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Wedding Speeches For Everyone: great new eBook out very soon!

UPDATE April 14th, 2019 Coming very soon: a brand new eBook: Wedding Speeches For Everyone will be an instant download with perfect speech ideas not just for the traditional wedding roles but for everyone among your friends and family who may want to give a speech … even at the last minute.

Wedding Speeches For Everyone new eBook

Coming very soon: en eBook to help you and yours create wedding speeches everyone will remember! Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

Whatever your role in the wedding, there’ll be speech help for you in this handy eBook. There’s no waffle (I’ve been giving the manuscript a good haircut so you get straight to what you need) and I’ve included a few other useful tips and bits of advice that will make a big difference to your speeches. [Read more…]

Wedding speeches: help! The dog ate my notes and the wedding is today…

If your dog or someone else’s devours your wedding speech notes, what the hell do you do at the last minute? Panicking won’t help, but this article will. Read on, and relax.

Last minute wedding speeches for everyone

Doesn’t look like a speech-notes eater, does she? But don’t be fooled … and anyway here’s what to do if she does.

You may laugh, but dogs do eat notes: I have four furbabies who gobble paper at astronomic speed. In their youth they have been known to eat anything from my own speeches and talks scripts to various articles of my clothing, especially shoes. In fact if ever I am missing a shoe all I need do is walk down the garden to a certain spot where my Gordon Setter (see photo) has a favourite den and hey presto, there it is. Chewed to smithereens.

However, back to business. It’s the morning of the wedding … [Read more…]

10 tips for women to make great wedding speeches

More and more these days, we’re breaking away from the traditional all-male line-up of speech makers and women are making wedding speeches, too.

10 tips for women to make great wedding speeches

No women would have spoken at this US wedding nearly 100 years ago … but times have changed.

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If you’re due to give a wedding speech soon, ladies, here are some tips you’ll find very helpful…

[Read more…]

Wedding speeches: Mom or Grandma? Make a speech that wows them

Mothers and other “older” female relatives are in an envious position when wedding speeches are called for, if only because you can get away with being funny, romantic, sentimental or even downright soppy.

Wedding speeches: Mom or Grandma? Make a speech that wows them

The fact that many mothers of the bride/groom or even grandmothers of the bride/groom are not only doting mumsies but also chief executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, charity fundraisers, or any one of hundreds of other such un-soppy activities, escapes most wedding audiences entirely…

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Wedding speeches: need to give one? Here’s some help!

No matter how many etiquette books and speech guides (even mine!) you might read, once you’re up close and personal to a wedding date and you’re due to give a speech, you need some basic, down-to-earth advice on what’s required. So, here it is.

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Who says what, and when?

To a certain extent this depends on a) if your wedding is a religious one and if so what the traditions are for your religion and culture, and also b) what your personal preferences are. However let’s assume you want more or less to follow current Western culture and schedule the speeches accordingly. Here’s how it goes in the old-fashioned way, and in this order… [Read more…]

How to write speeches for a same-sex wedding

Having written quite a lot about speeches for almost everyone in “conventional” weddings, I have been asked many times for some tips on writing speeches for same-sex weddings.

wedding speeches at same-sex weddings

If you are making a speech at a same-sex wedding the most important homework you can do is to research your audience very carefully

At first glance that may seem a reasonable question. But having attended a number of same-sex weddings as well as bi-sex weddings, I find that one fact springs up at me time and time again, like the handle of a rake I just stepped on.

That is, what the hell difference is there? Weddings are about two people who love each other who want to formalise their relationship and share that with their families and friends. End of. Did I miss something here?

Anyway still, in some social circles, we’re expected to regard same-sex weddings as, er, different … until such time as everyone gets on with the fact that they’re not. It’s true to say that such things are changed for the better via evolution, not revolution. [Read more…]