A true story to end Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Every now and again you have an experience like a random act of kindess that restores your faith in human nature, don’t you?

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Random acts of kindness are wonderful. Let’s build on them so they are no longer just “random.”

Last week I went to a small town in central England to meet a very dear friend, a fellow author, for a social lunch and catch-up.

My SatNav directed me to within spitting distance of where I needed to go but looking around I realised I was in a small housing estate (sub-division). I got out of the “truck” (old SUV) and wondered what to do next.

A smiling face locked eyes with me and said, “you’re lost?”

“Yes – I need to get to (name of coffee shop).”

“I know it well. It’s a great place – you’ll love it. Great food, too. You can’t park here because it’s residents only but look over there – there’s a space in the visitors’ area.”


“Now you go and park, then come back up here and I’ll walk you up to your coffee shop.”

“But you’re busy!” I could see from her front garden and driveway that she was either moving in, or moving out.

“That’s OK! It’ll only take a minute.”

“Seriously? But you’re busy moving house?”


A horsey connection: more powerful than the internet itself

I went to the truck and, having seen a sign on its cargo door saying “Slow Down For Horses” she shouted, “oh, do you have horses?”

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“Moi” on the delightful ID mare”Willow” with son Tom – a, er, few years ago – on the poisonous and therefore inapproprately named Welshie Section A, “Sweetie.”

“Sadly not any more,” I shouted back, “but I help judge dressage and combined training events.”

With that she pulled out her phone, skipped over to me and called up some photos. “I’ve got a thoroughbred and a New Forest pony,” she grinned.

Looking at the screen I saw what I assumed was her putting a handsome chestnut horse over a rather large jump. Then I saw some photos of the pony, too.

Cut to me having parked in the correct spot and my new friend – whose name is Ceri, so I discovered – asked what I was doing in the town.

“I’m an author,” I said, “and I’m here to have lunch with a great friend who is also an author.”

“Wow!” twinkled Ceri. “What’s your name? Have I heard of you?”

Probably not, I thought, but then I had an idea that might have resonated with her. “Maybe – I once wrote a book called The Horse Lover’s Joke Book which has sold around 50,000 copies.”

By this time we were outside the coffee shop and she was bubbling with excitement. “Right!” she said. “I’m going to go on to Amazon and buy one today!”

What a sweetheart, I thought. Then as we were about to go our separate ways she gave me a big hug, and trotted back off down the alley.

After a lovely long lunch with my friend I bought a card, wrote a thank-you in it, and posted it through Ceri’s mailbox on the way back to my car.

I still can’t believe how kind she was. She is a star – and wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were more people around like her.

And there’s more…

Having first posted this story on my personal Facebook page, another friend of mine who keeps horses commented that she thought she knew this lady who also keeps horses and answering those descriptions, on the same yard where my friend’s horse is kept.

Soon someone else who has horses said the same thing. And sure enough, there she was on Facebook – the very same Ceri!

The wonders of social media and how it can do good

Even the mighty Facebook couldn’t match the power of the Horse Mafia Grapevine…

What good experiences have you had with random acts of kindness recenty?

Please share!