ABC Challenge finals: judge now! Amina spells out love from A to Z

HTWB ABC finalsDoes love conquer all whether from A to Z or anywhere else?

Do you really know how to make love work for you throughout your life and lifestyle?

It’s judging time for this amazing ABC Challenge that grew from a small acorn … (well, blog post actually) into a superb contest of exquisite blog posts, all in 26 sentences each starting with the next letter of the alphabet. We’re posting them all here again – several per day as there are a good few – so you can view them and see what you think.

Taylor Lavati will be the final judge (it was her concept in the first place) but we need your input in the comments to share your views on how each post appeals to you. So please comment away below…

And now, in the meantime (drum roll) …

Amina – Love Letters With The Alphabet

Align your hearts and minds towards building your family.

Brighten each other’s day with a morning kiss.

Capture the precious moments that you’re engraving in your memories together.

Dance together with music and without music.

Embrace your mate with your heart.

Flirt often and have fun.

Give your lover from your heart.

Handle emotions with intelligence.

Incredible enthusiasm for love boosts your relationship to fun things to do.

Jump on every opportunity to spend time together.

Kindness is a heartfelt passion in marriage.

Love, Laugh, Live, Listen, Learn, are all excellent traits of an excellent mate.

Move your love to deeper meanings.

Never criticize your sweetheart, give constructive advice instead.

Open your heart and mind to understand your spouse’s needs.

Pick the right time and the right place to discuss what’s bothering you in your relationship to find the solution together.

Quickly apologize if you made a mistake.

Relive your special anchor moment when your love was overflowing.

Stand firm in your promises and commitments.

Trust unconditionally to strengthen your bond.

Upbeat and pumped up, that’s how it feels when you exercise together.

Verbalize your love. The words “I Love You” carry special magic.

Wedding vows are to be cherished between both of you.

Xmas is an excellent time to rejuvenate your love and your vows to each other.

Yearn for even a glimpse of your fiancé when you’re apart and miss him or her so much.

Zurich is a city known for its romantic places. Hint! Well, if you can’t go to Zurich, you can eat Zucchini, it’s great for heart health!

Don’t forget to share your views below!

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  1. Very good! Thought it flowed well and it made me smile 😀