Business book review: Social Media made human for once

HTWB Cendrine book There are many books and eBooks around that tell you the “what” and “how” of social media, but that’s about it. It’s very refreshing, then, to read this new eBook by Cendrine Marrouat that doesn’t just express those notions, but also goes into the “who” and “why.”

My predominant reason for recommending this eBook is because it tells you why it’s no longer enough in business to want to make and sell something that people may or may not want. With social media being able to get under everyone’s skin whether we like it or not, brands and business messages have to mean it. Or else.

“The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win” by French-born, Canada based SocMed expert Cendrine Marrouat is a sparkling diamond amongst the lesser gems glittering in that huge box of eBooks and print books that attempt to show you how to harness SocMed and ride it to success.

The who  and why  as well as the rest

In our current mad rush to cash in on the sales and marketing benefits of social media, it’s very easy to forget that SocMed isn’t like shouting out your goods from a market stall. As Cendrine Marrout points out in this excellent little book, “it all starts with your audience…” – not by slapping them in the face with sales messages, but by building up a relationship in a considered and caring way that, if it goes well, could lead to sales and extended customer loyalty long term.

People do not just buy products. They buy better versions of themselves.”
…Cendrine Marrouat, The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences

Storytelling that makes the point without laboring it

Another thing I love about this eBook is that Cendrine uses stories – ergo, case histories – that illustrate the points she makes.

But unlike so many authors/bloggers who lean laboriously on case histories to make their points until (frankly) they become boring, Cendrine sprinkles them around into her narrative in a way that sturdily reinforces her points. As a result, they light up brightly and help you understand the point she makes without intruding into your train of thought.

On being a Grammar Nazi…

Cendrine doesn’t go on about it as much as I do,  but I was gratified to see that she does emphasize at least an acceptable level of correctness in grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax in anything you put forward in the SocMed.

I do soooo agree with this. Not just because I’m a Grammar Nazi but also because silly goofs in these areas, although forgivable in many circumstances, in a business context – well, just make you look unprofessional. Sorry, but it’s true…

And a final thought?

blog,writing,news,blogging,businessThere are many thoughts in this eBook that I would like to share but there isn’t room here, and in any case if you want to see what I’m talking about you should buy Cendrine’s book!

There is one final quote from the book that I do want to share, however. I agree with the vast majority of advice in there, but this quote of Cendrine’s really says it all for me:

Social media is like a house. The way you lay your foundation is how successful your business will be, and how long it will last.”

Very, very true.


I have never met Cendrine Marrouat F-2-F but have been a follower and fan of her expertise in social media for some time now on various social media platforms. I genuinely recommend her writing; if I hadn’t thought her book was anything but excellent value I would not have written about it at all.

Book details

The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences
Cendrine Marrouat
Available from Social Media Slant
Amazon (USA)
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  1. Suzan,

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to review my eBook. This means a lot to me, especially because I know you have high standards in business and in life.