Business blog post sharing groups: do they really work?

business blog post,sharing groups,blogging,writing,social mediaMany of us belong to business blog post sharing groups whereby whenever a member publishes an article (post), the other members of the group are encouraged to share it across their own contacts and platforms.

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This way each member’s business blog posts get promoted, with resultant exposure across social media etc., to many times more contacts than they would be able to reach promoting blog posts on their own.

In theory, this is a great idea. In fact I belong to a few of these groups and they work quite well.

But there are some key provisos that I feel we should take seriously into consideration if the concept is going to work well, especially long term.

The social-social sharing model: why it can be tricky

Much as it’s great in theory to share each other’s business blog posts among a group of social (in the old sense!) and/or business friends, sometimes you’ll find yourself agreeing to share posts that really don’t have much or any relationship with your own business and interests.

This can lead you to feel guilty about sharing posts that have nothing whatsoever to do with your business, even on your social-social SocMed pages, because they just don’t fit with what you do or who you are.

What if you don’t like the other business blog posters’ material?

You see this happen particularly in groups and communities set up as very well meaning and productive blogging competitions or challenges.

Despite the extremely honorable reasons why such groups and communities are set up, some of the blog posts that will be included by challengees a) won’t have anything to do with what you do, and b) may not be of the sort of standard you like to keep in your own blog posts and shares.

What do you do? Go along with the rules and share the posts you’re not comfortable with? Or not share, and risk being seen as not participating fully?

Commercially-based business blog post sharing groups

I’ve bumped into a few of these groups recently and although I certainly can see the logic and wisdom behind that thinking, my feeling is that the way it all works out in practice is not as beneficial as it may seem at first.

To begin with, the groups concerned have a somewhat too loose association across their members. OK, the members may all be small businesses, or local businesses, but if – as a group organizer – you’re going to make a group like this pay, you’ll probably need to be open to taking on quite a wide variety of business types. And those business types may not want to share the posts of others which either don’t complement their own social media marketing activities, or don’t fit in with their own particular standards.

Once again, what do the group members do? Although of course they are offered a range of other services for their money including weekly reminders, editing, SEO, etc., should they be expected to share blog posts that are totally unrelated to their own businesses – or risk being asked to leave the group concerned?

Where such business blog post sharing could work

Much as it may be tempting to create a business blog post sharing group that’s based on locality or (generic) business type – e.g. solopreneurs, SMEs – I would be much more attracted to joining a group that’s based on industry type.

But within that, a group that allows you to share posts from experts who genuinely are allied to your own area of expertise, makes a whole lot of sense.

After all, many of us do this anyway, in an informal and ad hoc way. To formalize it shouldn’t be that difficult and with the addition of ancillary services, could be a useful business model.

How do you feel about sharing business blog posts across social media?

Would love to know and I’m sure many other readers would too!










  1. I don’t know anything about those commercially based groups, but I do share posts for others which sometimes don’t mean anything to me. I’ve lost count on the times when people in my network have shared, +1d or favourited a post I’ve promoted for others. Just because people follow me doesn’t mean they have no other interests …

  2. I too, share posts that are not of any use to me. As long as I feel that these posts I’m sharing will benefit others. The ones that don’t add any value to others or to myself, I usually don’t share.

  3. Hi Angelika and Lorenzo – I also share a lot of posts that aren’t connected with my work, but usually do that under my own name. As far possible I share business related posts from my pages on FB and Google Plus.

    In some ways this is the trouble with social media – sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between business and social interests. And now with the news that dear old LinkedIn is adding a whole bunch of new features to make it more “social” the problem is not going to go away … !

    As you suggest, it’s good to be able to share stuff on with others if you feel they will gain from it. I particularly like to make people laugh because that’s good therapy for almost everyone! As Angelika knows I have a group on Facebook called “The Joke Street Journal” where we all share the best ones we find … come on over and join in…


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