A wordoid in your ear…

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Lost for words? Not with wordoids, so it seems

Having trouble thinking up a good name for your product, service, domain, etc.? Here’s a solution – in a word, Wordoid.

No, I don’t get paid by them or have an affiliate relationship or a nice set of free garden furniture in exchange for writing about them.

I just think it’s a very good idea.

Many thanks are due to my good friend and colleague Cendrine Marrouat who recently wrote about Wordoid on one of her excellent blogs, and this is how I found out about it. To quote Cendrine’s description of the service…

WORDOID is a free service that helps you create short and catchy names for pretty much anything. It is very easy to use.
Select the language of your choice
Enter the keyword you want to use (up to 10 letters, no space) in the “Pattern” box
Choose the maximum length and quality of your wordoid
Decide where in your wordoid you want the key word to be – i.e. beginning, middle or end
Click the “Create Wordoid” button.
WORDOID also displays availability information for domain names in .com or .net. Red means “taken” and green stands for “available”.

Simple, huh? Now for some examples including available domains

Needless to say the first word I tried out was “blog.” Within the first 45 front-end choices nearly all domains had been taken, but from there on I could have had…

blogised.com and .net

…and a good few others I liked. The system was still plodding on with options past the 150 mark, too.

Next I tried putting “blog” at the end of the wordoid. Favorites here were…

suitablog.com and .net
desirablog.com and .net
remarkablog.com and .net

Plus a few fun wordoids with domains available too…


blogging,writing,blog writing,business,newsletter,HowToWriteBetter.net,How To Write Better,Suzan St Maur….I could go on all day. It’s one of those online doohickeys that is probably more addictive than chocolate or heroin.

And of course if you have a naughty sense of humor, as I do, you might want to try keying in some rude words. Wordoids ending in the “F” word, in particular, give some hilarious results…

When you’ve tried it out, please share your favorites with us here … enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for the mention and kind words, Suzan! Isn’t it a cool tool or what?

  2. I tried it in German but wasn’t too impressed, then tried it with English words and got far better choices. It could have been my choice of words or maybe German isn’t quite so suitable for it.
    Great toy!

  3. jobsonic and jobservice were interesting! careerway, careerski and careeredit – I could play all day 😉


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