And you think I make a noise about punctuation?

small_4968053I know some people think I’m a Grammar Nazi, but I also have a sense of humor … and this video of the late, great Victor Borge is one of the funniest send-ups of punctuation I have ever seen. Please watch it: it will have you in stitches!

Borge became especially famous in the 1950s when television became widespread in North America. I remember my parents telling me about him and once I was a) born and b) old enough to appreciate his humor, I became a fan, too.

I had forgotten just how hilarious his skits were until I happened upon this YouTube selection, shared via my good friend Angela Boothroyd – an immensely capable teacher of English as a second language – over on Facebook.

If you enjoy this, you might also like Lynne Truss’s ever-popular book, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” which has been a best-seller for some years now. Lynne makes no apologies for being a strident Grammar Nazi and in her biting, hilarious manner makes the whole “write it right” argument not only funny, but very credible.

And if you want some simple, straightforward help to ensure you avoid the 1,500 top grammar, spelling and punctuation goofs we all trip over, have a look at this eBook…(it’s on special offer for another few days, too, so hurry.)

But now, sit back and enjoy. The performance is probably the best part of 50 years old but, as with all brilliant humor, it’s timeless.

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  1. I’m not a Grammar Nazi, but do notice things (check your second to last line in the second paragraph :-)). It is sad, though, what now passes as “good enough.”

    This skit is hilarious! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Well spotted, Nanette … what a good proofreader you are! Thanks for that – have now corrected the typo. So glad you agree about Victor Borge’s skit; isn’t it gratifying to see how humor can be hilarious AND clean…?

    • PS Nanette … just checked where you’re based and find you’re just across Lake Ontario from where I was born (Kingston ON) … in fact if I shout loud enough from Sandbanks in Prince Edward County, aiming my voice due south, you’ll probably hear me! Will be back home in a few weeks…