Business blog topics: are you listening to social media?

business blog posts,business blogging,social media,writing,bloggingIf you’re scratching around looking for topics to write about in your business, professional or industry area, you might find just the thought triggers you need in the social media groups, communities and circles you frequent.

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According to my good friend, professional cohort and recently published star author Jon Baker, observing and participating in your relevant groups on platforms like LinkedIn can be an absolute goldmine of suggestions for blog posts for you. And I agree.

So how do you access these business blog topic leads?

Simple: by joining the right groups and communities. But just joining and having the occasional scroll through them isn’t enough.

What’s important is that you participate in those groups. Read the posts and comments. Comment yourself (in itself, an excellent way to promote yourself and your blog for expertise and advice in your subject area.)

Chiefly, the groups you need to look at for business blogging, you’ll find on LinkedIn, Google Plus, and to a lesser extent on Facebook. I know there are other platforms out there too – and please, share those with us here along with your views on how they rate as potential inspiration for your business blog topic writing!

What groups should you seek for business blog post inspiration?

Here are my own ideas of the type of groups or communities that would be helpful for you…

Your own industry. An obvious choice, but be careful, because this category is likely to be populated with many of your competitors and you might find yourself fighting it out with a number of others over certain points in discussions. If you’re happy with that, fine – go for it.

Allied industries and business areas. Let’s say you’re a yoga teacher. Not only will you find interesting discussions in groups and communities concerned with yoga, but also you might benefit from engaging in discussions in groups connected with health, fitness, dieting, exercise and other similar topics. Here, general fitness etc. question and issues raised might provide you with just the opportunity you need to answer with advice on how your yoga teaching could help, and of course provide you with an idea for a blog post about that on your site.

Local business groups. Particularly on LinkedIn and to a lesser extent on Google Plus and Facebook, local business groups and communities are very strong. In these cases you have the added advantage of providing not only your expertise, but your expertise available within geographically, F-2-F reach. Particularly if you are a yoga teacher or in another business providing offline products and services, such groups – despite being online – are very valuable.

What about inspiration for business blog topics in a more general sense?

Once again depending on the nature of your business, it can be well worthwhile to keep your finger on the pulse of not only your own industry, but those of allied industries as well, right across the whole internet – social media included.

Obviously you will glean a lot through your participation in business groups as described above, but also you will learn more by keeping an ear to the ground in more general terms.

For that purpose, I strongly recommend Google Alerts – a service which for now at least is free, and is absolutely priceless in the way it can keep you up to speed on what’s happening in almost any sphere you’re interested in. Simply type in the keywords you want and it will keep you informed of everything that’s going on within the internet on the topic concerned. Brilliant.

And for even more general inspiration for business blog topics?

Need I say more? Check out the Blogging category here on HTWB for a vast selection of inspirational ideas for your blog posts. AND … stand by (well, don’t hold your breath because it’s not finished yet) for the pre-launch PDF of my brand new bookie-wook, “The A to Z of Business Blog Writing: the no-bullsh*t guide to writing blogs that boost your business, no matter what its size”

I’m working hard on that now and have got to 46,000 words without even trying … and there’s more to come! All the best bits from here on HTWB are in there, plus a lot of gob-smacking new material. Watch this space. (NB: members of the Blog Writing News list will get freebie copies of the book to comment on, so sign up now if you want to get in on this.)

And how do you find that listening to what’s going on within social media helps you come up with brilliant business blog topics? Please share!




  1. Great ideas for getting subjects, which is something many people struggle with.

    My favourite, only because it’s the one that I get most passionate about, is what people ask you.

    So, after a presentation (networking group or other), what were the questions?
    What questions do potential clients ask?

    These normally make great topics, and will be phrased in such as way to answer peoples questions (which is why readers are on your page in the first place).

  2. Absolutely Jon – that’s such a rich source of blog topic ideas. Makes you wonder why more people in business don’t use it? Possibly because they don’t listen to their clients and prospects enough in the first place?

  3. I’m in several groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ but often don’t have the time to looks what’s going on, never mind participate. I keep telling myself I should check more often.
    But I do use google alert and have on a few occasions stopped what I was doing because an alert gave me the right topic for a blog post which had to be written asap.
    Like Jon, I also use questions students ask me, especially if if I notice that various students ask the same type of question.

    Right, I’m off to check out some LinkedIn groups. Strangely enough, that was my plan for today even before I read your blog post, Suze – good timing 🙂

  4. Hi Suzan. Social media is a great way to generate topic ideas for guest posts. I think that it is important to spend time hanging out with your audience and seeing what topics they are interested in so that you can choose the things that they are really going to engage with.

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