A sensible guide to SocMed writing success

Heaven only knows I am NOT an expert in the technical aspects of Social Media, but I have been chatting on the cyberwaves for about 15 years now (going back to Compuserve days … anyone remember them?) and have picked up a few pointers you might find helpful.

Across those years I’m delighted to say that I have made hundreds if not thousands of acquaintances (known on SocMed platforms as “friends” but perhaps erroneously) many of whom have become real friends and not just in the “cyber” sense … also in the actual, human, face-to-face variety.

And these are people not just from my own residential patch in the UK , but from all over the place – for example my good pal and fellow writer the incredibly talented Barbara Grengs in Minnesota, USA, and my Philippines-based food and drink guru, Sam Worthington, who teaches us gastronomic delights, how to write restaurant reviews and also shares some cracking fiction.

I have met them (and numerous others) online and went on to visit with them and secure forever friendships with them despite our living thousands of miles apart. Also I have gone on to do business with many of them which has benefitted all parties concerned. Thank you, internet, you have enriched my life in a way that previously would have been unthinkable.

So what are the drawbacks?

Critics of online Social Media grunt about the fact that you can pretend to be someone quite different from what you actually are online and get away with it. But in a business or even social context it doesn’t take long for the phonies to emerge as precisely what they are, and be dumped promptly by the people they seek to engage.

In the meantime, people who might be shrinking violets in F-2-F life find new vitality in the online environment because a) they don’t have to expose any part of their personalities or even appearances other than what they choose to expose and b) they can express – in writing – what they think and feel without the interruption of immediate judgment.

Aha, but what about SocMed for business?

See all of the above, really. Social Media for business lays participants open to examination and criticism just as much as would be the case in a purely social context. But equally it allows people’s views to be read in their entirety before anyone has the chance to shout them down.

The upside is that even in a business/marketing context, your readers online do not expect you to be “a faceless voice” of your company or organization. They expect only that you share with them what you have to offer in an honest way, pointing at the benefits – the “what’s in it for them” element.

As I’m sure you have been reading all over the internet recently, SocMed communications and their associated spin-offs are where it’s at now in terms of promoting your business interests as well as those of your social activities, hobbies, and who knows what else.

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