was years ago?

Although we’ve seen dozens of digital entities rise up and faceplant months (or even weeks – remember “Blab?”) later, why is it that the humble blog is still in there fighting your business’s corner, establishing your brand and driving traffic to your website?

Why business blogs still work on HTWB

Business blogs today have a robustly successful history that – in online terms – is truly ancient. Why?

Here are some notes from a workshop session I led recently in England, where we looked at the basic strengths of the business blog within the current marketing communication mix. After the event I thought these notes, with a bit of editing, would make a useful summary of where business blogs are today after a history that – in online terms – is truly ancient…

Business blogs may be a bit battered, but they’re still hanging in

[Read more…]

How to get your nonfiction book published – choices

If you want to choose a publishing route to take your book to market, this interview I did recently with sums up my views pretty thoroughly.

Suzan St Maur on Bookemon.comHaving had 31 nonfiction books published so far – 20 of which were published traditionally with some subsequent ones self-published as eBooks, and the last one self-published in print and Kindle – I’ve learned quite a bit about contemporary publishing generally and was grateful to Bookemon for appreciating that.

Unlike so many non-traditional publishing businesses, Bookemon emerges as a trustworthy resource and although I have yet to produce a book with them, I believe that they do offer a credible and fair service.

Here’s how the interview went: you’ll find it helpful… [Read more…]