ABC Challenge finals: judge now! Andrea gobbles breakfast with her boyfriend

Would Andrea’s breakfast routine gobble your imagination?

Does her enthusiasm fire up your ideas for an invigorating and healthy morning rountine?

It’s judging time for this amazing ABC Challenge … that grew from a small acorn (well, blog post actually) into a superb contest of exquisite blog posts, all in 26 sentences each starting with the next letter of the alphabet. We’re posting them all here again – several per day as there are a good few – so you can view them and see what you think.

Taylor Lavati will be the final judge (it was her concept in the first place) but we need your input in the comments to share your views on how each post appeals to you. So please comment away below…

And now, in the meantime (drum roll) …

Andrea Wisden – A bit of alphabet writing fun

Another day and it’s time to get up.
Bouncing out of bed full of enthusiasm and excitement for the day ahead I put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.
Cake is out of the question I suppose, seeing as I could probably do with losing a couple of pounds not a carb hit so early.
Deciding in fact I do deserve to eat cake, I grab a chocolate éclair and put it on a plate.
Excellent, just what I fancy, The Boyfriend declares sneaking up behind me in the kitchen before I get a chance to gobble up the evidence.
For heaven’s sake, I shout as loud as I can.
Get your own breakfast!
Here, have this lovely banana, I entreat.
I don’t want a banana; it’s too healthy, he replies.
Jam will help sweeten the blow, I venture, a little tentatively.
Krispy Kremes are the only thing that will kick my carb cravings into touch, The Boyfriend declares.
Love, I know you want to keep your God-like body, but let’s make it a slimmer one than Buddha, I retort, some could say in an arguably hypocritical manner.
Must eat cake!
Oranges or some other fruit would be better.
Queer that he wants cake all of a sudden, I think to myself while I’m searching for a solution.
Right, that’s it, no cake for either of us, I declare.
Sugar is really bad for us; we must eat more healthily.
Toast then?
Underrated in my opinion, I retort.
Very, he agrees.
What about some nice soothing spiritual music to calm us down, The Boyfriend asks.
Xavier Rudd would be perfect.
You bet, I reply, thinking this would help get my day back on track.
Zen moments, don’t you just love them?!

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  1. Good one Andrea! Very creative and funny. And I’d like a Krispy Kreme now.


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