Blogs and social media: how to share #blogversations intelligently

blogs,social media,sharing,writing,conversationsFurther to my article a couple of weeks ago, and another a couple of days ago where we looked at the shift of conversations from blogs to the social media (and back again), here are some ideas on how to make the most, on your blog, of the discussions that take place about each post in the social media.

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To recap …

“Increasingly we’re finding that conversations triggered by a blog post are taking place on the social media, not on your blog. Partly this is due to the fact that to get people interested in your blog post, you have to give them enough information about the subject matter to give them an idea of what it’s all about. Often this leads to a discussion beginning right there and then about that subject matter.”

“Rather than play silly games to try to hook readers’ attention away from LinkedIn or Google+ or wherever they read your announcement of the blog post, it’s better to go with the flow and carry on the conversation there and then. After all, the whole point of blogging for business is to engage audiences and get them conversing with you. Where that happens is becoming less important.”

WordPress and Google Plus

If you have a WordPress site (as this is) there is a lovely plug-in you can use that hitches you up to a number of Google products, including one which automatically attaches all comments about a particular post from Google Plus, straight into the comments section of that post on your blog. I have this now and it’s excellent. Have a look at how it works below, here.

Other sites

Very often you’ll find a discussion taking place about your post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + (when you don’t have the link installed), Twitter, etc.

We’re breaking new ground here but as far as I can see provided that such a discussion takes place on a public basis (in other words not in a private/closed group, circle or community) there is nothing wrong with cutting and pasting that whole discussion into a comment space on your own blog, to show readers what people have been talking about elsewhere.

This way not only do readers on those social media platforms benefit from the discussion, but also readers dropping by your blog.

Are readers lazy about commenting and discussing blog posts?

Much as I love ’em, I have to say a qualified yes. Because readers expect an indication of what’s in it for them in the preamble of your social media post about your blog (see above), that often is more than enough to get the blogversation rolling right then.

I know, it’s only a matter of clicking away to your blog to do it properly but let’s face it … people now have so much to read and so little time to do it, that a brief time saver like this may well make the difference between their getting involved, and their not getting involved. Which do you think is preferable?

So why bother with a blog now?

Simple: once again going back to my previous article you have to have a blog as the bedrock of your presence in the social media. It’s also a place where you can curate the best of available news and information about your area of business which in turn triggers further conversations across your social media personae.

blog,writing,news,blogging,business,Suzan St Maur,,how to write betterMore – much more – about this interesting new shift to SocMed-wide blogversations is coming up here on HTWB … along with all the implications that drop out of it. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, please share your views on this – either here or on whichever SocMed platform works for you!






  1. From LinkedIn …

    Blogs and social media: how to share blogversations intelligently

    Jacky Sherman
    Jacky Sherman I find commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way of starting a conversation. I’ve met some really interesting people that way.

    Suzan St Maur AMIPA
    Suzan St Maur AMIPA Me too, Jacky. And you know you already have a point of common interest with them.


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