Blogs and social media: do you really own your #blogversations?

Blogs,blogging,social media,blogversation,owned content,paid content,earned content,email marketingAs we know, blogging for business is now going beyond what happens on your blog. We’ve already talked about how if you promote your blog posts in the SocMed, you’ll find that conversations about it often happen there (i.e. on Google Plus or LinkedIn) rather than in the comments on your blog.

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Hence my new word, as you’ve seen – “blogversation.”

Blogversation, like any conversation, needs a foundation: something to talk about. This is your blog.

As your blogversation expands and extends (as a conversation would at a party or networking event) you may find more and more people joining in. People make break off into smaller sub-groups and go on talking about it separately.

They may even forget who started the original blogversation (until they check it out on Google and are reminded that it was you!)

Also there’s an additional issue that’s being talked about right now – another very good reason for never putting your blog aside in favor of social media communications, even by publishing articles and blog posts directly on to platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

This is the difference between “owned content” – e.g. your website, your blog and your email marketing and anything you publish yourself and control 100 percent – and anything you publish elsewhere.

No more freebies

Although the WWW started off as free and sharing of everything from the kindness of everyone’s hearts, not surprisingly the big SocMed platforms have begun to tighten the screws down on monetization of their businesses so the freebies are drying up.

No longer can you count on posts you put up on your business page on Facebook (or even on your personal timeline) being seen by all your followers; you’re lucky if it gets transmitted to 20 of them. If you want more, you pay. Actually in some ways this is good value for money because when you do pay, you can target your audience very carefully with little wastage. But that’s not really what business blogging is about. “Paid content” – e.g. Pay Per Click and online advertising, etc. – is very different – see below.

Other platforms, as I write this, are licking their lips and dreaming up similar monetizing schemes to get bloggers putting their hands in their pockets just like advertisers do.

So hang on to your “owned content” and don’t listen to people who tell you that blogging and email marketing are dead – they are immortal, because they are the only fast-moving online media you control totally. Never forget who starts – and owns – those blogversations.

Paid, owned and earned: 3 key types of content

For further reading here, there is quite a good article about the different types of content ownership on the Hootsuite blog, called “Your Content Strategy: Defining Paid, Owned and Earned Media.” I have to say I don’t really agree with them that your Facebook business page is part of your “owned content,” for the reason I mentioned above. You may own what’s posted on it, but you don’t own the real estate and Facebook can move its goalposts any time it likes.

It seems the ace blogging expert Jeff Bullas agrees with me on this, in this article he wrote recently called “Why You Should Forget Facebook.”

There’s another good article about the topic on The Huffington Post.

Speaking of email marketing, as we did above … what’s also interesting is that up in Guruland they’re now saying, “hey, whatever happened to email marketing?” Despite it being seen as old-fashioned and passé, suddenly they’re waking up to the fact that it is, indeed, “owned content” and a very useful tool. In his article Jeff Bullas advises us to get our email lists out, dust them off, and start building them up again for exactly this reason. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

blog,writing,news,business,Suzan St Maur,,how to write betterWatch this space … we may need to talk about writing for email marketing …. again!

What are your views on these shifts of emphasis? Please share them.





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