A man walks into a (musicians’) bar …

A man walks into a (musicians') bar...

If you don’t know what this is, you could be in for a whole load of treble…

Delighted to welcome back the one and only, multi-talented Rhiannon Daniel, this time with some very clever and funny musicians’ gags she wrote the other day on Twitter. See if you can come up with some more … [Read more…]

ChickLit that isn’t ChickenSh*t

Please welcome counsellor, psychotherapist and former journalist Rhiannon Daniel with what I hope is one of many delightful guest posts. Here she shares her typically lively views, on ChickLit … one of fiction’s most “popular” genres…

medium_4408892521Anna Karenina, which I reread earlier this year, is, technically, ChickLit.  Tolstoy, considered one of the greats of his era, often lapsed into waffle but among that stuff about trains, peasants and the intricacies of old Russian ‘society’ was a literary bodice ripper. It left everything to the imagination, yet it worked.

The Brontës were endlessly examined, interpreted and worshipped, but would have sold fewer were it not for their pulsating sexual tension.

I once thought that I might write for that flagship of modern ChickLit, Mills & Boon. They sent me twenty pages of instructions. [Read more…]

How to be a grown-up journalist: news reporting

origin_2567469865Former Fleet Street journalist Rhiannon Daniel shares her tips on how to use traditional reporting skills to get your content into the main news media…

In this series of four pieces – they never call them ‘articles – I’ll introduce the major stuff you’ll need to know if you want to sell work into the traditional news and magazine media.

Writing for newspapers and magazines – offline or online – isn’t like any other kind of writing. It requires a wide skillset.

News gathering, editorial decisions, writing skills and editing

So you want to write for the news media? [Read more…]

The poetry of songwriting: 10 top writing tips

Updated April 19th, 2020. Poetry and songwriting are very closely linked – especially for songwriters who start with lyrics and develop those into a musical interpretation. Please welcome the one and only Rhiannon Georgina Daniel, writer, musician, psychotherapist and philosopher extraordinaire. Here she is …

Rhiannon and her band in action

Do you long

To write a song?

Well here are a few tips.

Follow them,

You can’t go wrong

It will trip right off your lips.

In this (when this article was written originally), the year of Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, I’m able to reflect that he is my ultimate songwriting hero, so I guess I would modestly aim to emulate his philosophical approach to the craft, although unlikely to replicate his success! Like Bob I am a spontaneous writer, it’s never been an effort for me, the songs just show up and get written, but I can deconstruct the process enough to suggest things to get you started. [Read more…]