Book publishing: forget those dishonest gimmicks and grow a real, ‘organic’ bestseller

HTWB HLJB no 1Intro by Suze: I have written before about book authors who contact everyone they know and offer everything short of a brand new car for free provided that you buy their new book at a certain time on a certain date. The objective is to take advantage of Amazon’s sales ranking system.

With those carrots being dangled, sufficient numbers of people usually oblige which, due to Amazon’s aforementioned ranking system, drives the book’s Amazon rank up to at least #1 in its category and if the goody bag is really enticing and enough people buy in time, the book might even hit overall Amazon #1 for one hour or so.

Just a little misleading for book buyers, perhaps?

Needless to say this wee-wees me off bigtime, considering that two of my own titles have made it to the #1 Amazon category spot all by themselves at frequent intervals over the last 12 years. Why am I wee-weed off? Because these dishonest scams distort and devalue other books’ true merits.

Consequently I’m delighted to find that I am not just a lonely little author’s voice in the wilderness.

Here, internationally famous book coach Mindy Gibbins-Klein shares her views on this disgraceful practice and offers all authors a more honest, more realistic and ultimately more long-term profitable approach.

Mindy says: I’ve lost count of the number of people who have sent me emails and social media posts over the past few months exhorting me to purchase their book, or a friend’s book. The number of such requests has definitely been rising recently, but sadly, so has the sense of urgency or, to be blunt, desperation in the tone of the requests.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and excited when you have written a book. I mean, of all the people who intend to write and publish their books, only about 5 percent of them actually do it!

However, with the increase in products and services being promoted online, as well as the general noise people have to deal with in their daily lives, your contacts may be forgiven for not reacting as enthusiastically as you, or indeed as enthusiastically as you would like.

Getting the book publishing buzz going

These days, I spend about an hour a day online, and that depends on the day. I Like, Share, Subscribe and generally enthuse about those friends, services, offerings and news that stands out to me. But the only ones I recommend are ones that I truly believe in, with excellent content. After all, my name is associated with the things I recommend.

Getting a big buzz going about their book is every author’s dream.  To have a book ‘go viral’ is the holy grail in online book marketing terms.  There are certain gimmicks that can increase visibility of a book, and force people to buy it on a particular day, resulting in a short-term sales ‘spike’ and a good ranking on Amazon.

Fake book publishing promotion fails – very quickly

The issue is that the book begins to slip down the rankings immediately, unless sales are sustained over a longer period of time. The big issue is that over time, the ‘bestseller’ status achieved by selling lots of books on one day becomes a very short-lived nonsense.

So, the only way to have sustainable success is to have a good quality product. I’m always looking for books that have great content and substance, are the right length and style for the readership, and are produced by an author who is knowledgeable about and involved in that subject area.

Good, genuine marketing for book publishing works better long term

If the author is an active marketer, has a good following and is willing to play for the long-term, I believe he or she will be more successful than the author who is in it for the quick win – the one who is more interested in manipulation and gamification than real value.

A good number of my author clients have what I call ‘organic’ bestsellers. These are books that have risen to the top of their categories without any ‘fertiliser’. Some of these, like Jeremy Lazarus’ sports psychology bestseller Ahead of the Game and Angela Bryant’s The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success, stay in the top ten of their category, and keep jumping up to number one every now and then.

These books have been in print over five years and they still sell well. I don’t believe either of those authors has ever been involved in gimmicks to increase their sales. If you would like to reach organic bestseller status, you may just want to take a leaf out of their book.

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Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is an international speaker, executive coach and thought leadership strategist.  She is best known as founder of The Book Midwife® and Panoma Press.  She has authored and co-authored seven books and hundreds of articles.  What is more impressive is that her clients have written and published over 500 books with her help!  See




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