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Do you know your business jargon and slang? Of course you do!

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Business jargon and slangJust pick the right answers (no cheating or Googling, although I’ll forgive you if you buy a copy of my new book in which all the right answers appear…) and I’ll give you a short paragraph in the next article in the series, with some info about you and your business plus a link to your website and social media.

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So let’s go:

1.Boil the ocean
a) Waste energy in professional catering by being over zealous with portioning
b) Overdo something, usually without there being a good reason to do so
c) Be paranoid about global warming and bore colleagues with excessive waste reduction

2.Continental seating
a) A way of setting out the seating in a theatre without a central aisle
b) Seats set out with extra cushioning in anticipation of a longer than normal meeting
c) Ergonomic seating that’s designed according to the dimensions typical of each of the main western European countries

a) Airline cabin crew slang for fat passengers who have difficulty in doing up their seat belts
b) Live fish which are nearly exhausted but still alive in boats while being transported to harbour
c) Utterly dismayed, shocked, surprised, etc.

4.Get go
a) The very beginning
b) To obtain permission to start a procedure
c) Horse racing slang for the canter to the start line before a race

a) Soccer slang for a backwards kick of the ball
b) To demote an employee without due consideration of their legal rights
c) A bribe

6.Lipstick index
a) A way of assessing the potential of a new product or range of products in the cosmetics industry
b) A rough-and-ready indicator used to assess the seriousness of an outbreak of cold sores
c) An economic indicator based on the theory that consumers turn to less expensive indulgences – like lipstick – when they feel less than confident about the future

7.One-trick pony
a) Equestrian slang for a pony or horse which is only good at one discipline, or sometimes if it is only good at one pace out of the three main ones
b) Derived from the British/Cockney rhyming slang term (pony and trap = crap) this describes a particularly poor effort at something
c) An individual or company that has been successful with only one product or service

8.Pack rat
a) A street gang member who has not yet passed their initiation process
b) Someone who hoards and keeps everything and can’t bear to throw anything away
c) An adolescent rat which still remains with its mother and siblings, before becoming a solo creature

a) Rebuilding or restructuring a product, usually with the aim of making it better and/or adding value to it
b) The process of duplication in manufacturing so that exact facsimiles are made of identical products
c) A quality control procedure that shadows a manufacturing process and checks its efficiency at all times

10.Walk the line
a) A test administered by police officers when questioning someone suspected of drink or drugs offences
b) To behave properly according to the rules and requirements
c) To follow an indicated path along corridors and other areas of a large building, e.g. hospital, office block

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