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Writing wedding speeches: a sample chapter for you

Welcome to this sample chapter from Wedding Speeches For Everyone!

Wedding rehearsal dinner speeches

Increasingly the (originally US) custom of a formal dinner following a wedding rehearsal is coming over to Europe and beyond. The rehearsal dinner usually happens after the rehearsal itself the day before the wedding, and includes all members of the wedding party plus a few close friends and family.


Some people really let rip and have a totally informal wedding rehearsal party … but don’t push it unless you’re sure the majority of the guests will appreciate it!

In the UK and Europe families often do get together for dinner the night before the wedding, but it tends to be on a more informal basis. If people have travelled some distance or don’t finish work until late the thought of having to get dressed up and attend a formal occasion the night before an even bigger formal occasion isn’t always popular among some of the guests, at least.

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However this may well be changing and the rehearsal dinner, as an excuse for another somewhat more formal party, is becoming more popular in many Western countries. As this is a book about all wedding speeches everywhere, let’s take a look at those for rehearsal dinners and see how they work … for everyone.

Toasts, not speeches (in other words keep ’em short)

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Wedding speeches for everyone

book about wedding speeches

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At long last, a book about writing wedding speeches that are bang up to date – not still based on the traditional roles from the last century or two, although there’s plenty of advice on how to do those well if they are your choice.

Added to that, though, are speech ideas for all the women in your family and circle of close friends … your children, both adult and younger … and of course, partners, friends and families of same-sex marriage partners.

Interestingly enough as of today’s date, there are no other books on Amazon or elsewhere that I can find, and I have been researching… that cover such a wide spread of wedding speech makers in as many social circumstances as I have included.

Although this is an eBook it’s not a short one. In all it runs to more than 90 single-spaced A4 pages, nearly 25,000 words which is just over half the length of an average business or self-help paperback book.

In fact I had to restrain myself with this book as there was so much more I could have shared … maybe in the next edition which I will produce and publish as a full-length book if you folks decide you’d like that!

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And here’s the list of chapters…something for (almost) everyone!

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Don’t wonder what to say in your wedding speech!

All the tips, ideas, advice and guidance you need are here in this eBook

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…A brilliant speech for everyone!


Chapter 1
Speeches for the non-traditional roles:
**Both grooms
**Mother of the bride/groom
**Grandmother/grandfather of the bride/groom
**Other male and female friends and family
**Daughter or son of the groom / daughter or son of the bride (adults and youngsters)
**Best woman/daughter/son/friend
**Numerous other variants

Chapter 2
The traditional roles if you want to stick to them:
**Father of the bride
**Best man

Chapter 3
Speeches for wedding rehearsal dinners: several different speaker roles and why what they say is different

Chapter 4
Planning – the foundation of success of any wedding speech and how important it is to work well with the other speakers

Chapter 5
Preparation – the more you do, the better you’ll be: this may sound boring, but it is so, so worth it

Chapter 6
Humour – how to make it work well for you: not an easy one but here we establish what works and what doesn’t and how to judge your own circumstances

Chapter 7
Poetry – how to use it creatively: think you can’t write simple poetry? Of course you can and will, with this help

Chapter 8
Rehearsal and delivery – very basic but essential public speaking tips (that will work for you beyond this wedding, too)

Chapter 9
If all else fails and the dog eats your notes…don’t panic! Here’s a brilliant fire-fighting solution that will save you and the wedding, too…

Further reading
If you have more time, here are some great, detailed resources you might find very helpful

End piece
A (very ) short note of encouragement and congratulation from Suze

About the author
A (very) short piece about Suze herself if you’re interested

Writing speeches for the wedding rehearsal dinner … sample chapter

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Happy reading – and have a wonderful wedding!

Wedding Speeches For Everyone final cover

Wedding speeches: help! The dog ate my notes and the wedding is today…

If your dog or someone else’s devours your wedding speech notes, what the hell do you do at the last minute? Panicking won’t help, but this article will. Read on, and relax.

Last minute wedding speeches for everyone

Doesn’t look like a speech-notes eater, does she? But don’t be fooled … and anyway here’s what to do if she does.

You may laugh, but dogs do eat notes: I have four furbabies who gobble paper at astronomic speed. In their youth they have been known to eat anything from my own speeches and talks scripts to various articles of my clothing, especially shoes. In fact if ever I am missing a shoe all I need do is walk down the garden to a certain spot where my Gordon Setter (see photo) has a favourite den and hey presto, there it is. Chewed to smithereens.

However, back to business. It’s the morning of the wedding … [Read more…]