Blogging: “posticles” or “artiposts?”


Blogging: are we writing “posticles” or “artiposts?”

We all know that blogging has come a long way since some bright kiddie put his or her diary secrets down in an online format and called it a web log. Most “blogposts” these days aren’t so much post-like jottings as they are full-blown online articles.

But as we all know, articles (and “article marketing”) on the internet have acquired a less-than-savory reputation, especially now that you can buy software to spin 879 different versions of one article to bamboozle Google at a click and a payment of a few dollars.

Vote for your preferred new word

Here’s where I need your help: we can jump in one of two directions here in creating a new word to describe what, essentially, is a new animal and which should have been awarded its own name ages ago. But what to choose?

Posticle ?

Artipost ?

Which do you prefer?  Please let me know in a comment and I’ll go with the majority view. And while we’re about it…

A recap on blogging terminology so far

WEBLOG – an online journal

BLOG – frankly, a rather silly contraction of weblog, in the same way as “Captain Slog” became a double-cult figure in Star Trek (they’re both LOGS, for Heaven’s sake..)

BLOG – also erroneously used to describe a blog post

BLOGGER – someone who has a blog, and/or writes blog posts for their own or other people’s blogs

POST – or blog post, a short piece of up to about 1000 words that the blogger writes and posts on his/her own or someone else’s blog

GUEST POST – a post on your blog written by someone else, i.e. an easy way to fill your blog up without writing stuff yourself; the trade-off usually involves some linkage to the guest poster’s own business or other interests

ARTICLE – what most bloggers actually write, but is (erroneously IMHO) called a post

COMMENT – a short piece a reader of the blog writes, hopefully furthering the thoughts and discussion set up by the original post, and/or guiding readers towards further reading and information that’s relevant and embellishes the commentator’s viewpoints. Alternatively, a short piece written by a reader that makes an utter mockery of the original post and contains more rude thoughts than a trucker’s underpants. The latter form often – but not always – fails to get past the blog’s moderator.

MODERATOR – (of comments on a blog) usually the blog owner who tries desperately to ensure that the comments are vaguely relevant and do not frighten the horses

THREAD – the subject matter of a blog post and the ensuing comments, or at least so the blog owner hopes …

O.P. – original post, to which blog owners often pointedly refer when the comments depart so far from the original subject matter (“thread”) that the whole thing becomes a glorious free-for-all

Check out more than 350 further articles on blogging right here on HTWB

Some more new terms and why they’re needed


…especially now that many former static websites are being shifting over to blog-type platforms like WordPress: we need something more romantic and all-encompassing, e.g.





Be careful not to sound like a logger
with a bad cold…

…come on, do you really want your title to sound like that of a lumberjack with a bad cold? How about:






…judging by the way some blog comments are utter drivel and often are just an excuse for the commenter to get a bit of advertising across, how about:






…which are well written, highly relevant and in fact are short posticles/artiposts in themselves:






That’s just for starters. I’m sure we can come up with many more and start our very own blogger’s jargon emporium … should I start work on “The Blogging Dictionary” now?

I can’t wait to see your comments! Sz




  1. Interesting Suze, never thought of a blogger being like a logger – I need a new name now. Digital Diarist?

  2. Digital Diarist is good. I like that.

  3. If you call it an Artipost then I think of art first so I guess I’ll vote for posticle. Is that anything like a popsicle – cold on a hot day, frozen “freshie” on a stick?


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