Bubbles for the weekend…

Your weekend smile … another delightful poem by retired GP (Family Doctor) Andrea Kingston. Enjoy!

funny poem about champgane

So I gave up and found a new glass, With enough champagne in it to last…


It seems I’ve mislaid my champagne
(Yes I’ve been down the garden again)
The last time ‘twas seen
Was a space wide and green
But both lawns seem quite clear, in the main

It’s a really terrible thing
With no alcohol giving the spring
In my step, as I walk
Between each tall beanstalk
And I’m far less inclined now to sing

With a glass that’s a pint not a flute
One can quickly become ‘less astute’
A sip and a swallow
So happiness follows
But isn’t the reflux a brute?

I’d be pleased if it didn’t get warm
Or flat as this makes it lose form
If there ain’t no bubbles
I’m really in trouble
(Tho’ generally that is the norm)

I’ve searched underneath the grapevine
But the drink I found there was not mine
Didn’t look in the shed
But in ev’ry  flowerbed
Found dead voles but of champers, no sign

So I gave up and found a new glass
With enough champagne in it to last
Till dinner is done
Then another quick one
To make News at Ten seem a blast