Business writing stories from the coalface…your business or your life

Life as a business writing wallah isn’t always merely a matter of applying fingers to keyboard. Here’s one short story that I think I should save for the autobiography…

Never waste a business opportunity

Business writing stories from the coalface...your business or your life

When you write speeches for life assurance sales people, you ARE going to buy a policy from them. Aren’t you.

Some years ago I was asked to help three of the highest sales-earners within one the UK’s leading Life Assurance organisations to put together and write their personal success stories. These were to be delivered to an audience of 3,000 colleagues at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, from memory without autocue, cue cards or any other prompting aid. Quite a tall order even for accomplished sales high-flyers.

Naturally I spent a lot of time with these people developing their material and despite not being a trainer, as often happens I found myself in the role of personal coach. One speaker was so nervous prior to the event that she would telephone me at home most days, sometimes late at night, just to run through a few things and hear me tell her how wonderful she would be on the day…

Having helped them all through on-site rehearsals, the two men were reasonably happy but my lady speaker was still very nervous.

On the day she insisted that I sit next to her in the speakers’ stalls by the stage, where I literally held her hand and helped her up when her cue came.

Not surprisingly, once she was on her feet she gave the best of the day’s presentations and when she finished after 40 minutes’ of word-perfect, passionate and motivating material, 3,000 people rose to their feet and applauded for nearly two minutes. By this time I had retreated anonymously to the back of the stalls where I normally sit to watch my speakers (I get a feel for audience reaction here, which is always useful for next time.) When I was a little slow in getting up for the standing ovation, I received a stern reprimand from the delegate next to me.

The next day I received telephone calls from all three speakers, who thanked me profusely for my efforts. And each one, without fail, remembered to ask me if I needed any help or advice on my financial and life assurance needs! That’s why they were so successful, of course – you should never waste an opportunity, however small…

HTWB Albert Hall

Writing speeches for speakers to perform to 3,000 people at London’s Royal Albert Hall … exciting experience especially as I was able to watch them.

What experiences have you had with very keen insurance sales people?

Please share!