ABC Challenge finals: judge now! Sarupa shares how affirmations transform our lives. Or do they?

Some people think affirmations are a load of hot air. But are they? Many others believe that incorporating affirmations into your business and personal lives can make a huge difference to your well being.

Sarupa certainly shares that view in this ABC post. What do you think?

It’s judging time for this amazing ABC Challenge that grew from a small acorn (well, blog post actually) into a superb contest of exquisite blog posts, all in 26 sentences each starting with the next letter of the alphabet. We’re posting them all here again – several per day as there are a good few – so you can view them and see what you think.

Taylor Lavati will be the final judge (it was her concept in the first place) but we need your input in the comments to share your views on how each post appeals to you. So please comment away below…

And now, in the meantime (drum roll) …

Sarupa Shah – The A-Z of Affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool to help you reach your goals in life and in business.

Business affirmations are particularly powerful as they keep your energy focused on what you want to create and not your fears.

Create affirmations with a positive mindset and in the present tense.

Do you want more clients or more energy so you can show up in your business some more?

Each time you think or say the opposite, or even feel the opposite of what you desire it is a silent affirmation that creates your reality.

For most people the realisation that ‘feelings’ even affirm something is a bit of a shock.

Good emotions are really a myth as there is only one state of being and that is joyful.

Happiness is often misunderstood as an emotion which is why it makes it so difficult to sustain, that is the thing with emotions they are fickle!

Joy on the other hand is a spiritual energy and quality that you possess and it supersedes emotions.

Knowing what is truly impacting on how you create your reality, is important for you to integrate and understand.

Longing for things to change is just a way for you to stay small and continue pretending that everything is outside of your control or is someone else’s fault.

My advice to you is to take back responsibility without blame or a need for control.

Now it is time for you to make a commitment for transforming your own reality.

Obviously you could do what most do and create or choose some affirmations say them deliberately once and then forget about them and wonder why your life and business doesn’t change.

Perhaps you are more diligent and say your affirmations religiously but if you are acting, thinking and feeling the opposite while saying them, let alone remaining conflicted the rest of the day, they do lose their magic.

Question your motives for staying small, when you realise you have found an in congruency with what you want to create and what your reality really is.

Responsibility is a wonderful thing as it means you can be in charge of your reality!

Start today and connect to joy.

Tomorrow is just an excuse.

Ultimately the aim is that your whole life becomes a magnetic force field because you are affirming your potential at all times.

View life and your business as an orchestra that you are conducting and everything you plug into and believe changes the tune.

When you realise how easy it is to create your own reality with the magic wand, that I call affirmations you will change your paradigm.

X-ray quality affirmations are what you will create, as the energy of what you affirm transcends matter and turns into light.

You know in truth you can do this, make affirmations change your business and life.

blogging,writing,blog writing,business,newsletter,,How To Write Better,Suzan St MaurZero results are impossible as everything in your life is your gift and your creation, how you affirm because of your present moment will define your next, so enjoy and affirm your best life!

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  1. Brilliant! It flows and is spot on at the same time. Love it.