A day in the life of a blog writing animal nut


Ozzy, a very furry furry

Lots of blogging “experts” advise you that to write about a day in your life will absolutely rivet your readers and have them beating down your door for more.

Consequently I have taken their advice and shared my typical day here.

Be warned: iffy language and some danger of laughter. Prepare to be riveted…

We start at the beginning

1.Once you have dogs and cats, particularly when some are getting old, you can kiss gentle sleep-in mornings goodbye.

2.StMoo (as I’m known to friends and bovine enemies) starts the day with anywhere up 24 furry feet stomping on her abdomen not long after dawn, demanding wee-wees and breakfast. Expletives, usually consisting of two words connected with sex and travel with the second word being “off,” ensue.

3.Five minutes later: gets up, attends to medical and other appropriate issues. Dogs and cats chase each around bedroom, building up a frenzy.


Breakfast. NOW.

4.Ten minutes later: 26 feet rumble down stairs. StMoo steps on decomposing mouse entrails. Swears. All proceed to kitchen. 2 x 2 furries (canine) remain on floor, 4 x 4 (feline) line up on kitchen counter. 6 pairs of eyes drill into back of StMoo’s head. St Moo prepares breakfasts and serves. Makes cup of tea, enters (home) office, boots up SAD lamp, other lights, and desktop.

5.Reads through 100 or so emails, checks HTWB, promotes own new post, goes around social media sharing others’ posts, commenting, thanking others for their shares and comments, generally being a good cyber-citizen.

6.Sometimes: gets into car, drives to breakfast meeting. Enjoys cooked English breakfast (but not the black pudding – yuk), networks, listens to speaker. Sometimes IS the speaker, so networks later.


7.Shrieks fire and damnation at dogs who nose up under StMoo’s elbows saying “we’re bored.” Leaves desk, exits house into (large) garden and runs around with dogs, or takes them up into the fields to tire them out. Comes back into house, shoves vile-smelling pig’s ear into each dog’s mouth and retires back to desktop.


Spot the StMoo…

8.Writes. Works. A lot. Or, goes to meeting, often to Oxford (England). A 90 minute drive, heavy traffic, heavy meeting, heavy work, but gratifying. Or, gives workshops at nice venues with great participants. Energizing, inspiring, immensely gratifying too. And then, some Skype blog writing intensive sessions … hard work and a lot of fun. Plus writing, writing, writing.

9.Late p.m. Checks emails. 200 or more. Faints. Recovers, works through them all. Gets barked and miaowed at. Feeds all 6 furry mouths. Works some more. Opens freezer, swears, pulls out something vaguely healthy, stuffs into oven. Eats. Kicks dogs out for wee-wee. Goes to bed and snores.

And weekends?

10.See 1 – 4 above

11.Leaves home around 08:00 hrs


Dressage (posh version)

12.Around 08:30 hrs arrives at horse show arena. Parks up. Devours huge, greasy bacon burger from catering van, walks to judge’s trailer, patting horses on the way.

13.Spends day writing. By hand. For a dressage judge … taking dictation … judge’s comments and marks for each movement, then scoring and finalizing

14.Goes home, does student son’s laundry, thinks about writing career, remembers late mother’s wise words, “all you do is write – you should get a proper job.” Bangs head hard on wall, clears furries off bed, gets in, goes to sleep.

What is a typical day in your  life? Please share that with us!

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photo credit: Bob Haarmans via photopin cc




  1. Thank you for making me laugh….it sounds so wonderful to have such a great group of furry friends..

    • Welcome Lynda! Good to see you here. Yes, it is wonderful to have a great group of furry friends, but there are times when great is not the adjective I would use… e.g. when one of them brings in a live rabbit, lets it go, and they all try to hunt it down at the same time…!!

      Hope you’re finding the help you need here on the site – check out the categories in the sidebar on the right >>>>

  2. Great daily work-out StMoo. 🙂
    Keep up the writing and sharing your observations with us. Them dogs & cats can’t do without you either.

    • Loved your day, St. Moo. We have a furry of each variety. The big black lab loves to leap onto the bed in the morning. Because of side of bed (only a double), this makes for a tight squeeze. The dog is in love with the other one (who happens to be a Brit) and not me. I’m tolerated until Sr Brit takes a trip, then I move up the ladder and become briefly adored. The cat is a nutbar and streaks through the house, chasing imaginary marauders through the house at top speed. All day. He also likes to disconnect the computer wires, but only when I’m on deadline.
      The horse shows sound like fun. You are a busy mama.

      • Thanks Jane! I used to have a lovely black lab called Boswell … he loved to jump up on the bed, too. And it’s funny about your cat disconnecting the computer wires – my big dog (Gordon Setter) regularly sits on the main electrical connecting box under my desk and gives me heart failure as I think my wheezy old desktop has finally died. Then I see what she has done and plug everything back together again…

        Are you in Ontario, by any chance? I recognize that area code on your website… I’m originally from Kingston ON…!

        • Hi Susan – yes, Peterborough, in fact. Our lab, Olive, leaps up and basically it’s a game of one rolled over and another fell out…I tend to give up and get up at that point, so that master and lab can enjoy a snuggle.
          I keep getting folks from Peterborough, England, following me on twitter (for a while)…was last on your side of the pond many years ago and still dream of going back.

          • Aha, was near Peterborough in the summer, Jane! Drove across from near Collingwood to Ottawa and took the “scenic route” rather than being sensible and dropping down to 401! Olive sounds like a true Daddy’s Girl…

    • Thanks Lynn … we have the dubious pleasure of a seventh pair of furry eyes this week, Zoe the Jack Russell Terrorist a.k.a. The Poison Dwarf who hails from Burgess Hill down the road from you! So far an uneasy truce has been declared but she does love to put the cats up trees…could be a lively week.

  3. I’m knackered just reading this 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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