ABC Challenge finals: judge now! Debbie does it decisively…

Do you think Debbie has got this blog writing right?

Do her decisive blog writing ideas resonate with you and make you want to read every word she writes from now on?

It’s judging time for this amazing ABC Challenge that grew from a small acorn (well, blog post actually) into a superb contest of exquisite blog posts, all in 26 sentences each starting with the next letter of the alphabet. We’re posting them all here again – several per day as there are a good few – so you can view them and see what you think.

Taylor Lavati will be the final judge (it was her concept in the first place) but we need your input in the comments to share your views on how each post appeals to you. So please comment away below…

And now, in the meantime (drum roll) …

Debbie Simorte from Writing The Life Chaotic

As the Ultimate Blog Challenge draws toward its end, I’m thinking of things I learned, and here they are, in alphabetical order.

Be active in the group, and you’ll meet great people.

Create good content.

Dabbling with phrases and toying with sentences is more of a hobby at the moment, but, I would love to make it a lifetime commitment!

Engaging readers, however, hasn’t been easy.

For the most part, I write what I please and I know that I should write what pleases them.

Given that I have trouble enough finding topics that excite me, I know that I would have even more difficulty finding topics that would excite both of us.

However, I assimilate well and I am sure that, if I read and write enough, I will reach a common ground.

Interestingly, I don’t need a large readership; I need a kindred readership.

Just how many people are there in the world that share my eclectic views of it?

Karma and kinship are the domain of emotional writers, I believe.

Lessons in logic or comments on the illogical in this world are more cerebral.

Much can be said of Hemingway’s classic quotation on writing; “All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.”

No, I have managed to hide a lot of emotion, or I have trained it out of my life and writing, because it is too painful.

Often it was difficult to deal with the highs and the lows of daily existence.

Perhaps I just needed something more predictable, more acceptable.

Quiet, calm, rational thoughts are not that exciting, though and as a result do not make for exciting writing.

Really, I think that I have to rev up my posts a bit.

So, I will take a lesson from all those writing blogs and look for some juicy morsels to spice up my posts.

There must be a skeleton or two hidden in the closet to expose.

Unearthing a distant relative that passed on a rebellious seed could be compelling.

Vindicating a wrong that resonates with others might also win some kindred souls.

Why, I think I’ve got it!

Xenophobic, though I am; I think that I can move into new territories.

You bet!

Zenith, here I come!!

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