Blogging: do I really need to know all the twiddly bits?

small__8317353105If you are an aficionado of Social Media and all that you can’t fail to have noticed how some businesses are falling over each other to tell you about the latest whistles, bells and whizzing bow ties they can point you towards that will revolutionize your blogging in your small business, reduce your blood pressure, BMI and mortgage debt by a substantial amount and ensure your blog is a sprawling mass of fascinating dinky toys.

Yeah, yeah. But what do you, as a blogger, truly need?

In fairness, if you’re a largish organization you probably do need a blog with quite a few whistles and bells as they may help you clamber up above the deafening noise out there in the major-corporate blogosphere.

But if your business is a little smaller? Let’s not get bigger than our boots here.

Creating and running a blog is not rocket science, as the cliché says.

If you already have a website, a blog often can be added to it by whoever runs your site for you.

Alternatively, many of you may well have foregone the website stratum and moved straight on, yourself, to a blog site like or WordPress. That’s OK and tends to work well.

It’s a growing trend and in a number of cases is replacing the traditional “online brochure” website. And until such time as you move on to the next echelon of your blogging, you may not need any additional help.

What about the plug-ins, add-ons, and all that other stuff the so-called blogging experts share?

You probably won’t know exactly what toy-toys you need for your blog. And the short answer is, don’t worry about it.

Instead, what you need to do is focus on what you want your blog to achieve, and that means looking not at the technical bits and pieces but at what it must do to make the reading/viewing experience as good as possible for your customers and prospects, and get them buying more of what you have to sell.

In the main, small businesses can achieve that without resorting to using fancy toy-toys. How? By creating first-class content, relevant, meaningful videos and other stuff that can be generated very cheaply and simply.

But, there comes a time in many a business’s blogging life when some toy-toys, at least, become useful and even essential tools.

small__503600331Where (and why) do we get these toy-toys?

Here’s where we come to a great divide.

All too often you, especially if you are a novice blogger, may be tempted to take on a number of blog tools as sold to you by the toy-toy merchants who lurk online, many of whom are those so-called “blogging experts” who are not really interested in helping you blog better, but just want you to buy their products … or buy products they recommend as they’re selling them unobtrusively on an a affiliate basis.

These “experts” may also bamboozle you in their own blog posts about the latest, greatest toy-toys available that will boost your visits and page views by the thousand, make you more visible online than a recently dug-up 15th century British king, and cook your breakfast all at the same time.

Some of these toy-toys may well help you blog more effectively. A great many more won’t.

Unless you plan to create and run a website and blog that gets into the millions of page views (OK, wouldn’t that be nice, but not necessarily right for a small business!) your blogging activity is likely to be relatively simple.

So where does expert help really  help?

Here are some areas in which real experts (not bullsh*t merchants) genuinely can  help you:

  • Guiding you, in simple terms, on how to set up your blog and the techie stuff you don’t necessarily want to get embroiled in
  • Hosting your blog and taking care of its connectivity across the internet, without charging you through your nose
  • Advising and guiding you on how to promote your blog in the social media
  • Promoting your blog, managing it and managing your whole website, on a per hour basis so you get maximum value
  • On a larger scale providing maximized social media marketing advice that gets your message out there without trying to sell you sh*t you don’t need
  • Providing practical help to put eBooks and other products together and get them selling
  • Writing/editing help so your blog posts grab attention, hold it and actively encourage sales (yes, I do that but so do a number of other good writer/editors I can recommend)

Having been around the blogging block a few times I do know a number of individuals and companies who provide very good, high-value blogging services in relevant areas. However deliberately, I haven’t recommended any individual services in this article because we’re not into advertising in the editorial here on HTWB.

But if you want me to recommend some good people I know who can help you, let me know exactly what you need for your blog and I’ll do my best to match you with people I think will provide the good value service you need. (And no, I don’t get a percentage!)

Drop me a note in the comments or privately in the contact box in the sidebar on the right >>>

blogging,writing,blog writing,business,newsletter,,How To Write Better,Suzan St MaurAnd here’s my personal advice … if you want to blog, blog. Don’t let the twiddly bits intimidate you or get you down. So forget the snake-oil help you’re offered; only use help that genuinely addresses your needs and gives you some true value for money.

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  1. Yeah I agree with you for the most part. Some toy-toys can ad a professional aspect to one’s blog that may factor into it’s importance and one’s budget. But I can vouch and admit that I have gone for some of those bu&#*?@t gizmos only to find that they were complete crap. So, that being said if there is one thing I like to offer to other bloggers is FREE info on what I feel is worth while to a small business owner and what isn’t. But that’s what I do for a living – consult with others on what they need and can do without.

    This is my first time on your site and I have to say, hey, good stuff! Thanks

    • Hi Dale – what seems to happen a lot over here in the UK (and I imagine in the USA too) is people get themselves set up with their blog along with all the toy-toys, but then wonder what the hell to do with it next. It’s all too easy to be in a “cart pulling horses” position where you have lots of goodies yet no idea what content to create.

      I’m so glad you like the site – you’re welcome any time!