Are blogs and social media business posts having a reshuffle?

business blogs,social media,blog posts,Google,LinkedIn,Facebook,Google PlusInteresting things are happening in the blogosphere as more and more conversations about all kinds of business stuff increasingly take place in  the SocMed and less in the blogs.

Alarming? Worrying? Read on …

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I have noticed this reshuffle towards more SocMed (Social Media) discussions and so have many of my fellow blog commentators around the English speaking world.

Why this is, is uncertain. But my own guess would be that because we promote our business blogs in the SocMed – usually with a preamble long enough to give readers a good idea of what the whole post is about – readers don’t necessarily have the time to click through, read the full post and comment on it on your blog. Instead they will start discussing the issue right there on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or whatever.

Is this a bad thing for your business blog’s traffic and Googlability?

Probably not, especially if you view your blogging as a supporting element to your main marketing and sales efforts online and not as an entirety in itself. Why?

Because one of your key objectives here is to gain and maintain credibility and gravitas in your marketplace. To a large extent it doesn’t matter where that happens as long as it happens in pretty much the right places.

Your blog is very much the right place, but there are other places that are just as “right” too – and combining those makes a lot of sense.

So is this the end of the business blog? Don’t be silly.

All this means for your business blog is that you need to realign slightly your thinking about it, and its position within your content marketing mix. The blog is now becoming the library: the SocMed element is someone taking a book out of that library and discussing it. See below.

And the SocMed platforms are beginning to make allowances for this reshuffle… Google Plus, bless ’em, now have a free service whereby you can incorporate all the shares and comments about the posts you put up on there, in your WordPress blog. (You can see where I’ve started off in the comments section below.) This service is great and I sincerely hope the other main platforms offer similar services in the future.

In the meantime though, you need to create a subtle division between the types of post you write for your blog or website, and the – albeit much abbreviated – posts you now might share in the SocMed **.

The way forward for business blogs

Having read quite a few riveting articles about this reshuffle issue recently my interpretation of the way forward lies within the following key points:

1.Don’t be fooled into thinking you no longer need a blog: you do. Your blog establishes and maintains your credibility and status in a way that no other online communication can. Once readers engage and become clients or customers, your blog is there as the backbone of your expertise they can trust and turn to whenever they need reassurance and further information.

2.Your business (or other) blog is the repository for the information you share. This is most productively going to be what people call “evergreen” posts/articles; articles that don’t date quickly and are likely to provide long-term value for your readers. They are also educational, entertaining, informing and worth cherishing.

3.”Hard news” stories are OK for your blog, as an informational backup. They should act as further reading related to the sharper, smack-you-in-the-teeth short posts you place in the SocMed.

4.Never forget the entertainment value of blog posts. Entertaining, amusing historical or other blog posts are fun for your customers and prospects to read when they’re browsing your site and all serve to enhance your credibility as a knowledge source about your product or service area.

5.Your SocMed posts are spearheads for conversations, with your blog as the heavy artillery backup. When you write out your blog posts in full, summarize them into a short chunk to use as SocMed posts and share those in your groups, communities, etc.**

Celebrate – not berate – this reshuffle in social comms

Much as some of the whiners and screamers out in SocMedLand may try to pull us away from our own blogs and websites so we all trail like lost orphans in the SocMed diaspora, common sense tells us this ain’t going to happen.

blog,writing,news,blogging,business,Suzan St Maur,, how to write betterThe way things are going with more business and other discussions moving away from the comments sections of blog posts and on to the comments section of those blog posts’ SocMed connections, hey – where’s the problem?

**As I say, I’ll share some thoughts on how to write throat-grabbing mini-posts for the SocMed very soon. But in the meantime, keep blogging: that’s what keeps you out there making the right impressions and keeping your professional credibility right up where it should be.

What are your thoughts on the way blog conversations are moving partly on to SocMed? Please share!








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