Blogging-mas … Christmas songs with blogging lyrics to sing along to


Don’t forget to blog this Christmas!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not you can’t fail to have noticed the music around us at this time of the year.

Here are my interpretations of the lyrics for two popular Christmas songs, along with some live performances to which you can sing along…

Jingle Blog Rock

Jingle blog, jingle blog, jingle blog rock
Jingle blogs swing and jingle blogs ring
Posting and writing up pixels of fun
Now the jingle blog has begun

Jingle blog, jingle blog, jingle blog rock
Jingle blogs chime in jingle blog time
Posting and writing in Jingle Blog Square
In the cyber air

What a fair time, it’s our share time
To blog the night away

Jingle post time is the best time
To go blogging in a cyber sleigh
Google-up jingle blog, pick up your posts
Jingle along the way

Write and a-bloggle on the jingling net
That’s the jingle blog,
That’s the jingle blog,
That’s the jingle blog rock

Bloggin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Bloggin’ around the Christmas Tree
At the Christmas cyber hop
Google Plus where you can see
Ev’ry blogger tries to top

You will get an algorithm feeling
When you see Google dealing
“Let’s go share it”
“Deck the halls with blogs of merit”

Bloggin’ around the Christmas Tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone’s blogging merrily
In Hummingbird’s good way

Bloggin’ around the Christmas Tree
Let the inbound marketing
Show us how we need to be
When we next write for blogging

You will get a detrimental feeling
If you hear voices singing
“Let’s be jolly;”
“Deck the halls with keyword folly”

Bloggin’ around the Christmas Tree
Have a happy blog New Year
Everyone’s bloggin’ merrily
Just keep your content clear

Rendition by the lovely Miley Cyrus in her pre-twerking days

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

Please share … and let me see if I can rewrite the lyrics so they are more blog-friendly (no religion-based carols please…)

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photo credit: David Blackwell. via photopin cc






  1. Haha a great bit of fun this Monday morning! Love the new lyrics even if I have reached the point where I don’t want to hear another Christmas tune again (ever!) You know Christmas has landed when you hear Fairytale of New York by the Pogues 5 or 6 times per day – now that would be interesting to turn into a blogging song 🙂

    • Thanks Jan – glad you enjoyed the blogathon! I always feel sorry for people who work in large stores that start playing Christmas music in about October … it would drive me up the wall to listen to it for that long. I asked somebody in a store the other day how they coped and she said they learn to ignore it after a while…thank Heavens for self-preservation instincts…

  2. How about ‘ All I want for Christmas is blog’ or ‘ blogging on for Christmas’ (driving us nuts instead of home for Christmas 😉 ) or ‘Blogging time,mistletoe and wine’ … maybe not 🙂