An interview about writing: catch up Sunday April 15th

This Sunday I am being honored with an interview by that amazing authors’ emporium Emma’s Detail Shop … based on the west coast of the USA but sharing stunning stuff the world over. Here follows a sneak preview of some of the content.

An interview about writing: catch up Sunday April 15th

My late Mom always said I had an overly-developed sense of the ridiculous.

BUT PLEASE NOTE … I will be on their Facebook page live from 7:00 a.m. Pacific time / 10:00 a.m. Eastern / 3:00 p.m. UK time Sunday April 15th, so do please catch us up on there if you can! Click here to join in… and ask me any questions you may have as long as they are not too embarrassing…

For now though, here is what I’ve shared about my writing, and advice for others

NB: An earlier version of this article appeared on Emma’s Detail Shop, April 13th 2018.

“Suze enjoys consulting, writing, editing for and coaching clients in addition to running her other business interests, writing her own books, blogs and articles, plus giving blogging workshops, radio interviews, etc., on how to make your writing and book publishing more successful.”

Welcome, Suzan. We are so glad to have caught up with you.

Suze, in researching for this interview, I found at least a dozen books that you have written, from humor and joke books, to business writing, wedding speeches for woman, blog writing, and the list goes on. Impressive! How many books do you have now?”

My 35th book, “English Business Jargon & Slang: how to use it, and what it really means” will be published in June 2018 by Business Expert Press in the USA. There may be a UK version of that as well, by Corona Books. In September this year Corona Books will be publishing my #36, “The Simple Way To Write Your First Book,” as well as The Corona Book Of Horror Stories Two,” in which I hope there will be another of my horror stories! Should keep me busy…LOL…

“Your latest book, Mischieverse looks like a hoot—“Mischieverse is rude humour that laughs at life’s irritations, or put another way, it’s a collection of poetic reflections on how bloody stupid life can be.” Love it! Obviously, you find it important to write about, and include, humor in your writing. Have you always had a twisted sense of humor?”

Yes. My late Mom always said I had an overly-developed sense of the ridiculous, which is true. My Dad was just the same, as are my son, uncle, aunt and cousins. Must be because we’re Canadians…! We all scream with laughter at very similar things and drive anyone else around us nuts. Family soirées in Toronto (when my son and I are over from England) usually mean we’re put out in the parking lot of the restaurant concerned so we don’t upset the patrons…

“And then the second part: how in the heck can we bring out our humorous side to include it in our writing? I mean, even the grumpiest authors have a little humor buried in there somewhere, right?”

Absolutely right. Humor is the most effective form of diplomacy and communication that extends far beyond anything else. It’s what keeps the world turning. Obviously, there are guidelines, especially nowadays, but provided that it doesn’t hurt anyone it is the best medicine there is. And that in fact has been proven medically. Not all authors should use humor: naturally all depends on the nature of your writing. But where appropriate it can lift your writing right up.

“I see that you have a website entitled “How to write better (HTWB).” Is this a writing and/or instructional course?”

No, it’s a big website with more than 1,500 articles and tutorials on how to write anything from content marketing to poetry and song-writing. I started it in 2011 and since then it has won 3 awards and gets on average 2,000 page views per day, about half of which are from the USA. Second is the UK, closely followed by Canada and the other English language countries, then the Philippines and India. But we’ve had traffic from almost every country except a few in central Africa, and Greenland. I regard HTWB as my second child … my younger baby! Doesn’t make me any money other than a few book sales but it’s my shop window for my mainstream work. And I love it.

“The book I was drawn to (and read and reviewed) is titled: How to Write Brilliant Business Blogs. You give so many useful tools, links and guidelines. (I know that I will keep this on hand for a reference book.) How did this book come about?”

Actually, this book is a remash of a number of blog posts I wrote about blogging for business. My own self-published version is doing well, and probably because of that Business Expert Press picked up on it and now publish their version of it in two volumes – here, and here. That’s something worth remembering, especially for nonfiction authors. A well-planned series of blog posts easily can become a book. In fact two other series on my website HTWB – written by other experts – have become successful books, too.

“There was a bit about customer experience there, a grammar section, and how to write a series. You also mention using a FAQ to further your marketing purposes. Can you explain further about this interesting concept?”

Rather than explain these issues which could take thousands of words !! … may I suggest that readers go to my site and type those topics (as well as any others they may choose) into the search box?

“What is the one thing that you notice about blogs that you wished bloggers would learn NOT to do?”

Bore people with what you think they want to know about – not what they need/want to read about! If you want to be a successful blogger you need to study your audience carefully and learn about what they want and need … what keeps them awake at night … what would make them feel more comfortable, more successful, more fulfilled. What you think they should be reading about probably isn’t what they want, sadly. Open your eyes and ears and learn your audience: they will love you for it.

“Lastly, I see that you write a lot of humor and joke books. Can you tell us a joke before you leave us? :o)”

This is one of my favorites …
Three Hell’s Angels turn up at a diner, park up their Harley Davidson bikes and go in. They see a small, bald, rather nerdy-looking man eating breakfast alone. One goes over to this man’s table and stubs a cigarette out in his fried egg. The second spits into the poor man’s coffee. The third slaps him on his bald head and laughs hysterically.
The nerdy man says nothing: just gets up, pays for his ruined breakfast and leaves.
The three Hell’s Angels are snorting and snuffling with delight as one says, “Ain’t much of a man, right? Puny little guy taking all that cr*p?”

“Ain’t much of a driver, neither,” says the waitress, looking out of the window. “Just backed a great big tractor-trailer all over three Harley-Davidson motorcycles.”

“Thank you Suzan. It’s been fun getting to know you.”

And you too! Plus if any of your readers are coming over to the UK and want to meet up, let me know. Would be glad to get together.

“Include your book and social media links here.”

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Hope to “see” you online Sunday!

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