Students: 3 things you should do this summer to get ready for uni writing

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This week I’m taking a break from my usual, (let’s face it, flawless) format to bring you a quick, more general look at what you can do in the next month and a bit to get ready for uni (“college” in the USA). [Read more…]

Writing for students: bouncing back from a bad grade

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So you got a crappy mark? Listen, it happens to the best of us (yes, even me). As someone famous probably once said, ‘there are no bad grades, just good lessons’. [Read more…]

Writing for students: why it’s critical to be critical

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Being able to think and write critically is key to the whole ‘being an academic’ thing that life at University is intended to foster. [Read more…]

Writing for students: how to impress the hell out of your tutor

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Admit it, part of the reason you’re at university is that you like to look smart and impress people with your knowledge.

It’s okay, you’re in a safe environment here; you won’t be judged. We’re human after all; ego is what sets us apart from the animals… probably. [Read more…]

Writing for students: how to be resourceful with resources

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Part of writing a top-notch essay is being able to make the most of the tools available to you.

It can be tempting to just read the essential texts and then waffle on like…well, like me actually.

Don’t fall into that trap… [Read more…]

Writing for Students: managing your time? Boring but beautiful

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Striking that right balance between having the time of your life and knuckling down to get some kind of decent grade at the end of your course is perhaps one of the hardest things to get right at Uni. [Read more…]