Book review: Watertight Marketing

HTWB WatertightI know, I know. There are thousands of books around that tell you how to handle the marketing of your small business. Why? Because I have read, well, not thousands of them, but certainly well into the multiple dozens and maybe into three figures at a push. Most are useful. Ish.

So why am I reviewing yet another of these books that help you market your business?

Probably because this is the first one I’ve read in quite a while that doesn’t ply you with a lot of jargon-ridden bullshit, but takes you down a route you haven’t thought of before … that wakes you up to a new way of looking at your marketing overall.

The author likes water as an analogy, with good reason

I’m not sure if author Bryony Thomas has Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio as her astrological water-based sun sign, but she uses the H2O analogies very effectively in this 300 page book.

Despite its contents probably running to 130,000 words or more, the book is based on a delightfully simple premise.

Blasting apart the conventional “sales funnel” theory used by so many for so long, Bryony diverts the plumbing-related metaphors to buckets and leaks. How very functional. And how very realistic, both metaphorically and practically.

“Are you wasting money on marketing?” says the back cover blurb

“Most businesses are.” according to Bryony. “They’ve got serious profit leaks. So when they run their marketing taps, revenue simply pours out of a leaky bucket.”

“Following the process laid out in this book puts you in control of your business growth. You’ll be able to step off the roller coaster of yo-yo sales results and get your business on a sustainable upwards curve.”

That’s a big promise. However given the fact that this book is a heavy, substantial marketing course in its own right, Bryony’s promises are not what you’d call lightweight.

An SME marketing course in one book

I know there is plenty of information out there on the internet that purports to achieve the same thing, but given that I am a total techno-dork, when intelligent folk ask me to understand bald theory and concepts in marketing or any other profession, for that matter, I tend to find myself stalling at times.

With this book, however, I kept going until the end because Bryony really does speak to you on the basis of person to person, and leads you by the nose through numerous activities, exercises, etc. that not only teach you what to do that will work for you, but also cements the principles into your brain so you don’t forget it tomorrow when your reading has moved on to something else.

There definitely is a knack of communicating useful business messages in ways that really resonate with individuals, and this book has it.

Not so much a book, as a (marketing) way of life. Well worth reading.

Watertight Marketing: Delivering Long-Term Sales Results
by Bryony Thomas
Anoma Press
Print and Kindle







  1. Glad you liked the review, Bryony. It’s an excellent book.