Alternative medical terms for patients with a sense of humour

Many thanks to my Canadian cousin Mike for sharing these hilarious medical terms. I hasten to say that he is not a doctor and it’s just as well, given the terrifying thought that someone might take these seriously.

Alternative medical terms for patients with a sense of humour
I have added some thoughts to expand and enhance the originals a little. Enjoy.

A glossary of medical terms we hope you will never hear

Artery: the appreciation and study of sculpture, paintings, objets d’art, etc

Aspirate: a recent Americanism meaning to aspire, but adding a syllable to make it seem more important (e.g. “converse” versus “conversate”)

Bacteria: back entrance to the cafeteria

Barium: what undertakers do

Benign: what you are after you be eight

Caesarean section: a rather painful suburb of Rome

Candida: a television programme where medical issues are discussed openly and without moderation

Cannula: sleazy suggestion of a naughty date

Capsule: small sterile hat, similar to a Kippah, worn by surgeons in the operating theatre

Catscan: what you do when you’re trying to get your cat to come back into the house late at night

Cauterise: made eye contact with a lady

Colic: a herding dog with poor digestion

Coma: punctuation mark indicating a long, slow pause

Conservative management: medical conditions treated by members of the UK’s Tory party or Republicans in the USA.

Dilate: to live to a ripe old age

Drip: the definition of a member of staff with the personality of a paving stone

Enema: a female enemy

Femur: a furry animal closely related to a lemur

Fester: a New Zealander who outruns everyone (think about the accent, OK?)

Fibula: a white (or, well, an almost white) lie

Gastroenteritis: how to design the main entrance of a gastro-pub

Impotent: description of a bigwig by someone with a slight speech impediment

Inpatient: where the correct dosage of drugs should be

Intubate: upload a video to YouTube for the first time

Lab report: the first impressions of a gun dog when asked to sniff you over

Labour pain (1): an injury in the workplace

Labour pain (2): inter-party disputes affecting political harmony

Medical staff: the walking stick used by a senior doctor

Morbid: a better offer on a sale, hence…

Morbidity: what auctioneers should be good at

Nervous system: a system which is untried and so should be put into beta testing before proceeding further

Nitrates: usually more expensive than day rates

Node: what someone in the histo-pathology department should have known

Outpatient: an patient admitted in an unconscious state

Pelvis: a condition common to Elvis Presley impersonators

PICC line: telephone chat line for coal miners, construction workers, etc

Port: small device that sits just under the skin and delivers measured doses of high quality port wine

Post operative: someone responsible for collecting and dispensing the mail

Prostate: how a man lies down when he needs to pee

Recovery room: where hospital furniture is re-upholstered

Rectum: what a heavy night on the booze did to the off-duty junior doctors

Secretion: the computer bug that manages to lose a patient’s records

Seizure: the Roman emperor who suffered from epilepsy

Tablet: a hand-held computer that can keep recovering patients amused for hours

Terminal illness: a condition common to people who have lengthy waits for buses and planes

Tumour: two extra hospital appointments you weren’t expecting to need

Urine: what you’re told when you pass the initiation rituals after med school

What other medical terms can you, er, help us define?

Please share!

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